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Spider-Man 2: The Game | Coop’s Reviews

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  1. Parker!!! I need photos of the needed reviews of these Spider-Menace games!!!!!

  2. Also just throwing it out there you will love PS4 Spider-Man. It is now my favorite Spider-Man that does not include the Symbiote suit.

  3. 11:20 you're right about that some of these civilians some how telepathically knew when a crime was gonna happen,they be like "hey Spiderman that guy is being robbed in about 5 minutes from now, just thought I'd let you know" lmao

  4. what happen to the gem spiderman game you mention

  5. Gta 4 and 5 did the ragdoll physics right.

  6. You haven't played Spider-Man 2 for ps4 yet? Noob

  7. Thank you for making this review, I have waited for it patiently for years. Without… actually every telling you to make it like some of your louder fans did.

  8. Spider-Man 2 pc was my first ever spider man game. Soooo to its not horrible

  9. Now Then
    Unleash All The Spider-Man PS4/Marvel's Spider-Man Review Comments

    Also Gotta Love The Guy With The Generator Rex Profile Picture

  10. Ok but what about the spider man one review.

    I had to be different.

  11. When are you gonna review Spiderman 1 the movie the game the movie the game?

  12. Black cat’s subplot was the same as what was originally gonna be in the movie before they re wrote the script into the movie we actually got!

  13. cant wait for the "wheres the spiderman 3 review" memes

  14. This is cybershell and the sonic 2 bonus video all over again

  15. spider-man 2 > Spider-man PS4
    in ps4 can you do a vertical 360 web swing? can you wall jump to wall jump with such speed and finesse its natural and not so automatic? can you hand swing around and off of light/flag polls? can you jump from roof top to roof top at such distances you challenge yourself to NOT web swing? can you hang goons off of polls after your done playing with them? can you izuna drop a thug from as high as the empire state building? can you rodeo up to 3 goons for as long as you want? can you do more than 4 tricks? when you fall do you feel the gravity pulling you faster and faster as you descend more and more and actually take damage or at worst die if you fall from a certain height? can you do two webs and a web slingshot? can you go to the statue of liberty? does it have Bruce campbell?

    in all seriousness there's a reason why they put race challenges in 2 because they knew damn well how addicting and fun the swinging was and still is. Idc how big a fanboy of spidey you are, ps4 hasn't and will never top 2's swinging. that's just a fact. yeah you can be peter parker for just a bit too but it doesn't make you play stupid pointless puzzle pipe games nor does it force you to be mary freaking jane or some other human character to be stealthy. are the graphics shite? sure, no duh. But its still fun as hell because the physics WORK. I don't care if there are no extra suits/gadgets or optional stealth like batman arkham asylum/any other open world adventure game these days, if anything this game reminds me of a tony hawk game where i try to see how stylish i can be without screwing up. Now combat wise that award goes to web of shadows. I appreciate ps4 taking the combat a bit back to ultimate spider-man though.

  16. is this a scary coincidence that mysterio was a villain in the spiderman sequel film and mysterio is villain in game

  17. StIlL wAiTiNg FoR tHe UlTiMaTe SpIdEr-MaN rEvIeW

  18. Now we have to wait for spider-man 3 for two years cool.

  19. Oh boy the PS4 suit looks so ugly.

  20. So are we gonna keep acting like fucktards and bugging you about the spider-man 3 game review

  21. I don’t know why people are complaining about Spider-Man 2 for pc it was basically my childhood and we had a boss fight with puma so that’s a one up

  22. You'll get your Spiderman 3 review when you fix this damn door!

  23. You forgot Spider-Man 1 the movie game was also on the GBA

  24. If you are still considering playing Spiderman on PS4 I would not in my life recommend you the city that never sleeps DLC it's so barebones compare to the main game

  25. Cool, but wheres the Spiderman 3 and Ultimate Spider-Man reviews, lmao, you did good on this but ppl gonna start a meme again soon for the 3rd game and the ultimate one 🕐

  26. Will you review the spiderman ps3 games like web of shadows? 🙋🏽‍♂️

  27. Coop: yes I swing on easy don’t judge me. Me: I think I’m gonna judge

  28. PS4 version is amazing but spiderman 2 is the best

  29. Bruce Campbell Just Filmed Something for Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness I wonder who he will be,

  30. Can't believe I forgot to see this when it came out! 8D And I had the same glitch with the cutscene happen to me O3O

  31. So when are we getting the Ultimate Spider-Man review?

  32. Dont suppose yer gonna get around to reviewing spiderman 2

  33. 0:02 thanks for including my comment in the video your intro was hilarious by the way I couldn't stop laughing at all the comments asking about spiderman 2 lol 😂🤣

  34. The real question is what about the ultimate Spider-Man review?

  35. Every mission other than the timed ones u get ur health back every time. Dont run away so quickly

  36. I hope you play 2018 Spider-Man and Miles Morales soon, they're really fun games, and they address a lot of the issues you had with SM2

  37. “Ur cute 😜 “
    “Ur ugly 😜 “

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