PlayStation 5 Review: Next Gen Gaming! -

PlayStation 5 Review: Next Gen Gaming!

Marques Brownlee
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PS5 review from a casual gamer.
PS5 Accessories:
The Controller:
PC Gaming in 8K:

0:00 Intro
0:45 Design Thoughts
2:42 What’s New
5:01 Next Gen Gaming
7:12 Ray Tracing
9:52 NBA 2K21
11:07 The Controller
14:23 Final Thoughts

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Intro Track: Intertia by 20syl
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Console provided by Sony for review.



  1. Fantastic reviews 👍
    I was wondering if consoles might go the other way…super tiny device with almost no hardware inside-everything even processing & games all saved and played over the internet.

  2. ok i will (hopefully) get a ps5 and man THE AREA AROUND MY TV IS ALL OLD PICTURES OF ME AS A KID AND ALL THE STUFF WE HAD IN MY OLD HOUSE so i will see how it will fit also my tv is not that curving tv thing mine is just normal so uhm idk if hdmi 2.1 will work in it so send help

  3. Finally got my ps5…6 month wait with pre order 🙈🙈…but it is amazing,soooo much better then the pro…and quiet (thank god) 😂

  4. Me: i dnt need the ps5 mayn im good
    Marques: talks with camera on him
    Me: but the spider man game tho 😩😩😩

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  6. This shit is sold out all over the world wtf

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  9. I never thought I can meet somebody like DCC_CRACK on Instagram he is a legend

  10. I never thought I can meet somebody like DCC_CRACK on Instagram he is a legend

  11. I never thought I can meet somebody like DCC_CRACK on Instagram he is a legend

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  13. Intro track is inertia not intertia 😅

  14. Here in South Africa a ps5 costs either 1000 dollars or 785 😂😂😂might as well by a gaming pc for work too with that money

  15. watched this vid just to make sure PS5 really supports native 4K gaming, but he even doesn't mentioned it

  16. Hey brotha any update from not using the stand?

  17. Sucks that you can’t get 120fps unless you have a 120hz display.

  18. The audio at the start of this video is amazing. Keep it up 👍

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  20. I feel the games he showed so far not that amazing graphics etc I would love to see a game just like a real film if it's ever been done

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  22. The next gen would be playing TW warhammer with keyboard and mouse on it

  23. Has anyone seen who he is seeing for his lifelife.

  24. PlayStation 5 in Iran is not good right now .. because it is very expensive ..but I am very happy with it because the game graphics are very good and the new games that came are not good right now and the game console is very good and the console is very big and very sexy شده

  25. One BIG QUESTION does PS5 Console have flight stimulator like Xbox has ? I read that the Microsoft one works on the PS5 can you confirm ? I love to fly planes that might stop me from buying a PS5

  26. I buy digital from Walmart thinking I will settle for this 2 days later get an email saying we are upgrading you to the disk for free I think yay

  27. All these reviewers are saying use the stand but proceeded to have it in the background with no stand

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  29. I think that you can get the Digital version of the PS5 on Amazon now for $1300.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOTAL BS!!!!!!

  30. This looks better than the official ps5 advertisement

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