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Spotlight Video Game Reviews – WCW Backstage Assault (Playstation)

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Episode 18: WCW Backstage Assault (Playstation)

WCW Backstage Assault is a professional wrestling video game by Electronic Arts. It was the final World Championship Wrestling (WCW) game released as the company was purchased by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) months later. Backstage Assault features commentary by Tony Schiavone and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. The game is distinguished by the fact that all gameplay takes place outside of a standard wrestling ring. This approach was not well received and to date, the game has sold only 200,000 copies.


  1. Loved mayhem but this game was fucking terrible

  2. Revenge Rulz! 1st WCW game and 2nd to No Mercy!

  3. This was actually a really fun game. Everything in the environment could be used to either pick up or throw your opponent into for a huge crash and have things fall on top of them, on their head, flown across the area, it was pretty damn cool. Lots of negatives. Some really awesome qualities however as well. I dunno man, I loved it. Still do. I still have fun playing it on my pie with friends when they come over. It's also the funniest game too. Lots of laughs. Maybe because it's also so fucking stupid… I dunno. But man can it be fun to play!!!!!!!!!

  4. God all they had to do was update the roster from mayhem and improve the backstage areas. Or they have been smart and released a ps2 sequel to mayhem before wcw went out of business

  5. Honor all the WCW games on PlayStation this one is my most favorite one Granite the best WCW games are on Nintendo 64

  6. Worst wrestling game of all time for me! So glad I only rented it back them!

  7. I still remember buying this game on the n64 😔. My one and only WCW video game 😓…

  8. This was the first wrestling game I ever played at 5 years of age back in 01, went over to a friends house and played it. Was amazed by how good it looked….thats until i got a ps2 in 2002.

  9. Not gonna lie, i didnt like it at first but eventually got so good that it was somewhat fun played it so many times but never unlocked everyone.

  10. You know how EA is like, they've only gotten WORSE nowadays.

    Still better than WWE 2K20, at least Backstage Assault FUNCTIONS.

  11. At least WCW Backstage Assault is way better than WWE 2K20!

  12. Everything about this game is literally wcw 2000 in a nutshell lol

  13. Haha I remember when you talk shit about my game wcw mayham but this s shit

  14. WWE 2K20 needs a Doug Dellinger legacy edition, with bonus WCW Security shirt.

  15. hearing the menu music kind of makes me depressed

  16. Game looks terrible. I had WCW Mayhem for PS1, and of course the AKI WCW games like Revenge and World Tour. I'm glad I didn't bother with this one at the time. Jeez.

  17. That Big Vito theme currently rip off from The Godfather's theme lol

  18. This game was awful. Thought it was going to be good but I legit played for like 5-10 mins and was done.

  19. The Simpsons Wrestling was better than this crap

  20. If they would made this game Nintendo 64 I think it would have made it just add more stuff to do

  21. Still better than wwe 2k18 on the switch lol

  22. This game was an assault on true wrestling game fans

  23. I emulated this game and I still felt robbed.

  24. I was a big WCW fan and my parents bought me this game on Nintendo 64. I hated it then. I went right back to Mayhem after playing this shit and thinking wow, Mayhem is great! My parents were pissed cause they spent money on it but I just couldn’t play this damn game. The commentary can’t even save this POS.

  25. Why is everybody built like Carl Malone?

  26. Shame WCW sold the business to Vince I mean I would of like to seen what game they would of had on PS2, plus Eric Bishoff had buyers wanting to buy WCW for 40 million but they turned it down and sold it to Vince for 3 million lmao

  27. as someone who generally loves wrestling games i can say wholeheartedly and from the heart…THIS GAME IS A COMPLETE PIECE OF SHIT!!! Stay away at all costs. If youve never played it your curiosity might take over…. you will be mad. This "game" is the defenition of crap just being put out becaise they are a company, a dying company. One last cash grab…

  28. Did anyone else have issues with finishers? The booklet always said triangle after you'd get max momentum, but I never could do it.

  29. I didn't even know this game existed until around in the mid 2010's. And Thank God I didn't.

  30. It's kind of weird to see Scott Hall in this game since he was let go earlier in 2000 due to his personal issues.
    It's also weird to see Hulk Hogan in this game since he left WCW because of what happened at Bash at the Beach.
    And lastly, it's weird to see Bret Hart in this game since he got fired shortly before this game came out, and that Bret Hart hadn't wrestled for about a year due to his concussions.

  31. This was a perfect example of a company releasing a shitty half finished game as a whole title. It became more of a problem over the years but this is an example of it happening in the glory days of gaming.
    Did this title even get a PAL release? Because I can't recall seeing a legit copy in any of the stores here

  32. The gripe that a lot of friends had is it would have been cool to still fight in a ring.. my gripe? Some of those unlock hints were total bullshit as no matter how much you did what it said the unlockable just wouldn't unlock..

  33. Wonder if they put Doug Dillinger in as a favor so he could get a royalty check

  34. Ddps smells like teen spirit rip off cracks me up

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