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Scarlet Nexus Review

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The next anime-inspired game from Bandai Namco is here, but is it any good? Join GI for our official Scarlet Nexus review as we take you through the highs and lows of this gorgeous new action title!

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  1. ughh.. your negative points really don't make sense with your 8.75 rating. Felt like you were really hitting the game hard with quite a few valid criticism's and right after you give them the 8.75

  2. So this game is actually good come to surprise it’s from Bandai namco.

  3. Nier Automata reuses maps. When done properly it’s not always an issue.

  4. These “factory” and “docks” level design have been done to death.

  5. It looks like Astral Chain which is a huge positive because that game was fantastic

  6. Gamepass material: stuff you're interested in but no way is worth 60+$

  7. Dropping the demo was a great idea. It really put me onto this game.

  8. Combat looks great, but the level design instantly makes it a pass for me.

  9. I’ve only seen a small amount of gameplay, but I can tell you the awfully made low effort “cutscenes” where it’s static images, and then a poorly animated face with even more poorly animated lip syncing really takes away from how beautiful the game actually looks, and honestly makes it seems kind of lazy. You take all emotion away from characters when they’re like that, they become shells of what they’re meant to be.

  10. my only pet peeve is the 4 colored buttons on the bottom right don't match the color of the button on the controller

  11. Hope it comes to GP. I played the demo but I don't care enough to spend money on this.

  12. You say 8.75 but your review makes it sound like it should be a little bit lower

  13. That's good to know, as although I loved the combat in the demo, I felt the game had just that to offer and felt too generic at the levels, because there will be definitely a sense of redundancy and overuse by the game’s end, pretty much like Digimon Cyber Sleuth, for example.

    Furthermore, I HATED the female lead character as she looks VERY boring and annoying in terms of personality.

    That said, even with that, I'm considering pre-ordering, however….

  14. you guys aren't putting who wrote the review in the video anymore? I feel like that was a think

  15. I hope the sequel won't be on last gen. They can go all out with more things on current gen consoles. Bigger much more detailed world, more gameplay features, and an overall better experience.

  16. I mean do those things really “weigh down, an otherwise excellent experience,” or is that maybe a bit of nit picking and personal preference? A game like this isn’t really a “story forward” experience. It’s all about the combat I thought the demo was incredible. I can’t wait to play the full game Friday.

  17. Cant wait to get my hands on this game and share my playthrough…

  18. I am excited for this game now people are saying it's a good or great game!

  19. It's a good start for a new IP. Here's hoping it sells well enough to get a sequel.

  20. 8.75 is stupid score I'm sorry but the game looks good

  21. Hard pass especially since even on hard there is no difficulty

  22. Narrator was horrible at enunciating words. Never use him again……

  23. Let's face it Japanese writers suck. There are very few good writers left and these days everything is written like fanfic. There's too much exposition, and the waifu fans are willing to accept bottom barrel bullshit. So, these companies get away with it. It's really sad to see this garbage writing that's the equivalent of, "Oh, Hi Mark!" I really wish they would make a game and just focus on the gameplay. And leave out all that other bullshit. The characters are just there to drive the plot, no matter what anyone says. That's how stories work. The characters are merely vessels of the story. But these fanfic writers they want to gush over the character while they're writing a story it's disgusting. Look at good writing like Game of thrones, and you could see how character development should work. The characters are all serving and overarching story not showing off their little cute tendencies and what not.

  24. This is definitely coming to Switch in a year. That's Bandai Namco's usual strategy. I'll wait for that or when this game goes to gamepass. Reminds me a bit of Astral Chain.

  25. The slide show stills instead of proper cutscenes puts me off. I hate when games do that.

  26. Does it support ultra widescreen on PC? Does the PS5 version do anything cool with haptics?

  27. Sad to learn there's no character creation. Might just get this when it goes on sale..

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