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Q&A: “The Truth About Game Reviews”

Alanah Pearce
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I took questions for this Q&A about a month ago, and it’s finally here! Here are all the most common things people asked me about leaving IGN.




  1. So are the writers and reviewers just that fucking stupid? How the fuck did ‘The Ma’am of us 2’ get a perfect score from IGN? This is BS

  2. Of course noone will pay You to give positive review, these things happens more subtle and at higher levels. IGN and Sony are corporations that make good money by mutual cooperation. Review system is just broken and miss leading , and its made that way on purpose. Most of AAA games will get 7+ review, which is, by standards of most of the people, above average rating. Not to mention self censorship that reviewers have due to peers, friends from game industry etc. To give LOA same score as to LOA2 is just stupid, after 7 years, only graphic improved, everything else, besides some cosmetic changes, is inferior.

  3. Because IGN is very ignorant.

  4. This girl seems like she's kind of a pompous jerk.

  5. At first I didn't follow or subscribe to your channel, but the more random vids I watched on the topics I'm interested in your vid, I just kept watching and watching…then subscribed
    Just like how you're realistic, bold and ambitious 😀

  6. 3:28
    "Reviewers don't look at previous games when playing the new ones…"
    That is by far one of the biggest flaws in these types mainstream gaming outlets

  7. I dont know about not being paid for review. Last of Us 2 says otherwise. Maybe during not your time, but with the way how thing had been going on lately, paid review is definitely a thing. Otherwise can you explain the Last of Us 2, 10 out of 10.

  8. You don't have to look at a previous game in a series to know it's bad. They always give a much better score on the big game titles than everyone else. There is no reason to take their reviews seriously.

  9. I know Jeff Gerstman left Gamespot as he crapped on a game, and the publisher was paying for large background ads across the entire site. Hence GiantBomb, and me no longer watching Gamespot.

  10. Even though I'm a new sub, I hope you got your Visa

  11. Does IGN really hate Sonic? like they always talk about Sonic really negatively.

  12. I get why people don’t like that the call of duty games can seem similar but that doesn’t change the fact that they are all well made and there is a reason they still sell well.

  13. THe last of us 2 10/10 IGn good job you avoided that bullet lol

  14. Game reviews might not directly bought, but its done over review access. Basically saying that corruption is not a thing in game reviews is wrong. It doesnt happen directly, but it happens.

  15. sorry but cant belive about IGN reviews not being paid off. how about that bull***t deal bethesda made with obsidian about not paying them any royalty for FONV unless the game receiving at least 85 score on IGN. Game got 84

    They were given only 18 months to make the game!! It sold well and its still the favorite for most fans of the franchise, that has to mean something, I mean why would they put the 85 score condition instead of copies sold?

  16. I'm sorry, but damnnnn!!! Your beautiful!!!!

  17. lol I dont believe you sweetheart. buuuuuut I don't blame you either, makes sense if you want to stay in the business not to bite the hand that fed you.

  18. I worked for Bethesda and we heard rumours of pained reviews all the time

  19. Thank fking god you left. Now we have Sydney for simphing

  20. That's such a gay rule that you can't even do Let's Plays on ur own channel while working at IGN. Further proof they are toxic to the industry and personal creativity.

  21. I'm just some Canadian guy and I say says:

    A recent video involing IGN reviewers and BOTH men were wearing bowties…

    That kinda made me stop caring what IGN has to say about videogames. 😀

  22. Can you do a history lesson on the Jeff Gertsmann Dismissal from gamespot?

  23. This video was so helpful and useful because I was looking for a Job ,I was planning my future because I'm into a lot of movies and I practice writing reviews each time I watch a film. I was looking at IGN first it seemed like a good thought at first but then I heard quite a few negative stuff about it and the the way staff treat people there which then made me think that Nah I might not want to work at a place like this. I want to say thank you for this video and pointing some of the positive and negative sides of working at IGN. It's very awful to hear how they were actually trying to treat you and other guest at game events and how they were actually trying to represent the people by just filming you and others getting makeup done and playing games which is really awful about the way they were treating and representing thereself. At least now you have a better and amazing job where you are actually doing the main job you want to do, salary is better and you dont have to stress about much anymore. Hope this new Job works out best for you and hope you enjoy it.

  24. The reason why IGN uses people like you is based solely on your looks.

  25. Let's put it like this ground workers like yourself will never know what the higher-ups at your company is doing so I believe there getting paid off.

  26. people rip on company if they bottle their

  27. I'm happy you left IGN because they gave subnautica and 9.1 out of 10

  28. Very well put together rundown on both the good and the bad. There’s a perceived problem with “ma game journalism”. Glad you gave your perspective. Also lots to be improved with the culture as you spoke about

  29. alien resurrection for the ps1 had good reviews by people yet bad or regular reviews by Gamespot and IGN, of course people downloading an old game don't generate income for the big companies

  30. Heres the thing with your comments. IGN has used reviews saying games dont change much from previous ones. So your argument doesnt work hun

  31. Oh You are gorgeous LIAR, 12:02 your career goal was never to be a host. Not to be someone we see on camera. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING and STILL do in your own channel. And I bet you are a Host in your new job. Be a writer and say it: MY CAREER GOAL IS TO BE A WRITER.
    My best Regards

  32. Ign is paid reviews..they always gonna denie it.if they are doing it they ain't going to admit it .

  33. You looked a lot younger when you were younger.

  34. Hey Alanah, I don't know if you still take questions, but I was curious about a couple things regarding IGN and how they do reviews and wondered if you can answer them for me.

    1.) How does IGN go about choosing who reviews what game? Like, if a new Mario game is coming out, do they pick someone familiar with those games to review it or what? And if there's a remake/remaster of an old game, and one of their employees reviewed the original and is still with the company, would they have that person review the remake/remaster?

    2.) Does/Would IGN rush a review to get it out as soon as possible? With many other sites having their own reviews come out at a similar time for a new game launch, I can easily see them wanting that review out before anyone else to get more clicks/views. Even if the review in question isn't properly done or whatever.

  35. 3:45 well now I understand their reviews. It kind of makes sense that pokemon sword & shield received such praise from ign. I guess if it was my first pokemon game and I had nothing to compare it to, I would've enjoyed it.
    But, that's so god damned stupid. Idk why they would have such a policy other than to make devs happy

  36. ehh I'm so tired of angry gamer boys getting mad at game reviews that they don't like and saying they r paid

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