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Spotlight Video Game Reviews – WWF Attitude (Playstation)

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Episode 33: WWF Attitude (Playstation)

WWF Attitude is a professional wrestling video game based on the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) released by Acclaim Entertainment in 1999 for the PlayStation and Nintendo 64. A slightly enhanced port of the game was later released for the Dreamcast, as well as a handheld version for the Game Boy Color. The game is named after the slogan of WWF’s marketing campaign at that time with the tagline “Get it!”


  1. What is the point of having stairs instead of a ramp?

  2. The ehhh is from one of the commentators. Jerry the king

  3. I don't care what anybody says, I love this game. Attitude and Revenge were my favorite games back then.

  4. Attitude with smackdown controls would have been perfect

  5. the graphics on this were unbelievable back then

  6. well i preder the duplication of that with smackdown on friday nights as raw from the late 90's itself here comes the pain over not getting that fucking blues clues guy over the girlies on figure it out nickelodeon on something besides them bunch of that's nwo only goddamn though

  7. At 8:46 That's one of The Best Rock Bottoms on the N64! WWF No Mercy Rock Bottom was the Worst sells on any game. Gamecube Wrestling games had the Greatest Rock Bottom and People's elbow💪🏾 i wish The Rock spread his Left Arm all the Way out sometimes and Sometimes he does it in a Normal Way

  8. Wish the controls were better cause those suck

  9. Well Akalim made legends of wrestling, legends of wrestling 2, show down legends of wrestling. So they didnt part ways for another 10 years . Akalims last ever game was showdown legends which also would have been the first game with dlc but they went bust.

  10. Say what you will. No other game can match this game in commentary. I mean listening to Head is hilarious.

  11. Honestly I had the Official Strategy Guide for this game made the game A LOT easier to play (on the left page was the character model and in the right hand side it showed All the moves and their finishers.

    It MADE the game Enjoyable. This for sure is one of my favourite rosters for any wrestling game (behind Showdown: Legends of Wrestling)

  12. Man I will take wwf war zone rock bottom over wwf attitude rock bottom any day.

  13. QUESTION . If this game had a better button layout , more like smackdown. Would it get much better reviews ?

  14. HACK – If you create a ppv with a gauntlet match and choose all created wrestlers it will save those creates . You can then delete them and make another ton of created guys and the old ones will still somehow be saved on the gauntlet match

  15. Nik were u impressed with these entrances when the game was brand new ?

  16. Why was Owen allowed to be on Attitude but not Wrestlemania 2000?

  17. These games were a lot of fun at the time — allowed us to create wrestlers — but good Lord they don't age well.

    If you want to have some real fun, play as Gangrel and you'll understand why he rarely ever cut promos

  18. This is better then Any 2k games and that's sad

  19. I was so confused as a kid why they never put a ramp on the stage looks stupid with stairs

  20. you said the game was dated cause tripple H was still in dx in the game? well h was still dx in the show, how is that dated ?

  21. 2:34 I remember trying to download a clip of Kane’s entrance from some video game source and it was not happening buddy 56k 🤬 ooooh good ol AOL

  22. So WWF War Zone came out in 1998, but that game is kind of base around 1997. And WWF Attitude came out in summer of 1999, but that game is base around 1998. So War Zone is the early Attitude Era in the WWE in the late 1990s. WWF Smackdown! the video game was base around 1998 and 1999, WWF Smackdown! 2 KYR the video game was base around 1999 and 2000, WWF Smackdown! JBI was base around 2000 and 2001, WWF Raw was base around 2001, and WWF WrestleMania X8 base around 2001 and 2002.

  23. I like the graphics for the wrestlers of this one better than wwf smack down, don’t look as blocky

  24. The fact that I was 6 years old playing this game makes me so proud!

  25. I have this game for both PS1 and N64 and I also have WWF warzone for n64 as well I like N64 version of this game better because you don't have to weight for the loads I really like gauntlet and king of the ring the best

  26. Why do so many reviewers/ppl in general not take things IN context??? In context given the PS1's RAM limitations they HAD to have a limited ring intro as they did. The game created a lot of firsts in the industry. Smackdown for 6+ years lacked a lot of what this game got right! This game was awesome and I wish the company would have survived and retained the rights to make future games.

  27. I bought Attitude in the summer of 1999 & I enjoyed it at the time until Wrestlemania 2000 & Smackdown came along…never really touched it after that. Truth be told I was still playing WCW nWo Revenge more though…only reason I bought an N64 earlier in 99 was Revenge.

  28. Now the ECW game…my god that was the shits…I bought it & minutes into playing I realized it was basically a reskin of Attitude and felt ripped off

  29. wwf Warzone and attitude were the two best video games. Attitude had some great intros

  30. Sad this game wasn’t made my by thq. A game based on the greatest era of wrestling deserved better but than again WWE 13 sort of made up for it

  31. Terrible game from today's point of view. But I still played the crap out of it as a teenager. Nonetheless Smackdown 2 Know Your Role was much, much better than this.

  32. The one thing that sucked is that the hardy boyz weren't included

  33. These had better graphics then smackdown 1 and 2 if u look at it

  34. This game felt rushed compared to Warzone

  35. Watching Attitude era now, Jericho debuted the week AFTER this game released 1:59

  36. I personally love this game it’s one of the first Dreamcast games I picked up

  37. I remember playing this and man the entrance videos were so much fun. Good years!

  38. I had the N64 version. I probably spent most of my time creating characters and making them fight each other. I did also play the Playstation version and even though it had a ton of improvements over the N64 version (especially in the audio department), I couldn't get over how much the load times bogged the game down

  39. X-Pac used to be one of my favorite guys to use in this. Cool entrance, and varied move list.

  40. Who else is still watching these wrestling game reviews in 2021?

  41. ROFL I love this guy he totally does not understand gay talk hahaha

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