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SJW’s and Video Game Reviews

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Triggered snowflakes who are reviewers of games let their emotions or thin skins impact the way they review games. This is not good for gamers and is part of the reason why traditional media and video game journalism is dying…to be taken over by independent bloggers and Tubers that people actually trust.

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  1. Why did you remind me of the secession? I am from California and have no way of getting out!

  2. "I'm not saying not to shower, but give it a second. Let your musk build up a little bit. It's in a spectrum. You'll find your magic place."
    Now that's a quote I know I'm gonna use sometime.

  3. Rags my man, the "meat pigeons" it is referring to is from skeet shooting, where you use a shotgun to shoot at disks of clay flying through the air, those disks in the context of skeet shooting are called pigeons.

  4. You know those demons been massacring people right?

  5. Being that I played Baseball for my high school team, I love the 4 Balls joke.

  6. I also noticed this was released on the 98tn anniversary of the end of World War 1

  7. I got this game because of rags talking about it.. and i have a few hours into it.. it has a feeling of serious sam 1 and 2, and the original Duke Nuke,.. and it is a welcome change from the serious games out there..they know its meta and the jokes make this guy groan and i dont laugh much

  8. hahaha that transgender joke was pretty funny…. the dialogue was pretty solid though. i enjoyed it.

  9. My only major complain about the humor is at times it does feel like it overstays its welcome but most of the time it did make me laugh out loud for that matter but I can say I wish they did tone it down just a bit

  10. I wish this guy would play Shadow of the damned. He'd be so fucking offended lol

  11. Guinness? No Tsingtao in York? Looking for a high location to post "9 Out Of 10 Hunchbacks Believe Gingerbre-a-d Man Lives Matter!" banners, grand idea! Little disappointed I've not heard the Chorus from Chum Drum Bedrum since it's been so popular for years now.

  12. I've played a LOT of Shadow Warrior 2, I loathe the humour, I absolutely hate it. It is unfunny, crass, childish – I don't hate it because it is mean, or icky, I hate it because it takes me out of the game and I hate it because I find every line off-putting rather than amusing, not to mention the amount of repetition in the jokes. Actually the only joke I remember liking was the 'are you actively transitioning' joke, it was a bit obvious, but it was well delivered and it gave me a smile. I was never offended by the game, I just was put off by what I consider poor comedy.

    The main character Lo Wang is also crap, he is stupid and annoying and his voice sucks.

    But that is the point of it, I don't begrudge people their right to hear that stuff, I just wish I didn't have to put up with it. I'd probably knock of a good ten percent from a score for the game as a result of all of it because I found it actively detracted from my fun – but reviews are personal and humour doubly so and I would specify what dent I put in the score specifically to let people know that if that stuff appeals to them what they should amend my score to, because it is a personal judgement. I'd give examples of the jokes so that people could make informed decisions.

    Shadow Warrior 2 is a good game, the shooting, the style, the movement and that is enough. The story sucks – because it is a dumb shooter, of course the story sucks. Sometimes logic goes out the window for the excuse of extending the game, I don't care because it doesn't try to make much sense. If you're playing SW2 for the story you are in for a bad time, and it was never touted as otherwise. SW2 is all about gameplay to me and it does that fantastically.

    I've played for hundreds of hours and I'll go back to it again. I'd like an option to shut everyone in the game up (not just Wang, I dislike pretty much every character) or a mod to do so, but it isn't a deal breaker. You can joke about anyone or anything, I can find it unfunny and unpleasant dialogue/monologue, someone else can love it, but if we're being adult we can both agree that there is a right to free speech and the writers can put in what they like.

    It isn't mean spirited, it isn't racist – hell, Lo Wang is constantly being called a moron and a dick for what he says, he is portrayed as being unfunny and unliked by everyone around him.

  13. so someone who isnt trans is incredibly offended, yet i, a trans person, finds it absolutely fucking hilarious and not offensive, neat

  14. Why are they talking shit about my game? Does wang need to kick some uptight game journos in the balls?

    Let me drink some whiskey and I’ll get right to it.

  15. Pffft, that transgender joke wasn't offensive at all. Stupid SJW's could at least bitch about a joke that actually takes a stab.

  16. I can write a review. it's good game funny humor buy game

  17. star ratings are good if people arn't retarded about it.

    Don't rate a game that's supposed to have no story poorly for having no story.

    The same way you shouldn't rate a game poorly for being an RTS and not an FPS.

    Rate for what the game is, not for what it isn't.

  18. Game reviews are shit not because of the star system but because of the reviewer.

    There's one of two reasons for it's score. And you can tell based on whether it's good or bad.

    Is the review good?

    The "journalist" wants to maintain good standings with that publishing studio.

    Is the review bad?

    The "Journalist" is blinded by political bias in a rather hilariously stupid way. (Its a game you fucking idiot)

    Reviews from peoples whose job it is to review games are the least trustworthy sources for game reviews.

  19. The video game industry would be a lot poorer without Polish developers and publishers. I love the Shadow Warrior series, I love Hard Reset, I love Flying Wild Hog, their developer, and I love GOG.

  20. Do these people realize that this game was made in Japan, by Japanese people, who put these things in there intentionally?

    And it's funny that games have more Culture than these get offended for someone else SJW's.

    Did you not play DOOM Eternal, Rags? It's about making fun of SJW's while you Slaughter Demons.

    During the Mid-Late 1800's, there were Chinese Cowboys, Black Cowboys, and Mexican Cowboys. So your Cowboy joke is safe. Because of the Asian Cowboys here in America during those times.

    That Twit Profile Pic is Cute. You should use it as your Video Avatar, but Animated.

  21. i was trying to wipe off the tiny smudges on the doggo head for a good 20 minutes thinking it was my screen but it just hit me that its the whiskers

  22. If you're looking for games that'll make you laugh, search for and download a game called Hong Kong '97. You'll laugh your ass off at the prologue.

  23. I was fine with the humor for an hour, it got some smiles from me but after the 5th fortune cookie I just found them boring. I don't find them offensive, I just wish they were more clever. Also the combat may be pretty good but don't be fooled into thinking it's great. There are still issues with weapon responsiveness and glitching out.

  24. So the big burly man says he has an female spirit in his head and the woman ..thingy?… has fun about him…. the big burly man is the one who is made fun about….. and that is bad why?

  25. If we excluse the number 6 out of our society how are we suposed to buy our *0$ games ?

  26. Ive had both games on my Xbox for months and haven't touched them. Might have to now.

  27. My musk is of Taco Bell, motor oil, and a hint of wing sauce.

  28. You got doom and wolfenstien for seriousness and you got duke nukem and lo wang for comedy

  29. Finally! Another guy who appreciates a bit of dick musk. Emphasis on the “bit”. Still shower guys.

  30. I remember when PC gamer used to be a publication that informed PC gamers

  31. Everything deserves to be made fun of, equally.

  32. As of the date of this post was PC Gamer reveald as taking money for good reviews? Or was it just a few of their reviewers?

    1 thing you will never see : An SJW Joke Book .

  33. Former high school English teacher … not gonna lie english teachers are usually more liberal in my experience but you gotta be pretty bad to be fired for it and why is that something you brag about?

  34. "Never hit a man with glasses, hit him with a baseball bat" That gets me every goddamn time

  35. So this was the first Rags video I ever watched, and I just now got around to playing the game. It's not that great:p

  36. Shadow warrior 2 is fun but it's not shadow warrior at all

  37. Complaining about gore in a shooter. Wtf do they want us to do hug the enemy to death. And do they want to kill all humor cause some pink hair gets their fee fees hurt. Fuck out of here.sjws need to fuck off from gaming.

  38. 2021 and now I want this game. Never heard of it before now.

  39. I agree with everything in this video Fuck SJWs in games we don't need em taking over games like they are with everything else in life. Shit why can't they understand the world owes em nothing and does not care about their feelings. If people are so easily offended should feel the wrath of Lo Wang

  40. 6:15
    Rags: All men eat, but Fu Man Chu
    Marvel: and I took that personally (removes him from Shang-Chi movie)

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