Shaq Reviews Video Game Controllers and Handhelds - Up At Noon Live! -

Shaq Reviews Video Game Controllers and Handhelds – Up At Noon Live!

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And you thought your hands were too big for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

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  1. What kinda Duke controller did they have that the middle part gives out "digital readouts"???

  2. Didn’t show the recent Xbox controller wthhh

  3. You do know you use both joycons in a grip to make it like and actual controller but ok

  4. You can tell shaq doesn't care about any of these controller😂😂

  5. Shaq: ps4 controller 7/10
    80% of the population of gamers: 10/10

  6. Here's a PS4 controller. (hands shaq a keychain)

  7. This is like giving kratos a controller to play with

  8. Its like he's hold toys from a doll house or something

  9. shaq's hands are huge and it's kind of not fair to the "switch" joy-cons since most gamers hardly used it.

  10. Shaq's hands make the controller look like a pizza slice…

  11. FINALY… a person that fill confortable the control of the og xbox

  12. Shaq needs to use a pinky to turn the console on

  13. He makes the duke look like a normal controller

  14. Shaq needs the Wii U controller for every game he plays.

  15. Should’ve gave him a Nintendo switch pro controller before the joy cons.

  16. For people with big hands like me this reveiw is actually useful

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