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Outriders Review – “Buy, Wait Till it Works, Never Touch?”

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Karak reviews Outriders for xbox, pc and ps4 a none service service game requiring a service.
Current issues – Loss of all inventory items, removal of some items, nerds on patches, and patch issues

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Outriders Review – “Buy, Wait Till it Works, Never Touch?”

I am not one of those bigger gaming websites no 2-minute reviews here only details. Videogame reviews all the time. So if you are tired of short reviews, ones that don’t discuss all the games, this is the right place. No big website 2-minute stuff here.

Coverage includes ps4, PS5, XBox series X, Xbox one, pc, Xbox 360, Wii, Wiiu, Switch, and digital storefronts like Steam, as well as companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo
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  1. Got the game on my Series X via gamepass ultimate…The game is already uninstall…(just keeping it real here)

  2. It's a shitty, looter-shooter Gears of War right now.

  3. Literally bought the game still watched this review again after sinking in hours I've enjoyed it but my experience is on ps5 cross gen coop has been very good but hey not for everyone solid update to anthem though:)

  4. lol it seems nearly every game reviewer played as the guy main character, I tried him for a bit and yes to voice acting comes off flat.
    The chick main however doesn't, in fact I really enjoyed her voice acting.

  5. Why waste your money on this mediocrity when for free you can get better entertainment from Warframe?

  6. the reason why I enjoying the game is lore, characters and good story. Yeah, gameplay is kinda dull, as you are moving from arena to arena, but these things above hooked me

  7. Oddly, I actually really liked the male PC voice actor. Thought the deadpan and soft spoken worked really well.

  8. Playing Outriders through Xbox Gamepass and I'm really glad I didn't go out and buy this game for full price.

  9. This is Anthem all over again, except demonstrably worse across the board. Graphics, variety, voice acting, story are all poor and very mid tier. Yet, I'm still finding a lot of satisfaction in the very basic gameplay. In my opinion this is the definition of a B Tier game.

  10. I've been playing for over 20 hours now and I must say I have not had one issue. Playing on PC love the game definitely what I wanted a new grind rpg game which actually looks cool, I love the armor the weapons and the classes. Like a new Destiny which is exactly what I wanted:)

  11. Not even interested in this game, I just love listening to your reviews 😁

  12. Didn’t they decide to hide reviews on the steam store? They say it came out it had “mixed reviews” and I usually check every day and yeah you cant see reviews anymore. They really trying to sell it before people figure out the issues

  13. Just finished it. Above average game but nothing special… I'd say rent or wait for a price droo

  14. Hey Karak! Just a suggestion but sometimes I want to know how a specific part of a game holds up, like the gameplay or sound or fun factor. I think it'd be great if you could put timestamps for each section of the review.

  15. The most important thing is , this game is crazy fun to play . i severly underrated this game beforehand . gambled my money on buying it and how i did win a jackpot this time.

  16. I had to stop eating my peanut butter sandwich before choking in laughter at "I am making an assumption about alien nuts."

  17. i really like it, there's a lot of depth to it which sadly a lot of the time we don't see at launch for looter games.

  18. Works with no problem now on xbox at least, multi too. Just finished the story and it was pretty fun.

  19. I played the demo.
    It felt Just so mediocre.
    Uninsteresting story, No likeable charachters, ok Combat, another Coversystem, ok Shooting and abilites (some felt pretty trashy), connection issues, bugs…
    I just wonder why we should bother with another looting game when there are so many others that are just better.

  20. This game is extremely fun no matter if I'm playing solo or with friends. Very much so worth the asking price .

  21. PCF also nerfed the only fun right into the ground

  22. First few days were a nightmare, bugs, disconnects, still have the HUD disappearing bug every time I log in.

    Overall its a 4/10 for me quit a week in, little to repetitive for me, it did get better after a few patches but I just felt the gameplay wasn't very polished.

  23. Love the review, any chance GodFall is on your list? Did a search in your vid history, didn't see it, maybe I'm blind.

  24. I'm sick of developers releasing a beta/ half a game with the "meh we'll fix it later after launch" mentality yet people still buy it. Just stop pre-ordering and buying games that aren't ready 🙁

  25. The game is proving to be so defective it should be completely recalled and full refunds issued. What a shitstain of a game.

  26. This game is derivative junk. No new ideas, nothing that isn't done better in another game. And it's riddled with bugs. Once the skinner box unlock madness wears off people will leave this game never to return.

  27. I have it on gamepass and even though it’s cross play I bought it on my Ps5 I love it it’s fun.

  28. The game lowers the difficulty automatically the more you die? Is that not optional? I could see it suggesting that maybe you should try an easier mode, but just forcing you in to the easy mode kinda sucks. Actually it really sucks.

  29. Agreed on the voice-acting part… but man is this combat fun as hell! Most fun I've had with a new IP (from a gameplay perspective) in a long time.

  30. I don't think I understand how this one found its way onto the hype radar. Everything about this looks generic from top to bottom.

  31. Biggest problem is that endgame is all time based so if you rolled a tank you need to reroll. But i reached ct13 on warden via silver ct12, so its fun to make up builds and try to make it work.

  32. Only reason I wanna jump into this game is because there’s not many new games on the ps5 and I’m getting tired of replaying games 🙁

  33. Single player campaigns should not require online connections…period. Especially when it throws you out your game any time it has a small hiccup.

  34. I think people looking at this game are buying it thinking they get coop and find out that nope. Online single player mostly.

  35. Hey wow! Another broken game. Developers need to be kicked in the nuts repeatedly and forced to admit their ambitions far outweigh their talents.

  36. Haha They didn't learn anything after the Cyberpunk fiasco… Developers are not ready for this generation of systems & they couldn't get it right on the last one either, it's actually sad AF.

  37. I’ll get this when it’s a free PS monthly

  38. It looks like my type of game sort of but for some reason i just dont care about it at all. I have no desire to play it

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