Reviews in Review: Cyberpunk 2077, WoW: Shadowlands & More -

Reviews in Review: Cyberpunk 2077, WoW: Shadowlands & More

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You’re busy, so here’s one video that rounds up all IGN’s game reviews from this month. From Cyberpunk 2077 and Immortals Fenyx Rising to Call of the Sea, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, and more.

Here are links to all the full video reviews:

Empire of Sin Review:

Twin Mirror Review:

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Review:

Immortals Fenyx Rising Review:

Haven Review:

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Review:

Call of The Sea Review:

Cyberpunk 2077 Review (PC):

Cyberpunk 2077 Review (Base Xbox & PlayStation 4):

Oh yeah, and just a friendly reminder that the scores exist to summarize how each particular reviewer felt about each game, not an objective quantification of that game’s quality, or how you should feel about it yourself. You can find out more about IGN’s review practices and scoring system here:


  1. I like this- we all see the reviews of the biggest games of course but this is a way for people to see things like call of the sea.

  2. Can you explain why you gave a score of 90 on metacritics then ? You lied to us too !

  3. 7:06 Yes, I do want a full refund on this completely free video product… Okay, thanks.

  4. Really enjoyed this video format actually, you guys should do it again

  5. I liked it! A condensed way to see what games should I check out

  6. That's so cute I loved the way he explained things

  7. really like this format. bite size review notes, and i can go invest time into reading reviews and watching content if a game stands out to me

  8. I like this show, easy piece of info at the end of the month for people that does not have the time to go through each review video. 9/10.

  9. I like this idea. It's hard to catch all of the reviews. Now you're going to have to do this for movies and TV too.

  10. -Tom said he encountered a significant amount of visual bugs
    -big beefy Pc
    -a remarkable rpg

    Do you people at IGN honestly.. jokes aside, honestly not see why people take your content and reviews as a joke?

  11. Great idea.
    (Fenyx Rising deserves more love btw.)

  12. Every month please. Was an awesome video.

  13. i like this type of review:) please keep it up

  14. Fun video. Maybe less staring into my very soul with the vlog style presentation but this is a great idea for letting me know all the reviews for games I might of missed. Thanks to this ill definitely check out Haven!

  15. Videos great. Keep it as it is plz. Can't wait to watch more. I'd say you could probably do past months as well lol.

  16. Do what i did, buy cyberpunk on stadia, works flawlessly besides the game itself being full of bugs

  17. Can I refund the amount of time I wasted watching this?

  18. Definitely 11/10, but still want a full refund.

  19. This is by far the best IGN video i've watched!

  20. Full refund please…. Just kidding. Great show. Keep doing more of these.

  21. 9/10 for me… oh…wait, are we not rating the guy cuteness?

  22. Cool stuff, i like it 10/10 🤷🏻‍♂️ why not

  23. Great video love this format, now IGN if you could fix your Daily Fix show and get a new host. She doesn't understand the gaming world!

  24. Cyberpunk was definitely best even with the glitches.

  25. My Cyberpunk 2077 still fine been playing nothing bug my game :/

  26. 8 out of 10: makes you feel like a editor seeing all the reviews in a nutshell

  27. This is a cool video, and a great presenter for it.

  28. A suggestion , include movies and tv series too

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