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Spotlight Video Game Reviews – WCW Mayhem (Playstation)

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Episode 14: WCW Mayhem (Playstation)

WCW Mayhem is a professional wrestling video game by Electronic Arts, which shares its name with a World Championship Wrestling pay-per-view event. The first WCW game produced by EA, it was released for PlayStation and Nintendo 64 in 1999 and for the Game Boy Color the following year.


  1. the WCW Mayhem sequel turned into Def Jam Vendetta

  2. had this when.i was 9 years old. what a great memory

  3. Wish they had war games in one of the games

  4. "They kind of look like recent stroke victims" proceeds to cut to Bret Hart 😂😂

  5. When they made Scott halls intro it was in the thick of his drunk angle

  6. Funny how at the beginning of the video they put Goldberg as this unstoppable monster, and seconds later he's getting his ass kicked by everyone in the video.

  7. You must not have played the game when it came out which is why the review is worthless

  8. Philly Catholic League Sports Network says:

    amazing intro, amazing character models, decent gameplay. Needed a few sequels thats all

  9. LOL this games with the intro and the cattle prod weapon in game really going out of their way to say HEY THIS IS POST-STREAK. FMV and sfx ain't everything, esp. when you don't have the gameplay to back it up. AKI got 'em beating from just the intro.

  10. The bodies are weird and the hold their arms up like hampsters.

  11. Some mo-capped moves look very good- most are the shits, however. And the character modes have shifty muscles that remind me of the Dr Katz cartoon with the shakey outlines. OMG. Some how Kodiack got it worse in Backstage Assautl, along with the faces- which I think you pointed out in your BSA review. Hogan's face STILL gives me nightmares, brother.

  12. Not in love with their version of a spirit meter, but it was interesting. Looked like a bunch of rainbow legos or a pack of Life Savers candies. I think both wrestlers shared one and it favor one side or the other depending on who's winning. I love how the crowd pop would grow depending on how much you built up the meter. That felt intense. The crowd would eventuallly start chanting, but when you hit a finish it was like a normal move. They'd pop right back up.

  13. Holy hell that War Zone comparison is SPOT on! I never saw it. Jeez. That game was dated as hell by the time Kodiak started working on that. The controls/Grapples probably took inspiration from the AKI games, but like most everything in this game, it's executed poorly or is ruined by an adjacent factor. Collision detection is the shits. The venues and the backstages were just boxes with slightly different ascetics. The intros had music during an era when WCW had dope ass themes, which you think would give them a leg up on Revenge, but it was mainly a handful of stable themes looped at about 9 seconds and HELL YEA IMA PSYCHOPATH. Like Hell Yeah wasn't Stone Cold's motto.

  14. Fantastic commentary job by Bobby and Tony. Who ever was in charge of that needs a job with 2K now. Well done. Though most of the weight is on Bobby and Tony's shoulder. I hope Tony is as dope in the AEW game, but I dunno…

  15. Only problem is most of the wrestlers have same finisher which is so boring I guess developers were so lazy during that time.

  16. I enjoyed this game it was not vs The World but it was a decent game. I would've liked Liz and Team Madness in the game instead of those jobbers.

  17. I remember renting this game thinking it was gonna be better than Revenge. How wrong we were! Thankfully we had Wrestlemania 2000 on the way.

  18. I played this game for hours.. The Only game other than. Wcw vs nwo on 64.. That was worth playing… Thunder nitro.. Really.. Wtf..

  19. I’m surprised Jerichos even in the game considering when this came out.

  20. Ugh…. this game was a HUGE blow at the time as a WCW fan… 1999 was so disappointing and confusing. How does a multi-million dollar company make SO many damn mistakes back to back

  21. Got this game for Xmas back int he day. I had a bit of fun with it.

  22. Scott Hall's entrance looks like he's taking a sobriety test after being pulled over for dui.

  23. The PS1 never got a good WCW game? What about Sega, who never got any WCW games at all?

  24. It was funny to me how you create a invisible wrestler in this game lol

  25. WCW just gave up on video games they got lazy. Nitro and thunder looked the same those games get a 3 rating Their graphics on Mayhem looked average on a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a 6 and don't even get me started on Backstage Assault that game gets a 1 or a 0 that game was horrible a disaster faces look distorted swollen . It looked like they were stung by bees lol

  26. I remember the commercial with Goldberg throwing Sting out of a window onto a random girl, but nothing about the actual game (even though I'm 99% sure I rented it at some point).

  27. Mayhem was so close to being excellent!!! I loved this game as a kid because they made good character models, Gene Okerlund and pretty much every relevant arena and excellent cheats! This game has a great WCW feel! I was a HUGE WCW fan back in the day!!

  28. I cannot believe they used the Scott Hall taser footage in the intro! Fuck that! That was the worst wrestling moment for me. They killed off Goldberg’s run in such a shitty way. They could have had Nash just win the fucking match but no. Goldberg is my favorite wrestler and they booked that match like people who don’t know what they wanted to do.

  29. Amazing how you look at something you haven't seen in 20+ years then something's triggered and you remember it all so clearly.

  30. Buff Bagwell has never hit a spinning kick in his life

  31. I can't believe you could change the set to the earlier Nitro version. My mind is blown. I wish I would have known that as a kid

  32. That intro was dope. What are you talking about lol. WWF was not a WAY better product lol. WCW was killing the WWF in ratings for awhile. Both were very good at this time. If you didn't hardly watch WCW then you are clueless. I understand it's your review, but your personal opinions within the first few minutes stops me from subscribing. Just review the games because you sound clueless. And I don't normally rant like this 😂.

  33. I like your content. I have a lot of videos to like now.

  34. This game had a sick roster, even if they weren't all well known , the variety is impressive

  35. My cousin and I played this game before. For years I've been trying to remember which WCW game we've played, and I just couldn't remember what the name was until I found this video. We didn't play the game that much. Since we were more into WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role. Still WCW Mayhem was fun for what it was.

  36. my uncle carl bought this game for me from sears back in the day. i was on punishment so i had to wait two weeks before i could play it. ( i set a patch of grass on fire) i looked at the jewel case like it was a piece of gold on top of my moms tv.

  37. I just bought this game lol I should've gone with backstage assault lol

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