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Spotlight Video Game Reviews – WWF Raw (XBOX)

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Episode 50: WWF Raw (XBOX)

WWE Raw is a video game released on the Microsoft Xbox (titled WWF Raw) and Microsoft Windows by THQ in 2002. It is based on the television series of the same name.


  1. The create an entrance was the stand out thing of this game. It's all I remembered from the game was my ability to use music from the Xbox for this game which was cool.

  2. Make more of that music u have for the intro its Litt

  3. Surprisingly it wasn't rushed, it was also originally called WWF Raw is War, but then 9/11, so changed to Raw. With that, it was delayed a few times. Unfortunately yes it ended up being a fuck up, versus SD: Here Comes the Pain!

  4. Seriously this game is impossible. Every time I try to hit a Swanton Bomb, the guy gets up before I climb the turnbuckle.

  5. i have this game on PC i love it allot this is my first wwf game i played it i liked the graphics allot in that time this graphic was beautiful

  6. I remember feeling like a major ass the minute the gameplay started. All of that hype and money vanished with one press of the button.

    So, yea..after the brilliance of the N64 era and the Smackdown games, it was hard accepting this plodding, awkward and frustrating wrestling game, the lack of modes furthered enraged me back in the day.

    What a pile of shit..great Review BTW.

  7. I hated this game. No cage match no hell in a cell no tables match no inferno match no royal rumble no iron man match no nothing

  8. Xbox Carrying case?, I’ve never heard of that for a home system lol.

  9. i played this game for a month straight when it was released

  10. I hated his game for one big reason. It didn't support custom soundtracks. And that was the feature I was looking the most forward to. I felt like crying when I bought it. Then to add salt to the wounds, the controls (and pretty much everything) had to totally suck ass. Even WWE Raw 2 sucked, aside from the custom soundtrack support. This (and some other bad experiences) started my hate for Xbox. Which I still have to this day.

  11. Just bought this from Amazon and got it on Saturday. In my opinion, this game is better than that pile of crap Wrestlemania 21. Wrestlemania 21 is worse than any WWE video game out there, even this. However, this could have been much better when it was released, though.

  12. Comparing this to Shut your mouth, both being released the same year, it’s obvious who the winner is

  13. The flag ship show of wwe has bad rated games but the b show has good rated games?😓

  14. Never had the game but from this video looks like nice graphics and terrible gameplay.

  15. The presentation of this game was beautiful though

  16. It was because of the game being developed during the 9/11 event at the time. Because of them, I can guess that's why everything got rushed in the game. But I still enjoy it.

  17. Last game I played on orginal xbox…. got red ring of death lol

  18. If this game was supposed to be ‘Smackdown’ competition, then…😕😂LOL!

  19. Thats actually how its meant to be. Fighting against each other to get a finisher. Nice touch. Definitely before its time.. Loved this game.. all the music brings back crazy nostalgia

  20. I grew up with smackdow here comes the pain and day of reckoning, and i never even heard of this game until today…..this one doesn't look as good as the other games.

  21. Just rebought this game again after a decade and I don’t remember it being so difficult on easy. I’ll give it another shot tomorrow morning

  22. Man, these graphics are amazing for its time.

  23. I remember even thinking it sucked back in the day. It made me jealous of my friends with PS2s playing Smackdown.

  24. I liked part one better but that ain’t saying much. I felt the moves and models look better. One thing I loved was Hogan’s finish was a big boot Legdrop combo and Goldberg’s spear was a ropes finisher. Something I wished they did for the new games.

  25. My god if they kept the blood in the game it would’ve been one of the best blood physics in a wrestling game it stains and drips everywhere wish they didn’t make it into sweat

  26. Its not a bad game but The broken game

  27. Never played this game until today when my boss gave it to me, I was really hyped but when I played it it was really hard and actually seemed broken, then I came here and gathered that it’s as bad as I thought it was lol

  28. Man all they had to to do was give us no mercy with better graphics

  29. This game tried to be realistic and that was the downfall. It may have looked good for the time but those game don’t age well. THQ games in the other hand never tried too hard to emulate real life and just stuck to being fun.

  30. Did you know you could make the titantron full screen and watch it during the superstars entrances

  31. A Raw 3 if ever released would have been a great game.

  32. I've never Played this game 🎮 before but I know the gameplay sucked and all but at least they Looked Real like WWF Warzone N64/PlayStation yeah know and the Camera angles and and the Entrances looked weird and cool😎at the same time. Real life Entry themes licensed WWF themes🖐☀🖐

  33. They all walk like they've pooped themselves

  34. I remember playing as the rock and beating up my friend with a parrot while wearing a chefs hat

  35. Who else remembers that WWF SmackDown just bring for the ps2 intro..

  36. This video was released 7 YEARS ago.. time flies.. 😭

  37. So critical of a game that was one of the first of its kind for the consoles. What do you expect?
    I can imagine you complaining about the very first car invented.
    "This first invented car has no power steering, no power windows, no radio, no a/c. I feel like this car was rushed. It doesn't have the things our cars have today"
    Wow. What do you expect dude? They didn't have the kind of software and storage space back then as things in the video game development studios were, well, still developing. They didn't have the tools they have today. They could only do so much.

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