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Spotlight Video Game Reviews – WCW/nWo Thunder (Playstation)

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Episode 11: WCW/nWo Thunder (Playstation)

WCW/nWo Thunder is a video game released on the PlayStation console by THQ in 1999. Thunder is the sequel to WCW Nitro.


  1. This was when WCW was shitting on WWF they had the best wrestlers

  2. The only highlights of the game was the intro and the character selection taunts when each wrestler told you why you should pick them to play as them. Other than that I call this one of the worst games not just wrestling but all games. It must seen THQ didn’t have a passion for the PlayStation

  3. Piledriver…powerbomb…piledriver…powerbomb…etc

  4. Funny how growing up we knew these games sucked, but we still loved them

  5. My dad spent months trying to figure out every wrestlers signature moves and finishers, he had a booklet full of the button combinations

  6. The intro was the best thing about this game. It got me hyped!

  7. Thank you @Nikateen for reviewing all of these old school wrestling games. I've been binge watching them all for the past 3 days… So many memories…

  8. I remember this game as if it was yesterday, I loved and hated it. It was the only wcw game available. I remember hire it and not returning it. Lol

  9. This was my worst buy ever for a wrestling game, everyone got the same moves and that spinning finisher camera got me dizzy af

  10. No real nwo music…ugh. just like mayham. I don't get it .

  11. Still have this game. But barely ever played it. However, every couple of months I still play all the wrestling games on N64 .

  12. I remember seeing this in the store…..I think smackdown 1 had already came out and looking at the back I was thinking "so it's just nitro with a bigger roster?" I got it not expecting much and I got exactly what I expected. Cage matches where you could roll out the bottom of the room and just horrible gameplay exactly like nitro

  13. I remember seeing this in Toys R us and begged my mom to buy it and she did……..What a mistake….And I had a subscription to Game Pro….

  14. I remember renting this as a teen..and played it for like 20 minutes and said fuck this lmao..lame and boring game..really bad game.

  15. Man all your reviews are just so rewatchable.

  16. 3:26 I feel like this game should get some props for that Ren & Stimpy reference (the quote)

  17. how many of those fucking games even exists, everyday youtube shows me a new classic my brain has to render as a completely new object in the universe

  18. I used to actually like this game liked how they had the talking promos when pick a guy and the actually live entrance clips

  19. When the intro is better then the game you know you've got a problem!

  20. Fact:This Only WCW Game With a Steel Cage Match

  21. To me, Thunder was better than Mayhem. Mayhem was so/very disappointing.

  22. 0:44 The Giant speaks John Cena's line before John Cena became a Wrestler lol XD

  23. I remember we bought a sealed copy of this game for $1.99 at Hollywood Video of all places. It's the digital equivalent of playing with action figures, it's ok

  24. They should've just borrowed Revenge's Gameplay Controls.

  25. I rented this once and immediately knew it wasn’t even worth the three or four bucks that cost.

  26. Ugh…this game is so bad looking in every way. I couldn't even finish watching your review, bro lol! 😆 I always heard this was the 2nd worse WCW game after Backstage Assault.

  27. Who needs steroids when you just can watch the footage in the beginning.

  28. Cool arcade fighting game for the time. Especially if you were a WCW fan. Haters gonna hate.

  29. The opening to the game is fantastic. Imagine using footage from today’s WWE product and putting a montage like that together, it would be boring garbage in comparison.

  30. Why would they release such an awful game like did they not play it before releasing it lol

  31. I think the graphic not bad, but the gameplay is bad. Back then I always lose playing this game, 20 years later, same happen again lol.

    fun fact is one of the soundtrack in the game was the same track as VRally 2 soundtrack (if i dont wrong)

  32. I like the presentation of this and nitro but I hear they are unplayable so I try to tell myself don’t get them

  33. These games would have been better off as their own sing rare than a WCW product just keep all the wacky characters in and maybe the Developers as playable secret characters with the wacky arenas and just call it out of this World Wrestling

  34. @4:23, if you were a gamer in the early 90's (ie Street Fighter 2, Mortal Combat, Art of Fighting), this was commonplace. Gamers have it so easy nowadays

  35. Submissions sound like someone is eating a bag of chips really loud into the microphone lol.

  36. Played this quite a bit but it was definitely the wackest wrestling game during that time 😂😂😂

  37. When you get so hyped by such an amazing intro and then you get into the actual game and instantly regret it

  38. if your a true Jericholic and you pick me i promise you'll never ever lose this game again! Somehow i think alot of us wished this game got lost into the abyss

  39. Could of been of great game… But the playerability is a let down. 😂

  40. Cant believe I spent days playing this game as a kid

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