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RE: We only want Angry Game Reviews! Nothing Else.

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My vlog reply to Why Comments have been disabled temporarily here at the AngryJoeShow. My reply to your reactions of me taking a vacation from Game Reviews after 9 years & why me making that Schedule video was one of the worst decisions I could have made at the time.


  1. "Im not here to silence you" mutes conversation.. now, now joe. The critic can't take criticism..

  2. Those early reviews were actually the best. I just want angry Joe opinion and less costumes and trying to be funny nonsense

  3. Well, i honestly wish you luck. I really wish you the best of luck, keep up the good work.

  4. Don't let it break you, sir. Just EA shills anyway.

  5. You are Awesome Joe , I love all your videos they are pretty accurate and very very fun . You are a great person keep doing what you love

  6. If All That Remains started making country music, you probably wouldnt give them a pass…

  7. Your awesome joe. Screw all of those sjw cry babies

  8. Just make your own stuff man. Some will like, some will hate.

  9. Dude, Screw everyone, I'll be honest, I Definitely heavily prefer your angry reviews to the Rapid Fire(especially when it's a game I really wanted to see your full review to) But I get it, your busy, and it takes a lot of time.. Also, a lot of people are jealous, I would probably sell my soul to be able to have your job, and a lot of people probably are jealous too, which is why when something happens that they can complain about, they unload, but your show is great, And Other Joe is THE man also, make sure you guys never break up the band(like some of the other popular channels)

  10. Man Joe take all the time you need brother! I’m new to your channel and love watching your older videos! Thank you!

  11. We the loyalists of the AJSA have won. If you need a vacation you have the right to have one as you work your butt off for us.

  12. Ah the YouTube community. Remind me to utterly ignore my sub base, if I ever start a channel.

  13. Comments are disabled because your mothers made the mistake of not having an abortion. Leave these people alone.

  14. Jesus, wasn't this a scary time for the show. Joe disabling comments, his fans feeling betrayed, Joe going on as if everything was alright. I'm just glad all that shits in the past. Please Joe, never make that mistake again. And yes, that also goes to some of the more idiotic fans too.

  15. I love the game reviews movie reviews and gameplay video their all awesome

  16. Joe's a perfect example of the kind of Youtubers who aren't in it for the money, but for their passion towards what they do. Yes, the money helps and it's like a job, but it's a job you love doing.
    Joe's not like these other Youtubers that have 30mil, 50mil, over 100mil subs and are like "You can now sponsor my videos by clicking that blue button and you can help fund my content, even though I rake in almost 10 million dollars a year, I still need- err, want you to sponsor my videos and help pay me to produce- uh, help fund content." At the time this video was uploaded, he says in the video he had 2.8 million subs. ONE YEAR LATER, he has 2.9 million subs. He's not exponentially growing like these other Youtubers, and that's fine with him as he said.
    When all these whiny kids yelling for "only angry reviews" started, I called them out on every video, every video they sperged out, and they would always rage at me saying I "suck his feet" and am Joe's personal butt slave, I shit you not; that's the type of mentality these kids have, and yes they are kids, because adults with a good head on their shoulders, like Joe said, a good head and people on pure air don't sperg out like that.

  17. Joe fack those people they don't matter ahha

  18. It's called the angry Joe show. Not the angry Joe video game show. Just because he started reviewing one type of media doesn't obligate him to forever review only that type of media. It's embarrassing how entitled some people are, especially when everything is being given for free. Joe hasn't taken a dollar from you. His content is free, think of it what you want, you're entitled to your opinion but to expect anything out of him is level 9000 douchebaggery. You don't like his channel, go somewhere else. Nobody is stopping you, Joe isn't gonna beg you to stay. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  19. It's like Shrek. Angry Joe "Do the roar"

  20. Your my favourite YouTube , I’ve been watching you for years and years,
    Now I’m not trying to push you,
    But maybe
    To make this fuckheads happy,
    Is maybe give a date as to when your gonna do one,
    Or which one your gonna do,
    I know you do it on twitch, but most people don’t go there.

    But ignore the haters. Keep doing what your doing.
    You’ve done it for this long,
    And I know myself I’ll be still watching you 10 years later. 👍

  21. The problem isn't the number of your reviews but the games you do because …. battlefield and COD are almost the same …. you never made racing car reviews. .. and so many damn games are out there and is like … if I don't like shooter's I can almost forget your channel for example …. destiny 1 and 2 …. that's only 2 , then u get bias and soft with some games because you are not the old angry Joe we use to love …. u make interviews with producers and you go soft on them , instead you should say " fuck it …. I won't get envited no more but I am going to call this guy a scammer and a thief , because that's who he is with this loot box's and season pass ,plus pay to win "

    And that's why people start to get angry at you

  22. Joe is an amazing reviewer no he’s honest and points out ass hole devs


  24. Joe is a very excellent content creator and a reviewer. So i will keep watching years to come.

  25. Fuck the haters
    You need to take a break its normal I bet all the fuckstick crybabies take vacations. So why can't you? 1000% support enjoy your vacation.

  26. It’s good to do different things and be diverse with your channel, as if you do the same thing all the time it can become boring and tiresome so it’s good to switch it up and do different content such as your movie reviews. Personally that’s what I do as at the end of the day I am making videos for fun.

  27. I don’t get this attitude for this. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. 🙂

  28. I don’t get this attitude for this. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. 🙂

  29. People tend to be more aggressive when they can deal with you behind a computer screen. Dont let that bullshit bother u bro.

  30. Your the man and all your content rocks!!! … Angry Joe for life!! Keeping being yourself and never change for anyone !

  31. if people freak out about u taking a vacation, they have no idea what work is and they do not have a work ethic themselves at all so fuck urself people! You have no clue what life is. Stop thinking about yourself.

  32. The people who were demanding more and more in less time don't understand that's exactly what kind of attitude drives EA.

  33. Definitely a toxic fanbase. Let them un-sub even if it means bad. Itll be good for u in the future. Its "your" channel, anything u can do… Such toxic people…

  34. Enjoy the content you put out or fall on your face, don't forget it takes time to make videos and even to put out a lot. What if Joe only did angry reviews, it would be half assed. I like how you take your time, keep staying awesome. One year later and I'm glad to see you continue.

  35. Fuck those people man they aren’t paying monthly or supporting you in that kind of way they are toxic losers you get them on a lot of channels sucks that you had so many

  36. I first came to your channel for game reviews, but I found that I so thoroughly enjoyed hearing your opinions and rants that I've come to love anything you release, it's sad some others can't feel that way. Keep on keeping on, Joe! Love everything you do for us.

  37. Keep it up Joe! Been watching you since the beginning and i still am. Best gaming channel ever.

  38. You have such a good heart joe and it doesmt take a rocket scientist to see how much heart and soul you put into your videos. Just know that there are people that really appreciate all your content and look forward to any video you put out. Staystrong brother

  39. I was here for angry reviews but you're more better then just doing that I love you're other stuff people over reacted to this keep doing you joe

  40. Thanks for all the hard work Joe. Sorry people suck so much. It’s sad

  41. You know what AJ? I really enjoy your content! But I was thinking that maybe you could do once a year (probably at the end of it) some kind of survey or questionnaire where you would let your audience choose one (two would little too much to ask I guess) game that you couldn´t or didn´t have time to review… What do you think? I hope you will read this! Thanks again!

  42. Dude i love your content. I brought witcher 3 cuz of your review and it rad. What is it with people bringing you down?

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