PS5 Has the Best Game of September | Reviews in Review -

PS5 Has the Best Game of September | Reviews in Review

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September 2021 was a really big month for PS5 exclusive games. Reviews in Reviews is here to recap all the games IGN rated during the month of Septemeber, and with games like Deathloop and Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, Diablo II: Ressurected, you’ll see just why this month was jam packed.

Here are links to the full video reviews for each game:
Clid the Snail:
Life is Strange: True Colors:
WarioWare: Get it Together!:
The Artful Escape:
Baldo: The Guardian Owls:
Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions:
WRC 10:
King’s Bounty 2:
Sonic Colors: Ultimate:
Tales of Arise:
NBA 2K22:
Lost in Random:
I Am Fish:
Aragami 2:
Lost Judgment:
Kena: Bridge of Spirits:
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania:
Death Stranding Directors Cut:
World War Z: Aftermath:
FIFA 22:
Diablo II Resurrected:
Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye:
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous:
Hot Wheels Unleased:

Just a friendly reminder that the scores exist to summarize how each particular reviewer felt about each game, not an objective quantification of that game’s quality, or how you should feel about it yourself. You can find out more about IGN’s review practices and scoring system here:



  1. All those 7… Hahaha… Your guys' review process is broke

  2. Isn’t Nick All Stars Brawl coming out this month? I’m curious on how well it does as a Smash competitor

  3. Kinda funny that one of the best Playstation games last month is a Microsoft game.

  4. Deathloop a 10/10 masterpiece? Sure throw any creditability for this vid out the door with that last one Lol

  5. Nothing new Playstation have been on top when it comes to games for years now

  6. September? PS5 has the best games PERIOD

  7. Ps5 had the best games every month since release lol.

  8. Lost judgement score is not right, it deserves More.

  9. Never ask a woman her age, a man its salary and Xbox about their exclusives.

  10. Favorite game of September is definitely Kena. It was challenging at points, looked great, sounded great, played great and wasnt unnecessarily long. Pretty excited for House of Ashes and Guardians of the Galaxy this month…

  11. This video series starts of course AFTER Sony had the best launch year of any system ever. So that Xbox gets praised month for month til 2022 starts. Microsoft Mooney.

  12. Gamepass is the winner of the whole last year

  13. Remember, the most power thing in Deathloop is kicking

  14. So they have basically given the woke games the highest reviews.

  15. Artful escape deserves a ten it was spectacular

  16. They have the best games always lol not only September


  18. Tales of Arise is the best game of September and GOTY 2021

  19. Another title for this video could be "An Xbox Studio has the best game of September". 🙂

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