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Rambo: The Video Game Angry Review

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Angry Reviews are back! Joe kicks off 2014 with a movie licensed game for a film that’s 30 years old!

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  1. Fun fact in the original Rambo novel Rambo actually does kill the police officers He goes on a full rampage

  2. I know what Better Rambo game and it's called far cry 3.

  3. Stop talking shit about rambo games, there are plenty of good ones out there

  4. These are the type of games I wish AVGN could review.

  5. After many years of watching the angry joe show…I Zgot no clue how old is Other Joe Actually lol

  6. I wouldn't say no to an open world jungle Far Cry-style Rambo game. That'd be pretty cool.

  7. – Rambo: The Video Game:
    Metascore: 34/100.
    Userscore: 2.2/10.

  8. Would this game go down in history as a stupidest shittiest game ever made😂😂😂

  9. Well we got Ghost Recon games and Metal Gear Solid V those could be our Rambo games

  10. I always come back here for a yearly look at one of the worst games ever created.

  11. Man, the audio for the characters in this game sounds like a recording of a recording. Truly terrible.

  12. I don't know if it's been said before. But this game could have been good had it been developed as a light gun shooter for arcades.

  13. Still coming back all these years later to see angry Joe getting tortured 😂😂

  14. When are we gonna tell Joe that this game sold for 60 dollars at one point?

  15. This was 7 years ago already !?!? where did my time go.

  16. At least Stallone said yes when asked to voice Rambo in Mortal Kombat 11.

  17. It's funny how Mortal Kombat 11 got more essential Rambo gameplay than anything you get in this one)

  18. The parody at the start is better than the entire game

  19. They should have put angry joe rambo into warzone

  20. Thanks i was about to get the game. Now am glad I did not.

  21. Game Rambo is apparently more like book Rambo, than movie Rambo was. Book Rambo killed pretty much everyone he could

  22. Man this is bullshit and I knew it was gonna be horrible

  23. Perfect UHF reference guys. Even the music was the exact same. Thats fucking awesome.

  24. You should just call this skit, "O.J. the Revengening."

  25. Had to come back to this when Rambo came to warzone 😂

  26. Dude I remember that I almost get this game but I am glad that I left it on the shelf.

  27. Coming back after watching Joe playing call of duty.

  28. Epic game. I can't tell the difference between the dvd and the game

  29. tbh the stealth section isnt much different then any other stealth shooter.

  30. Hahaha whackamole part the last mission.angryjoe da best

  31. I feel like he would rather play the godzilla ps4 game than this crap

  32. 100 cops killed those are rookie numbers laughs in payday 2 loud mission

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