Reliquary Game Reviews: Infiniminer -

Reliquary Game Reviews: Infiniminer

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(I get emails EVERY DAY alerting me to these comments comparing this game to Minecraft. We get it already, jeez. The video is old, okay?)


  1. This looks pretty cool, but, I prefer the infiniminer clone that notch was working on, no offense.

  2. this was about 22 days after minecraft 1st ver was crate

  3. Looks like Minecraft, which was inspired by this game, is the most sold video game with over 170 million copies.

  4. It's incredible seeing this free game settle in obscurity while the game that it inspired is literally LITERALLY the BEST SELLING GAME EVER MADE
    Those are the 2 most incredible polar opposites

    We should donate to the guy who made this or something

  5. This was uploaded 12 days after Minecraft was released

  6. I think that this game is an actual inspiration for minecraft in fact the 1st ever release of minecraft (or so called cave game) had exact same texture (by that I mean by game play) y know in that version players hand wasent shown it could only mean it was acully what inspired notch to make minecraft in the 1st place but tho there are some differences in the games 1 in cave game the world was limited while in infinity miner you had… Well infinite world 2 in cave game you spawn in more grassy field rather then under the ground (that drt looked like nether rack so I tough it was nether when I 1st saw it) and 3 in cave game you can spawn a mob but tho the only mob in those days was the well known protagonist of the game Steve while in infinity miner you can't (if you don't know you can spawn Steve both in cave game and in classic by simply pressing G) (also sorry if the comments too big I can delete it later but for now cya)

  7. 2009 a game called infini miner came out, Notch stole their idea and made Minecraft, then in 2019 hypixel does the same with Hytale

    Ahhh yes, it’s amazing how history repeats itself 😌

  8. There should be a minigame on servers like this (in minecraft

  9. 1:00 That made me remember the video on Doom and random generation.
    Here all the cube particles move at the same speed, the effects make it feel nice to blow up but I feel like randomizing their sizes and speeds would make a huge difference.
    I love your mic. It's really old and has some actually nice background noise.
    It's like old Lazy Game Review videos like his video on H.U.R.L.

    Despite your mic quality you sound like you have plenty of years of experience on voicing videos and a nice confidence.

  10. Are you going to make any more Reliquary Game Reviews?

  11. Excuse me? Did this man say the N-word with the hard "er"?

  12. Does anyone remember the game blockland? They had a trench warfare mod that was popular for a lot of servers back in the day that remind me of this

  13. 1:30 So the "never dig straight down" advice predates Minecraft xD

  14. Quarantine day XX: Digging up every bits and details about my favourite childhood game, ended up here.

  15. Sempre que você ler os comentários eu vou estar lá says:

    Infiniminer: The father

    Minecraft: The son

    Hytale: The brother

  16. I am so glad that Minecraft was the popular one of the two. This is horrendous.

  17. Other than the voxel-based environments it reminds me more of Deep Rock Galactic than Minecraft

  18. Nah, I don't think this concept could get anywhere

  19. This game basically inspired one of the worst game of all time

  20. Holy crap. Is that the same Zachtronics?
    IT IS!
    So the developer that inspired Minecraft is the same dev behind SpaceChem, Ironclad Tactics, Infinifactory*, TIS-100, SHENZHEN I/O, Opus Magnum, EXAPUNKS, Eliza & MOLEK-SYNTEZ
    Glad that they've done alright for themselves creating some of the best, most difficult, puzzle games of all time. Unbelievable legacy for a single dev.
    *I guess that's where that name's from huh?


    -said someone without a brain

  22. ➼𝑳𝒆𝒕 𝒊𝒕 𝒔𝒏𝒐𝒘 says:

    Eskiden maden oyunu şimdi minecraft❤❤❤

  23. Infiniminer: you took everything from me
    Minecraft: I don't even know who you are

  24. Strong Independent Black Woman Who Need No Man says:

    This is like Minecraft+Quake

  25. It's crazy how this game inspired minecraft to exist

  26. So minecraft is born out of this game? Well all i can say is the developers gave up

  27. А где эту игру скачать сейчас?

  28. wouldn't it be so weird if like some Swedish dude made a really popular game inspired by this

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