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Q&A: “The Truth About Game Reviews”

Alanah Pearce
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I took questions for this Q&A about a month ago, and it’s finally here! Here are all the most common things people asked me about leaving IGN.




  1. This why I like you !!!! you tell it how it is and your integrity just amazes me!!! Your an amazing journalist !!!

  2. Yeah igns reviews are always bad they rated days gone a 6.5 lmao it’s at least an 8 easy

  3. No monetary gains but yet ign advertising is insane ,they plaster videos and images of games they review .that where the money comes from. She just contradicted herself

  4. Click bait title.
    She says the same thing every other IGN “Anchor” says.
    “Na we don’t get paid for good reviews”.

  5. Again cod is not good. So getting high scores is still stupid because the games aren't good. And no Mw2 is not the exception it sucks as bad as the others.

  6. lol u should of stayed….u could've helped them talk about bras and tifa's tits…. good lord ign is sad

  7. I played this game Kings Road for 6 years and it was fun in the beginning…but the game has many glitches and lag…Support sucks, they tell you it’s your computer! I have hard wired cable and kept getting a wi-fi ping which is totally ignorant… you have to pay for everything if you want to stay w/ your group and what they give you for free is a total joke and an insult!!! I put money in buying tokens to do xtra runs in tourneys and PVP, the game glitched and took out all my runs and was almost there! Morons at support said I had to do the runs …Needed 60, 60 and 60, was only 10-12 away from having all the runs when it froze me and I filled out a bug report on it to have the idiots in support tell me “You need to fill out a bug report” and proceeded to give me instructions on how to fill one out!!! A week later still trying to explain to them what happened and lost fabled set, all my runs and 700+ gems that I bought..I have to mention they give you a 1 minute speed up (used to be 20mins-to an 1hr.) for upgrade that takes anywhere from 12 hrs. -2days! And these morons give you a 1min speed up! No more 20mins or 1hr!! 1 blasted min!!! that’s a total insult to anyone that plays that rag tag game!!! MY OVERALL OPINION IS THE GAME SUCKS AND SO DOES SUPPORT AND THEY DON’T IMPROVE ANYTHING AND IT’S PAY TO PLAY…THE FREEBES ARE NOTHING!!! Their support department are ignorant even to the point of stupid!!!

  8. So then they truly suck at game reviews then.

  9. Ign is famous for having edgy, cringy,bath water selling gamer girls on there show.

  10. Confidentiality agreement. You wouldn't be allowed to admit it

  11. So THAT'S where you were working before Funhaus! I always wondered where you appeared from!

  12. From what I know IGN has to stop worrying about pleasing everyone

  13. There may not be pay offs for positive game reviews, but developers most definitely send the press absolutely free and highly valued press kits. That most definitely influences reviews in some way.

  14. Dang.. I loved the IGN show and I just got an Annihilation in Destiny 2

  15. Thank god you left ign for good because apparently they are a total waste of time
    To much negative comments about ign because they are not true reviewd

  16. You can see ign is paid just look how they reviewed NBA 2k20 they said good worst 2k ever

  17. the halo 5 review is the # 1 review i can not believe

  18. Terrible controls, terrible graphics, terrible gameplay, 9.5/10 -IGN

  19. IGN factors in political correctness in their reviews now. The more a game leans to the left, the higher the score.

  20. How do you increase a review score when its 10/10?

  21. A year too late to comment on this but honestly i "meet" you through inside gaming that i follow since it was machinima, and i liked you so i subscribed this week to your channel. I think for the recent reviews of IGN that the journalists there are not actually Journalists because a gaming Journalist in my book don´t need to like a game to give a good review. An example I am a Amateur gamer an i think red read is crazy boring and is actually is, but as a journalist i need to see if the game works properly in terms of its concept polish level and mechanics work properly. Death Stranding for instance is a good example of how bad the journalist was reviewing it was nothing to do on this industrie, because is right not to like the game but he needs to go beyond is personal taste. Off Course this is a opinion of a "regular" guy that is not professional but likes is games polished and well made. That is a thing that a gamer can never trust oh ign reviews, unless they are giving a game above 8.3, if they review good, is because is really good but if they review bad, that´s when i feel i need to doubt them. English is not my native language so i hope i was not very confusing

  22. ign gives "godhand" – one of the greatest ps2 games ever – 3 out of 10….whats the deal with that ? ANYBODY that has played and completed the game will tell you its excellent.

  23. Did you have to finish a game before you could review it?

  24. I find a kind of tasteless that you mentioned that you used IGN to basically become an American.
    You really had to tell us that what the hell does that have to do with anything.
    and also you're a liar IGN has given every call of duty at 10 and they give every other game of piss-poor review you're obviously being paid off by them.

  25. Ign is and was a fucking garbage pile of garbage, paid reviews and fake news.

  26. Rated lbp 3
    "Too much creativity…also it's not cod"

  27. You’ve never objectified yourself. You do this because you love it and it shows. I don’t think there’s a single fan of yours that believes otherwise

  28. There’s no way that they’re not paid off lol. Cause then they’d have to be extremely retarded.

  29. So u guys weren’t the heads of IGN…. the how can u say for sure 100% no one is being paid off……. and ur not the other reviewers as well. Like u said u never reviewed a COD….. people never lie huh….especially when u never see them. They aren’t capable.

  30. IGN is The Verge from gaming, both biased

  31. Wow, TLOU2 is showing just how corrupt the Video Game Review industry is.

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