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Spotlight Video Game Reviews – Video Game Music

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Episode 60: Video Game Music

A look back at some of my favorite video game music.


  1. Super Mario bros 3….the music that puts the hammer bros to sleep

  2. the nostalgia of the WCW NWO world tour that theme was and still is awesome

  3. How do you not have more views fam……These vids are awesome!!!

  4. This is a top notch channel man. I completely relate to this channel and I watch it when I'm feeling nostalgic for my old wrestling games

  5. My favorite Video Game soundtracks are Capcom vs SNK 2 for Gamecube, WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain (ps2), Def Jam Fight for NY (XBOX), True Crime: Streets of L.A. and GTA series from Vice City, San Andreas, GTA 4 and GTA 5!!!!! GREAT GAME MUSIC!!!

  6. Oh!!! And the soundtracks of Streetfighter 2, Streets of Rage, Sonic The Hedgehog and a lot more SEGA Genesis game songs!!!!

  7. dude you need more views. these vids are great.

  8. Super Mario 64 – Jolly Rogers Bay/Dire Dire Docks. :So damn peaceful and calming. Tick Tock Clock/ Rainbow Ride
    Paper Mario- Bowser Castle, Yoshi Island, Koopas Bros, Crystal King and Shooting Star Summit to name a few

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