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Spotlight Video Game Reviews – WCW vs. The World (Playstation)

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Episode 4: WCW vs. The World (Playstation)

WCW vs. the World (known in Japan as Virtual Pro-Wrestling) is a professional wrestling video game released in 1997 for the PlayStation video game console. It was the first game developed by The Man Breeze (who later became the AKI Corporation) to be released outside of Japan and the second wrestling game for the PlayStation, following Power Move Pro Wrestling. WCW vs. the World marks the first title in the Japanese Virtual Pro-Wrestling series and would be the first World Championship Wrestling video game released during its rise amidst the Monday Night Wars.


  1. This game was so bad ass . The best wcw game on ps1 and one of my favorites .

  2. This game was dope along with the Japanese roster. Your dumb

  3. How can you not like this game. This game has jushin liger, Gary Albright, the great muta, ultimo dragon, tiger mask and many more. This is one of the few mainstream American wrestling games have such a huge Japanese roster. This game is 100 times better than any wwe game up until no mercy.

  4. I had this game in 1997 and thought it was great apart from the lack of big name WCW characters, but it was one of my favourite games. I don't remember the graphics looking this bad though lol

  5. I remember playing this on Easter at my cousin's.. feels like I only played it once

  6. I played and loved this game. Best wrestling game on PS1

  7. I remember when I first got this game, was pretty big into wrestling both major promotions…I saw Sting and thought how the hell did they get Phantasio from WWF into this game?

  8. This game was so fun and addictive when it was out. My friend and I played constantly. I don't know how many matches I've played. I still kept my original copy. I couldn't wait for the next game especially since N64 got World Tour but unfortunately that was pretty much it when it came to a good wrestling game on Playstation. I got Nitro as soon as it came out and it only took me a few hours to figure out how limiting the game was. I didn't even care to play it anymore. Then Thunder came out and I skipped it because it was basically Nitro all over again. I had enough N64 came out with Revenge so I decided to get an N64 and I'm so glad I did becsuse Revenge, Wrestlemania 2000 and No Mercy were epic!

  9. My brother and me loved this game as kids, it was really enjoyable. It hadn't aged well and the sluggish movements definitely feel more noticeable as years passed and other games have came out.

  10. This was the first wrestling game I ever owned. I'll never forget saving up my lunch money for like 2 months. Starving at lunch and eating whatever my friends didn't at school just so I could buy this game. Good memories!

  11. I’ve always loved the main menus on these WCW games. Especially WCW/NWO Revenge. So many memories.

  12. Loved this game, I feel it was underrated.

  13. I played this game constantly when I was young. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  14. I'm curious, did you get the permission to use WCW copyrighted music @ 40 seconds? Everyone knows that was Dean Melinkos entrance theme. You might want to check on that……….

  15. For its time this game was pretty good and cutting edge. I bought it for two reasons though. #1. WCW didn't release a lot of video games at the time. So for them to release a game at all during this time was good. #2. It was the first game to feature The Crow Sting on it. The roster represented on it from all over the wrestling world was great though. The one bad thing to this game was that there was no tag team mode on it which was stupid considering you had teams like The Steiner Bros. and The Hellraisers on it. And it definitely was a feature they could have put on here. Why it was left off, especially since tag team wrestling was/is so red hot in Japan, no one will ever know.

  16. I got it for Christmas in '97. It got played a lot.

  17. I honestly feel that this is the absolute worst game I think I've ever played in my entire life lol

  18. This was one of the shortest reviews y’all have given 😂. I remember this game but ironically, I only remember renting/playing it once. 😂🤙🏾

  19. I looked Nitro better than this for some reason

  20. I played this game soooo much! I thought it was the best thing ever! Until I got WCW MAYHEM

  21. Unfortunately… its the best WCW game to come out for PS1

  22. Is there a way to exit the ring?

    And can you throw your opponent out the ring besides getting a lucky hit?

    I remember as a kid purposely throwing my opponent out the ring, taunting, and repeating till I got my spirit up. Now i can’t figure out how to even get out the ring.

    I remember making fun of the ref’s voice cause the way said 13 when counting, and I remember being surprised the count went up to 20. But now I’m like locked in the ring.

  23. You have the voice of a pro. You should do narrative for stuff. 😀

  24. What music is playing around the 45 second mark?

  25. Love Regal. In there minds, maybe he had more classics with Wild Pegasus and Black Tiger and the like. Not sure. I'm sure WCW had the final say on roster, and it was probably a quick turn around from VPW.

  26. Whenever I see people talk about the AKI engine in the new AEW game they complain and hope it doesn't have "N64" graphics. If the game play is top notch, who cares what it looks like. The mechanics are key. And hell, they want it to look like current 2K games, when SVR 11 from ten years ago two gens ago had better, more accurate models. I dunno what parents teaching their kids but the video game IQ is lacking from what I see and what they think the measuring stick (good Kevin Nash phrase there) for what they think is quality is craaaazy. I'm glad you make vids like this. Hell AKI didn't even have their logo on most of the boxes.

  27. The soundtrack is super Japanese culture. I love it.

  28. Man, looking back, I think this might've been one of the first wrestling games I ever played. The nostalgia is just flooding back all at once.

  29. I recently got this game in a lot of 6 off eBay and love it plus not to mention I think what are the tracks is kind of almost at A-Kon Guile's theme from Street Fighter if you listen close enough

  30. In the Japanese verson Jeff Jarrett was in that one & Ken Shamrock is in this game

  31. Have you reviewed power move pro wrestling

  32. I was 9 yrs old when this game came out. Me and my siblings use to laugh at this game graphics and though wcw nitro was the best. Man I regret that now.

  33. I have a rom version of this game and really struggle to play it.

  34. I could not tell who's who and I'll tell you right now if they would have put more WCW members even NWO members real real well and beat out the competition

  35. the sad part is I picked WCW thunder over this game back in the day I wish I would have picked this instead of that piece of shit game

  36. I actually played this 1 a lot back in the day. In my opinion, this was the best it got for the ps1. Even though it wasn't great, the gameplay was better than the rest.

  37. Why do i get the feeling AEW is the next wcw? They're getting their own games apparently but man give it time.

  38. My first 3D wrestling game was "Power Move Pro Wrestling". My 2nd was WCW vs. The World.
    I honestly think I still prefer Power Move.

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