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Spotlight Video Game Reviews – WCW/nWo Thunder (Playstation)

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Episode 11: WCW/nWo Thunder (Playstation)

WCW/nWo Thunder is a video game released on the PlayStation console by THQ in 1999. Thunder is the sequel to WCW Nitro.


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  2. just push select and someone will come down to assault your oponent

  3. one thing i liked about this was chaging the stables of the guys and how some attire change

  4. one thing i liked about this was chaging the stables of the guys and how some attire change

  5. Best parts about the game were the wrestler rants, the roster, and Sting's taunt.

  6. I hated this game so much and used to cry as a kid for not knowing how to do the moves

  7. That final clip at the end, does that show up in the game whenever the player loses a match?

  8. Although I was mostly a WWE fan during my childhood, this WCW Thunder game was the first wrestling game I ever had. Got it the year it came out for my 10th birthday, and at that age, I thought it was the coolest game ever until I got WWF SmackDown 2 Know Your Role. This game may be terrible, but it holds many memories for me.

  9. "If you're a true Jericho-holic and if you don't chose me you will make the list"

  10. You have zero sense of humor. And you can call for run-ins for yourself by pressing "select" which is fun in multiplayer.

  11. compared to the n64 visuals this was great!!!! gameplay was terrible though. if you could have these graphics with say world tour or revenge gameplay, thatd have been a great game

  12. Why THQ got Inland Productions (who practically did nothing but low budget fishing and hunting games) to develop Nitro and Thunder I'll never understand. Nitro was terrible and Thunder was even worse as it was just a reskin of Nitro with barely anything changed or added. Hell the same codes that worked on Nitro worked on Thunder. Talk about LAZY. Also why the hell would THQ have Inland Productions port Nitro to the N64 a year after the PS1 release when it wasn't received well in the 1st place? All it was was Nitro but with Thunder's roster of characters so it was basically a mix of both games. Ugh what an awful set of wrestling games. WCW deserved so much better.

  13. Hands down, N64 wrestling game is just plain awesome to this day.

  14. Does anybody know Ric Flair's move list for this game??? Any help would be appreciated…

  15. Goldberg's last 5 seconds of the intro always pumped me up! Game was trash though

  16. I have all 10 N64 wrestling games.

    I also have all the PS1 wrestling games, too.

    Thunder is better than Nitro for a few reasons.

    1: The live entrances
    2: Better rants
    3: Weapon matches
    4: Cage matches
    5: Battle Royal Modes

  17. Best part of this game is the intro and promos…That's about it.

  18. 3:58 Kavin Nash making dropkick is the most unrealistic thing in video games ever.

  19. Something about this game makes it good,,feels like your doing something and there's action going on…

  20. The only good things about this game are the roster and the Road Wild arena. 😕

  21. You must not be good at games, I never had any problems doing the moves..

  22. I liked this better than war zone. it had more wrestlers to choose fro. and you could change their factions

  23. It was the first game I bought with my PS. I wanted so badly to like it and played it to death. But it was trash, especially in comparison to the N64 WCW games. Those “comedic” wrestlers even I at 8-9 years old was like “why is this crap here?!”

  24. I remember saving up $54 to buy this game at toys r us. Only to come home wanting to jump out of my window and onto barbed wire or concrete. It was the last WCW game I ever bought.

  25. Could you imagine if WCW was still in business all the new WCW games

  26. What gets me is that they’ll call out the move before they finish it. Like how they know it’ll be the jackhammer and not a suplex

  27. even when I was a kid I knew this game sucked

  28. I was jus pressing buttons n all of a sudden I put in a cheat code lol…..this game was cool lol

  29. i only played this game for the wolfpac theme song..that's it!

  30. This game was as bad as the show. It was a pain in the ass to “play” and the button combos in this game NEVER worked. All the arenas and the only things that changed was the ring unless you were doing a battle royale or had those unlockable characters.

  31. they need a playstation classic with 100 games.who agrees?

  32. ps1 had lame wrestling games with wcw.this may have been then opinion.

  33. the rants were one of the coolest features.hoping to get this game again.

  34. who cares about your opinion,anyway?why'd you even review this game in the first place if you dislike it so much?you don't make sense.

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