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Ozzy Man Reviews: Gaming Fails

Ozzy Man Reviews
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Here’s me commentary on video game fails.

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Fair Dealing – parody, satire, review, commentary.

Written by Dominic Pearce & Ozzy Man.

Music via Audio Network.


  1. I wonder why this rotund DJ Kahled always looks like he got dressed with a shovel, it's like his tepee just doesn't fit no matter what he does…

  2. this video made me feel bad for khalid…

  3. DJ Khaled's illuminated sign on the turntable that reads WE THE BEST. Three unconnected words. Was there a discount for not exceeding three words?

  4. That fat DJ that wears mascara in his beard. 🤣 If you can't grow it, just show your other chins. 😂🤣😅😎

  5. khalid cant even sing himself he can only shout his name. no wonder it was all over when no one else would sing for him

  6. DJ Khaled should just do what he was paid for not have the audience do his job for him

  7. Imagine paying for an OWL ticket and being forced to watch that douche

  8. Is DJ Khaled the same Dwayne Jerome Khaled I went to high school with? He was a wanker. Wank. Er.

  9. 2:45 your face when you find out that you are not, in fact, Freddy Mercury

  10. I cried during the joke about dread hit home i guess. Pretty sure world war 3 is nearly hear…

  11. The recent gaming is nothing but making humankilling way easier than it seems…
    I say thank you. If I have kids, there will be no tv no game in my house.

  12. Gaming makes men feminine and pussyLike beta males or toxicKillers.

  13. If that's the same monitor that created the whole then I need 1 it should bloody last forever and you can use it to remodel.

  14. whose the fat old man with his pants down to his knees?

  15. Fill bad DJ Khaled because that happen in YouTube Vs Tiktok boxing match

  16. Hey, I just watched an add for "Speechify", but I don't want it unless it has an option for "Ozzy Man" voice.

  17. OzzyMan commentating Red Dead Redemption 2 funnies/fails…think I just messed in my budgie smuggler!

  18. Put a rapper in front of a bunch of intelligent people and this what happens.

  19. I don’t even know who DJ Khalistan is. 🤣🤣👍

  20. The kid in overwatch leauge was dressed as mccrees summer skin

  21. I've never heard 1 song with DJ whatever in it. He looks like some famous rapper's fat cousin…

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