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RE: We only want Angry Game Reviews! Nothing Else.

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My vlog reply to Why Comments have been disabled temporarily here at the AngryJoeShow. My reply to your reactions of me taking a vacation from Game Reviews after 9 years & why me making that Schedule video was one of the worst decisions I could have made at the time.


  1. It's ur channel do any kind of content u want

  2. I just found out about Angry Joe and his reviews are pretty damn awesome. Never realized there was this section of spoiled whiny bitches.

  3. Joe you are a cool guy that was a good job 😉

  4. Do people really give him that many horrible comments???? I don't get it if it's true, I guess there are too many trolls out there

  5. Make a separate channel for your other garbage I only want reviews

  6. after being a subscriber and viewer of this channel for over 9 years i can gladly say that joe is without a doubt the most honest and open youtuber i have ever watched.

  7. God I live the angry reviews, particularly reviewing crap games, but I am perfectly fine with other content too as It does sometimes still interest me. If It doesn't interest me I just don't watch. Simple. I don't understand why people would freak out cuz he takes a small break or didn't do enough angry reviews. People are spazzes

  8. Dont give the haters what they want dude. If your stuff was bad, we wouldnt watch it 🙂

  9. MAN YOU ARE TERRIFIED OF YOUR AUDIENCE!!!! honestly Joe thats exactly what is now becoming a problem with your channel i hope im wrong and if i am im sorry.

  10. I found a kinda middle ground for myself – I'm mostly just interested in your proper Angry Reviews, also sometimes some Angry Rants. The stuff in between isn't really my shtick. So I may not be subscribed to you, because I don't want that other stuff in my sub feed – but I regularly manually check your channel for any new uploads, so I still catch all the content of yours I wanna see regardless. That's how I typically handle following channels where I'm interested in a specific part of it.

  11. Still waiting for that far cry 5 review joe.

  12. Angry Joe understand what this channel was built on. Your Angry Joe persona reviewing games. And your game reviews are interesting, intelligent and well written. Your movie reviews and other content while mildly interesting does not compare to what you are good at. Please dont whine that your fans are attacking you. Remember how angry you get when a beloved franchise just does a cash grab. You have worked hard and deserve the success. Maybe you should of opened another channel for the movie reviews and other content. I only buy a game after I see your reviews. You are easily one of the best youtube creator. I must admit I am not a big fan of your movie reviews. Just look at which of your videos get the most views. That's what your fans want. Congrats on your success.

  13. needy kids who tihink you're some sort of a slave to them.

  14. Dude, have you seen the China ban thing? I can See Why you would be "scared" to release new content because this troll-culture Is Insane. Executives, Leaders, Randos, and just some guy that says something funny/serious/awareness/something else is Immediately Attacked and is chased around by Psychos that will Beat them to Death! Something Happened that created this Rogue Element that made the consensus Insane. Do NOT Release your Personal information to Anyone, Anywhere, because there are these people out there that are Vicious Maniacs that will rip you apart Just For Taking A Vacation. I Saw your review on the china thing, but this is all… sociopathic. What TF is Happening?

  15. All I know is that sometimes you review games that barely anyone else is interested in compared to other titles that people are very hyped for.

    You miss a lot of good games to review because you are reviewing others that are either boring or bad. I was subscribed a long time ago, but then I realized that I was constantly passing on watching most of your content "uh, a movie review, I'm not interested", "this game is boring, I don't care about this review or rapid fire review", "this game is amazing!! Why is he giving it a rapid fire review and he's is not even the one reviewing it??", "oh, drama", "sigh, more drama".

    Don't blame your audience. The truth is, your content is now worse than when you started with a clear vision of lighting up some humor mixed with truth into an industry full of greed, you were passionate and entertaining, now you look like all you want to do is play games on stream and rant about your audience. Not cool Joe, and running away from the problem and projecting the blame will not solve this, this requires humility, your inflated ego is blinding you from seeing the truth.

  16. Joe, you're my guy here. You do so much for us for us to enjoy and you always tell us the down and dirty about games that deserve it. You go the extra mile to be entertaining, and that means a lot to me. You take as much time as you need off, you're a grown man and you can do what you want. You do so much for us and help us protect our wallet from these scummy companies. You're our guardian in this shit storm of greed and I thank you. I know that this is a new comment on an old video, but if you do see this I hope it helps you feel a bit better and know there are subs like me who continue to support you and your creative freedom.

  17. what a shame we live in a world where mr angry joe cant take a break

  18. That’s fucking crazy if he’s worked hard for 9 years on YouTube if he wants to take a year off then that’s OK by mePeople that say shit like that are fucking idiots and probably don’t work for a living

  19. It's 2020 and there's still less and less game reviews

  20. Fuck those haters Joe. Your channel has been good since day one. Those people putting you down are immature af. You've been bringing out good content since day one and if they wanna hate cus you take a vacation then they really don't deserve to be on this channel and should go fuck with someone else.

  21. I never understood people who are basically haters, like.. if you don't like the channel, just unsub and go away, wtf do you want? Lmfao…

  22. You are the best here on youtube bro, keep the good work!

  23. You go get that vacation aj!! Listen to the sonic freeriders themesong on your drive 😂 umbrella corps was the best 🤣🤣

  24. It’s totally fukkd up that people got mad that joe wanted to take a vacation. What a buncha straight monsters. Wtf happened in 2018??

  25. I'm glad you upload different content. It keeps your channel fresh and only makes it better. If these ungrateful punks like your angry reviews then they like your other reviews, dont listen to the fodder. Thanks Joe, OJ!

  26. this is the angryjoeshow. so angry joe can do what angry joe wants to do. been here since channel awesome and kickasia. make what you wanna make dude if you listen to the whiney complainers who want to keep everything the same superman would never be able to fly and pewdiepie would still be playing horror games. if you need help editing or anything like that im, sure there are more people like myself willing to help.

  27. You don't see an old man havin' a Twix says:

    There's things to be angry at Joe for, this is not one of them. He was right.

  28. 3 years late but, you do you. Keep up the great work! 😀 Love the videos. And also all the different videos makes your channel even better imo.

  29. So are you saying a 2-hour movie doesn't take 2 hours to cut together??!

  30. Joe as long as you are open and honest about your channel and what you're doing, as I think you are, and doing what you enjoy, I'll always remain subbed.

  31. Joe seems like he would be a really cool guy to have a beer with and Other Joe too of course. Love the content Joe, keep up the good work!

  32. You care way too much about what people think, bro. Just do you..

  33. For a man that is known for his outrageous yet hilarious angry rants, he is so calm and respectable to what sounds like a personal attack, so props to you joe and your continued dedication to us, your fans!

  34. What the….how am I just seeing this video NOW!?? 21k downvotes? Come on people…. –_

    Anyway, love you and your crew, Joe.

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