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Spotlight Video Game Reviews – WCW/nWo Thunder (Playstation)

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Episode 11: WCW/nWo Thunder (Playstation)

WCW/nWo Thunder is a video game released on the PlayStation console by THQ in 1999. Thunder is the sequel to WCW Nitro.


  1. Just recently found your channel really enjoying these spotlights! I remember playing this one and loving it as a kid lol talk about nostalgia glasses.

  2. WCW Nitro with a new coat of paint 😂😂🤬 love the Rants

  3. As a young excited kid this was my first ever wrestling game I bought.. man I was fkn disappointed worst game ever I spent more time watching the intro video and wrestlers rants!

  4. This game was awful but fun to play at the same time 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

  5. Cant believe I spent days playing this game as a kid

  6. Oh man, I had this, WCW Mayhem, WWF Warzone and WWF attitude and this is by far the worst of them. In fact this is probably in my top 5 worst games of any gaming genre I've ever played period. Where do you start with this one? Its really boring and repetitive. All the wrestlers have the same movelist. Its cheap and tacky and makes you feel dirty inside after playing. Just about the main highlight (lowlight) is seeing Rey Mysterio powerbomb the giant in this. All the cheat unlockables are so weird as well. People should be put in jail for making this one.

  7. I actually liked this game back then.  I never knew way lol.

  8. Props for showing the entire intro video.. I remember seeing that and thinking, 'This game is going to be amazing!!'. Lol

  9. good review i thought you was spot on with everything you said, why thq made another game engine the same as wcw nitro for the ps1 is beyond me just as shit, i would never buy this game and i knew when it first came out how shit it was. i little bit better then wcw nitro but still shit, if someone game me this for free i would trash the hell out of it, smash it up into a million pieces.n

  10. I remember once I got WWF Attitude and WWF Smackdown! 2 Know Your Role for the PS1, I threw THIS game in the garbage where it rightfully belonged. Lol. The only thing semi-cool thing about this game was the way you could change up the stables.

  11. only good thing i remember about this game was the stable/attire changes , I really liked that idea and wish the new wwe games would use it (stables like athurority,dx,nwo,shield) would be pretty interesting to see. Yes I know you can change it up yourself in edit attire but it felt like the attire you got from changing the stable was pretty natrual.

  12. so WCW nitro WWE Raw WWE smackdown WCW Thunder each had their very own video game. with only the WWE smackdown Flagship show video game or Games had very high Critical accliam success

  13. Enos in this select screen is Enos. Mike Enos From 1 half of WWF s beverly Bros. Benoit wrestled enos and forced him to Submit

  14. This Game Thunder Released the same time as Brittany Spears baby one more time album

  15. they must be on drugs when they made this 0-0
    cows and
    Santa Claus really

  16. this game made me switch 64 for their wrestling games

  17. I loved this when I was like 5. TBH looking at it now, it looks like it has quite a fighting game influence.

  18. The best part of this game was the rants and entrances. Seriously, this was an atrocious game that almost felt broken. It was like they released something that wasn't actually complete. Hell, when you look back, Warzone and Attitude weren't really that good but, in comparison, they were masterpieces. WCW vs NWO revenge was where it was at!!

  19. I remember this it was this that turned me to the N64 and WWF no mercy and wcw nwo revenge were the real deal even by today's standards you can still play the hell outta them lol

  20. I remember not liking this game as a teenager but yet I can remember playing it for hours… Every once in awhile I'll pop in this or Nitro in my ps2… Great review man! 🙂

  21. thq was ljn.. wonder if that's why the games were bad

  22. How did you forget macho man when talking about the great wrestlers of the 90's you knob wtf

  23. I still got this game n it still sucks ass piece of crap

  24. This game is terrible on every aspect there is….but my nostalgia goggles are forcing me to love it…

  25. I bought it when I was a kid and hated it the reality is it's just a bad game compared to smackdown 2 know your rule. I love wcw and this era of wrestling the only reason I used to turn on this game as a kid and even today on an emulator was the opening video and browsing the roster which is one of the best I have seen with (here comes the pain)

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