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Welp, this was my secret project that I’ve been working on for ages. After all this time, I can’t decide if this is one of the best or one of the worst reviews I’ve ever done. I guess you’ll be the judge of that seeing as I know very little about this series and as such probably have no bloody idea what I’m talking about. But hey, did this non fan get converted to the blue side or did this game go fast right into a brick wall. In a video that as of right now might be one of my longest original release videos, get ready for a whole lotta trash talk, praise and everything in between. Also, no I refuse to do the “Forces” joke. That was played out when this game was new.

The footage and images featured in the video were for critical review, satire and parody, which are protected under the Fair Use laws of the United States Copyright act of 1976. If you want a link to the original content or believe your content is being used not under fair use, send me a direct message.

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  1. Yeah, Roger Craig Smith is definitely a good actor. I've seen him in other stuff (Soul Calibur, Bleach and a few others) and he does a good job there, but his Sonic is… not good to say the least.

  2. You seemed to not know that Sonic has a drop dash that let's him do an instant spindash out of a jump. It would have helped your momentum, but his gameplay is still trash all the same. Also, Amy praying for Sonic makes sense but what they did to the rest of the characters is unforgivable. This game is worse that I remember.

  3. I just bought this game on clearance at Walmart for Ps4 the other day

  4. You're just a Sony fanboy who's actually going to watch this?

  5. FUK YOUTUBE,I didn't know you posted this damn,I always like your videos

  6. and a lot of people say this is Roger best performance of Sonic, let that sink in.

  7. Last game you played this gen is the Crash trilogy (PS4). I don’t blame you. This gen sucks. Also I know this random but the God Of War reboot was a letdown IMO.

  8. "I AM NOT WEAK!!!"

    You know what would have made a corny line like that work?

    In my opinion, context. You can make anything work as long as there's a meaning behind it. There's a comic about Infinite No Crying Allowed that shows how you can assign a deeper meaning to something unintentionally hilarious. And that is one of the biggest problems with Sonic Team. No context means no substance.

  9. after the sonic movie the fanbase agree at something

  10. infinite is basically mephlies the dark from sonic 06 except mephlies killed sonic literally

  11. fun fact: this game had only 3 level designers

  12. I would disagree with your opinion on infinite as I think he is hands down the best part of the whole game (if only for Liam O'Brian's performance) but I would agree that his backstory was pretty lazy (so lazy that a comic had to expand on it), even so I still love him to an extent. I do find this game worth it if you just want to relax and you wait for about a 50% price drop (like I did), but I'm sure you can be pointed to sonic games that will leave a better taste in your mouth. Love the video by the way

  13. Here's some crib notes:
    1) Sonic Generations caused a timeline split (retcon) so they could make a new game that takes place after Sonic 3 & K which was Sonic Mania which ties into forces….But thanks to the Mania DLC, you can pretend as though Forces never happened.
    2) Sonic Team was actually disbanded after this game was released. Nobody got fired, their members were just absorbed into other teams. Despite this, they have announced the next Sonic game is in development…We just have no idea who is making it.
    3) They did the "Fuck the fans" bit already with Sonic Lost World. It was a watered down Super Mario Galaxy.

  14. I thought this game was OK I had some fun playing as Modern Sonic and the Avatar (Classic Sonic's gameplay was bad in this game) but for $15 I find it more enjoyable on the Switch's handheld mode because you can have some Modern Sonic action on the go.

  15. I can't see Zavok as anything other than Incineroar now, how dare you.

  16. I legitimately refuse to believe that this game took 4 years to develop

    Also I CAN’T be the only person who’s mind goes to the gutter when I look at the lyrics to “fist bump.” “You are next to me and I’m next to you, push me on through.” Does that NOT sound like a woman asking her significant other to shove his dick further?

  17. I can't believe no one has thought of this, but maybe they only told the players what was happening via text and didn't show anything because they didn't want children to be scarred by such sights. Either that, or just laziness.

  18. >Be original
    >Has an intro like everyone else where the do the lol self aware and can teleport and has clones of self like everyone else

  19. Classic Sonic's appearance ties into Sonic Mania's true ending. If you've played that game, then his appearence in Forces makes sense. Of course, they could've done a better job of making that clear in the game…

    BTW, there are better Modern Sonic games to try out. Sonic Generations or Sonic Colors are probably advised.

  20. "I don't know a thing about you, not even your name…"
    How did Sonic not learn about Infinite's name for 6 MONTHS!?!

  21. Story of this game made me cry. When they escaped Nullspace and Fistbump started playing, I cried. I'm 19 and finished school. Maybe it's 'cause I don't have many friends by my own choice, but friendship beating impossible odds never fails to make me cry, like the end of Dragonball GT or EarthBound. I didn't care for Metal Gear Solid 3 (1&2 also made me cry in their endings), but I cried for this game. That alone makes watching part from 44:32 to 1:17:21 hard to watch. It all sounds like nitpicks, as none of it ruins the story to me. For example, I don't care about the rules of storytelling, art is subjective anyway. And I don't see anything wrong with fanfics in terms of story, as again, art is subjective. But I try to respect other's opinions, even if it's difficult to do so, like right now. As I know you, like me believe in subjectivity, I hope you'll understand my feelings towards this game, and at least agree to disagree. This video might have made me angry, but I hope you have a nice day. )':

  22. Once they messed with knuckles appearance that was it for me. I just haven’t been interested in the series past sonic adventure 2. Unleashed looked okay but yeah… just haven’t been interested in this series for a while

  23. 17:53 what is the name of this song? I'm looking for it right now.

  24. If you actually WERE a Sonic fan, at least one of the smarter ones, your reaction to those cutscenes certainly wouldn’t be laughing. Especially the Tails one. See Sonic Adventure at the very least.

  25. I don't know why but this is one of my favorite TGX reviews.

  26. Why not do Sonic Riders, I mean that’s a racing game that gets hate, so maybe you could have a different opinion, since you did Sonic R and realised it was a pretty decent enjoyable game

  27. When you say the gameplay is one of the best parts I'm really confused because it's like the worst part imo
    If you've played Generations or Unleashed, Forces is incredibly unfun to play, Sonic litterly plays himself you just hold Square (there is no drift and that was super fun) classic sonic has no momentum he was fine in generations, why not just use that version? And the avatar is just sonic with no boost and gimmick sections that also play themselves.
    Not to mention the marketing completely lied about what the game actually was

  28. This game isn't awful or anything but it's just bad in comparison to Sonic Generations, Sonic Unleashed or even Sonic Colors, because they simplified the level design waaay too much and took away half of Sonics moves.. but ig it's fine for someone who doesn't really play sonic

  29. "Because at heart, I'm just an edgy fourteen year-old."
    So, you're an average internet user, then? Lol!

  30. I went into this review expecting either apathy since you aren't a fan or just excessive complaining to the point of obnoxiousness; but I'm genuinely impressed that you managed to actually judge the game on it's merits (or lack thereof…) good job.

    I'm kind of an on and off fan of this series nowadays; I have fond memories of it from my youth, but I very much recognize how much of a soulless husk it's become. I just did the smart thing though and simply moved on to series that I actually like, rather than let bitterness take me over.

    I can completely understand being completely cynical around the series, and I really don't blame you for not being interested in diving deeper. BUT, the series does have it's merits…you just have to dive very deep to find them. Hopefully there's someone who gives enough of a damn about the series to do it justice, but for now I'm content to just…play anything else at this moment in time and just play the games I actually enjoyed.

  31. Yes don’t get into the franchise. Sega’s recent mandates prove that the next game will be similar to the insult that was Sonic Forces. And the next story might even be WORSE than the story that was in Forces.

  32. every level theme is reused from the classic series (they share the same names and the only exeption to this is the burning city theme)

  33. Ghost the Dead Cat's origin story is better than the story of Sonic Forces

  34. When it comes to fans or fandoms, I hate categorizing the different kinds of fans. If you are a fan of a specific era of games, then you are still of fan of that franchise. It just feels alienating when I do that.

  35. It’s kinda funny that there’s a Joker costume in this game when Persona 5 is a way better game. 😂. Also, FURSONA!!!!


    That's literally the only one voice line that makes me actually laugh to dead.

  37. Few things that were pointed out to me during early access

    1. They're red rings, not red coins. I always thought they were connected on all sides by the star. That's my B.
    2. Apparently the guy who did Fist Bump is actually a good singer who did songs like "The Reason". Well, Fist Bump isn't his style and is still a trash song as a result.
    3. While I said I'm not covering Sonic after this, I may have been a bit hasty in saying that. Never say never, but for the time being; this game left a bad taste in my mouth.

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