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Spotlight Video Game Reviews – WCW/nWo Revenge (Nintendo 64)

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Episode 12: WCW/nWo Revenge (Nintendo 64)

WCW/nWo Revenge is a professional wrestling video game released in 1998 for the Nintendo 64 game console. It is the sequel to 1997’s WCW vs. nWo: World Tour. Like its predecessor, Revenge features AKI’s revolutionary grappling system as well as heavily improved graphics, a championship mode, and a large roster of wrestlers (real and fictional).


  1. 2:35 "Faggot Ho Ass Licker" You unlock this wrestler when you lose 50 matches in a row.


  3. If another person plugged in the remote in the right slot, they could control the manager. We use to do this all the time.

  4. Wwe should remaster this and no mercy. Same controls, same moves, same rosters, New graphics

  5. Your intro music always gives me an erection, and I always gotta tell the lil guy to wait after the video!!! Fuck

  6. I used to own both WCW vs NWO revenge and WWF Wrestlemania 2000 and they were great games, I played then for hours.

  7. 2:35 I feel bad for the Japanese wrestler who got renamed "Faggot Ho Ass Licker" 😂

  8. So many memories…and STILL the best intro and menus ever in a wrestling game.

  9. The only thing that bothered me about the game was you couldnt steal players finishes that were submissions

  10. Rick flair is in that game you have to unlock him

  11. This is my favorite wrestling game of all time.

  12. Love me some Nikateen what’s good bro – lovin the christmas music during christmas time 😎

  13. Greatest WCW game period. One of the best Nintendo 64 games and totally a best twenty bucks spent ever!

  14. Remember the bell sound when you hit a dude in the junk lol or the giant stop sign

  15. i think nintendo was mad so well it sold

  16. Best wrestling game ever … The intros made the game alot more exciting

  17. I also got this for christmas in 98..This game was the best as you said…The only bad thing imo was the lack of the entrance themes…I guess they ran out of space?

  18. sigh I miss when wrestling was the coolest thing. I used to play this with my two cousins back in the day at their mom's house for hours and hours. I still own the game, but nobody here even cares about current rasslin anymore (myself included).

  19. The bell sound when you low blow someone was awesome and the giant stop signs lol

  20. was that kim chee in that the same one who managed kamala back in the day?

  21. Both this and no mercy have those all star superstars, really bumps up the choice, not to mention the custom outfits!!

  22. Me dieron ganas de jugarlo solo por que esta la parka

  23. If this had a story mode and CAW I would say this could have been one of the best. Sucks the only WCW game I enjoyed for this reason was Mayhem

  24. Love it as a kid I'm 34 now. Just got a copy for$4
    It's definitely cheap these days! Nwo for life brother

  25. This my favorite wrestling game of all time during that era

    16 bit ear was Royal Rumble

  26. I've never played WWF no mercy but I played the heck out of this game! It was awesome!

  27. Quite possibly the greatest wrestling video game of all time! So lit! Lol. Stealing people's finishers was the sh*t! lol

  28. Is it wrong to like this more than no mercy

  29. I have this game but no N64 to play it on

  30. Starrcade has awesome match music, but having it off is pretty cool too.

  31. Why would it matter how long the intro is? If you don't want to watch it just press start to skip it

  32. My personal favorite wrestling game of all time. If this game would have had CAW it would have been the perfect game. Even the made up wrestlers were fun to play as.

  33. Wished the game had slamboree, great american bash, fall brawl, world War 3, spring stampede as ppv choices

  34. Anybody know how to pull off a springboard attack

  35. My favorite wrestling game of all time🤘

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