Reliquary Game Reviews: Infiniminer -

Reliquary Game Reviews: Infiniminer

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(I get emails EVERY DAY alerting me to these comments comparing this game to Minecraft. We get it already, jeez. The video is old, okay?)


  1. Officiall Minecraft 2 Trailer

  2. minecraft is copy the this game F for zachtronics

  3. Minecraft is so similar to infiniminer the description says this is Minecraft

  4. It went from unlimitedmining to infiniminer to minecraft. Little piece of mining game history some may not know

  5. when you don't get into smash and a Swede rips you off

  6. Oh man, this is sad, this video was even made 2 years before Minecraft. The guy that made this is probably kicking himself for not developing this more and faster.

  7. Infiniminer brought the idea
    Minecraft made it better
    Hytale: final stage of the perfect game

  8. The old YouTube nostalgia is incredible. Come back.

  9. Minecraft orjinal bir fikir değildi zach kodları herkese açmasaydı şuanda minecraft olmayacaktı

  10. Minecraftin bu oyunun klonu olduğunu duydukdan sonra:

  11. Minecraft: You kill my father.
    Infiniminer: No, I am your father.

  12. Infinity miner: father
    Dungeon keeper: mother
    Minecraft: son

  13. Who would say that this game started another, which we know today as minecraft

  14. The beginning of Minecraft
    I mean the VERY VERY Beginning of Minecraft

  15. It’s one of the many parents of Minecraft

  16. How To Take Tnt And

    Im Dont Know Controller

    Pls Help ME

  17. How To Take Tnt And

    Im Dont Know Controller

    Pls Help ME

  18. How To Take Tnt And

    Im Dont Know Controller

    Pls Help ME

  19. How To Take Tnt And

    Im Dont Know Controller

    Pls Help ME

  20. The story is same as Undertale. The creator got inspired, and accidenly get popular.

  21. The only reason I heard of this game was because of an episode of fresh meat when Howard mentioned it. I didn't think it was going to be a real game 😂

  22. Is any one watching this video after 12 years in 2021

  23. to think they were this close to making a billion dollars.

  24. Today i heard for the first time about this game (°v°)

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