Saw: The Game Review - And Its Awful Sequel -

Saw: The Game Review – And Its Awful Sequel

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Hello, Sonny Jims. I wanna play a game.

0:00 Opening
0:41 Intro
02:13 The Premise
06:36 The Gameplay
10:42 The Combat
13:12 The Puzzles
15:46 The Endings
17:22 SAW II: Flesh & Blood
22:21 SAW II: The Bad
27:32 SAW II: The Good
28:30 Outro & Amazingly Awesome Patrons


  1. Legend says Scarry Terry & SAW 👀 are cousins.. not by blood but in the bass how they say "Bitch". 🤔

  2. I watch Donplays well play this game and i also thought the people were idiots.
    I still love watching him play this game

  3. I remember playing this game as a 11 year old thinking I was so cool but not knowing a single riddle 😂😂

  4. First game was actually pretty fun to play. Reminded me of the Manhunt for few reasons

  5. Not gonna lie I only got to play the demo on Xbox as a kid and loved the game lol like this video got a new subscriber!🤙

  6. I really enjoyed the 1st game. The 2nd one was okay. I wish they made a 3rd game because of the cliffhanger of the 2nd game. I actually enjoyed them and still play the 1st game every once in a while.

  7. Saw the game was great it was the haters that didn't like it because they couldn't play it

  8. “Video games based on movies will be bad” maybe but movies based on games are usually way worse case in point resident evil doom and silent hill as much as I love silent hill especially if those three the movies aren’t what the games would imply they should be

  9. I’m not scared of saw because I know I’m never going to do something crappy enough to end up there

  10. “Gimme that key” 🤣🤣🤣that part gets me every time

  11. I hope we get a new saw game we’re you can be jigsaw

  12. Whoa the sequel had a go-go-stop trap hosted by Jesse Tobin…Bell


  13. I gotta wonder if the people being ungrateful asshats is related to Jigsaw's "rehabilitation " philosophy; They didn't save themselves so they're still not grateful about living

  14. Don't play Saw on PC. Its controls are god awful

  15. You know what’d be dope? A Saw Online game. You & 5 (6) or 7(8) people having to get through random traps. Think they could pull something off on the next gens

  16. Get me outta here! I didn't do anything! Jus-just get me out! Get me outta here! Help! Oh fuck! Jigsaw!

  17. The voice actor for Tapp in the first game doesnt belong to Donald Glover, but instead to Earl Alexander, who is also Louis from left for dead, which made this game absolutely hilarious for me whenever tapp raised his voice

  18. Love it when an amazing review actually has positive things to say about a game everyone took a huge turd on. I used to think the first Saw game was a heap of trash just because that's what everyone said about it but now I actually kinda wanna give it a try!

  19. hey come on man don't after after crocs like that if they weren't around then what would I use to store my macaroni?

  20. Who else thinks that it would be pretty sick if Telltale Games made a Saw game?

  21. So if the game was shorter, had more unique puzzles and a combat system akin to Silent Hill or Resident Evil it would have been better.

  22. really the first game is like a semi ok burger meal which you can easily digest. The sequel from the looks of it, is just someone fucking up your burger order by burnt meat and shitting on it to top it off.

  23. When i was about 10 years old, i owned a xbox 360 and when i scrolled through the game store and saw this game( No pun intended), i didnt play in months.

  24. Stop saying that crox suck, they are comfy as fuck and you know it, what a generic thing to say.

  25. " i nEeD ThAt KeY c0p "
    – random bdsm guy 2009

  26. Both games together in good condition is like 300#

  27. gmanlives you related to the act man

  28. Fun fact:David Tapp was voiced by Earl Alexander who is also the voice of Louis from Left 4 Dead.

  29. tbh , I really licked the saw lockpick part.

  30. 12:27 most stupid part of the game. You can use any boots you like, there are tonns of them on enemies 🙂

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