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Scarlet Nexus – Easy Allies Review

Easy Allies
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Scarlet Nexus sets itself apart with its inventive battle systems and captivating world, but does it stumble by asking you to complete two campaigns in order to fully appreciate its narrative?

Written by Michael Damiani
Video Edited by Don Casanova
Reviewed on PlayStation 5
Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S

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  1. Demo was decent when I played it but my main gripe with the game is it’s super ugly colour palette and environmental art style. I can barely look at the game because of how bad the areas look when playing.

  2. 3:07 Xanthe Huynh voicing a character who loves gardening. What else is new?

  3. Awesome review, is it recommended to play each character in a row? Or would switching between each character per chapter help?

  4. If you’ve finished both campaigns which order makes more narrative sense?

  5. Idc what any review says about it, I was sold when i saw the reveal trailer and seal the deal with the demo. Im ready for it to drop tomorrow!!😁😁

  6. Can you turn off the frequent combat interruptions by the micro cutscenes or the little stutter when you hit something? It looks super annoying

  7. More than anything, the soundtrack is incredible

  8. I had a gut feeling this game was gunna b good. I was worried bcuz bandai made the sword art games but im surprised the reviews are pretty good.

    Gunna try to get this one soon

  9. Ill probably wait on this for a lil while. Every time I buy most of these anime-type games I get disappointed. Does look decent though.

  10. Looks like Sword Art and Control had a baby and names it Scarlet Nexus

  11. God dang it. What im i gonna do between this and MH stories 2

  12. looks like a more boring god eater.. how can they evolve to code vein and instantly downgrade back into controller type combat

  13. Gotta say, I'm not a fan of time stopping on every hit you land.

  14. Man, calling the soundtrack forgettable and lacking variety is an insanely bad take.

  15. Definitely picking this up next month. I do still have a back log of PS5 games so I don't know when exactly I'll get around to playing it.

  16. i not hardcore anime, so i will wait it discount -80% price

  17. Looks like a good game to hold me off until Astral Chain 2

  18. why do japanese games have the best running animations?

  19. The rest of the cyberpunk pack?… Mate this is clearly AOT in a city. Little to nothing to do with cyberpunk.

  20. This is one of my most anticipated games for the year and forgot it is coming out so soon! It feels tailor made for me.

  21. It's been awhile since a game managed to combine fluid and addictive combat alongside stylish visuals. This felt similar to DMC in terms of the options available and how well they work together.

  22. This is substantially more positive than his impressions video. Different writer?

  23. The demo really was fantastic on the series x can’t wait to start it up next week

  24. Seems like a perfect "Wait for a sale" game.

  25. Its barely able to be considered new. SN does not deviate greatly from Bandai Namco's formula. Its mostly a reskin of code vein with premade MCs.

    They still tell a shit story
    They still tell that story lazily
    They level design is crap just like in Code Vein.
    It has a relationship/character building mechanic just like in Code Vein a la give gifts and do missions.
    The combat is particle effect filled to be more flashy and engaging that it truly is. Nothing here is really new to bandai namco games xD.

    How did yall give this mediocrity an 8?

  26. id like to compare this to astral chain but tbh its basically just the same shit as world trigger or kaiju no. 8

  27. Idc what anyone has to say, Brandon Jones has THE quintessential game review voice

  28. one hint, i know this is the style of easy allies and gametrailers befor, but the pauses kinda breaks the flow of the video, i would suggest just ready the script from start to finish, if you see philip defranco videos you will understand how easy they are to follow, even longer videos, that´s a style most channels are adopting and is really nice and easy to watch

  29. environment seems boring, the game itself seems boring too…

  30. Liked code vein so I will give this a try as well.

  31. At first I thought this was a Code Vein related game. Looks good, I'll get it later this year.

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