Reading TERRIBLE Gamestop & Amazon Video Game Reviews -

Reading TERRIBLE Gamestop & Amazon Video Game Reviews

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Reading HILARIOUSLY BAD Reviews On Gamestop & Amazon for TERRIBLE Video Games with my Girlfriend. *Sponsored* PLAY SPIN JUMP TODAY! – | We Read BAD Gamestop Reviews AGAIN in 2021 –

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  1. I know I'm probably not the only person to say this but I literally can't over just how beautiful Kinberly is. And I just love her personality and how goofy she is with Wood. Like wow I hope I have a girlfriend like her someday

  2. These were almost as disappointing as Nintendo switch port prices

  3. why does kim not look at the camera very much

  4. I’m 11 and I guess my sense of humor is different than yours and Kim’s

  5. how can yall defend the ps classic? lol it sucks so bad they couldnt sell it and bundled it with new systems. oh after cutting the price 30 percent.

  6. I know I'm late to comment on this (thanks YouTube for recommending it to me now)

    But that ending was great, like the whole video had me giggling but the ending was just something extra and I was laughing

    Also, your face got really red

    Keep up the awesome vids

  7. Wood:If you want to see me i am going to…….
    Me:*praying to say greece*

  8. David: I didn’t burp for days.

  9. I’m coming back here cause there are some hilariously funny and stupid reviews on Amazon for Hyrule Warriors AoC

  10. Hey loves! If anyone out there needs to hear it right now I just want to let you know that Jesus is loving He died out of love and He can still forgive you, even if you've run from Him, go back and allow Him to accept you with open arms. Love y'all have a wonderful day ❤❤

  11. I found a review for animal crossing saying:

    Do not buy!
    My son hit me when I gave it to him

    This is legitimate.

  12. When you see a review saying Good stuff you know it’s a great product 👍

  13. Good video, but why are your cheaks so pink.

  14. They didn’t review Mario Odyssey, 1 star channel. Only joking this is the best channel.

  15. Me and Kim have the same body type, she’s more lighter then me but our hands are also the same size… and I’m 17 I’m gonna assume she’s 29

  16. I like how they both have a unique laugh. Wood goes all red and she goes on mute

  17. Did anyone else notice how pink his face was?

  18. Wood: let's do zelda next
    Me: zelda defence mode active

  19. I laughed at these two laughing silently that was funny to me I don't know why

  20. Haahaha watching this again and just realised your "interview" section background is Oxford Street here in London lmao

  21. 5 stars Ground Zeroes (a 4 hour game)

  22. The reason they asked if there were women in the game is probably because they took out the female version of the create a character mode.

  23. Woman is a WCW manager portrayed by Nancy Benoit and that's probably what that comment on WWE 2k18 was about.

  24. Little kid blippi walks up to you and says NO power adapter

  25. While I really do like Wood… Kim is THE best! She is so funny (intentionally and unintentionally) and her goth in the ad was the best! I love the way the two of you play off each other.

  26. I know Wood goes for Xenoblade a bit but his criticism basically comes down to it being a slow start and a long time to get the more interesting mechanics. I have tried lots of games and the didn’t grab me enough to get invested. I did love Xenoblade but it was a slog to start.

  27. does omega 3 fish oil give you gas lol what?

  28. wood and kims smile and laugh is so infectious

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