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Join Gary and Iain for a look at Spider: The Video Game, this Gaming Friday.

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  1. I remember my mom buying this for my brother and myself at Toys r Us just because it looked cool and weird. We did beat it eventually but agree it's a little on the hard side. A couple more hit points would go a long way. At least I thought the soundtrack was fantastic!

  2. Have you seen the film called Arachnophobia

  3. Please do the review of Arachnophobia

  4. Have you seen the film called Species

  5. Always thought the game cover looked cool. Not a bad looking game at all.

  6. I totally forgot about this one. I love these old 2.5D platformers, another great 'series' from around the same time was the fantasy-themed 'Pandemonium' 1 & 2, fucking classics! You guys should totally do the PS1 versions at some point, especially the second. It literally has an 'acid mode' cheat that is one of the trippiest things you will ever see in any video game ever, I promise you. Keep it up dudes 👍

  7. i kept thinking this was called "spyder" nobody but me that i knew ever remembered it, but i thought the game was fun

  8. This is the weirdest game I've ever seen. Good job lads

  9. Fitting you're playing a game about arthropods after reviewing The Fly

  10. There another similar game released more recently (2000s) where you play as a spider (and a scorpion and a few other things) but it was more of a brawler, minimal plot and you were outside. I just watched a review about it on another channel not too long ago and can't remember the name now. Argh!

    Edit: It was Deadly Creatures for the Wii.

  11. Oh my goodness! I forgot about this game! This takes me right back!

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