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Spotlight Video Game Reviews – WWF Royal Rumble (Dreamcast)

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Episode 26: WWF Royal Rumble (Dreamcast)

WWF Royal Rumble is a professional wrestling video game released in 2000 for arcades and Dreamcast. THQ released the game for the Dreamcast while Sega released the game for arcades. The arcade version was the first WWF game released to arcades since WWF WrestleMania in 1995, and the last WWF or WWE arcade game to date. Japanese company Yuke’s, developers of the WWF SmackDown! series of wrestling games was involved in the game’s development and released the Dreamcast version in Japan. The game is based on the World Wrestling Federation and the company’s yearly Royal Rumble event.


  1. They recycle the wrestlers at a royal rumble event smh lol why would they call a game royal rumble with only 19 characters and the royal rumble event have 30 wrestlers to participate every year lol

  2. It was like smack down on wheels back then.. it needed air here and there but rode fine lol

  3. THQ was able to release 2 WWE games for the PSX in one year but they couldn't release a proper WWE game for the DC?

  4. Pretty dumb that Sega didn't ask THQ to release at least the 1st 3 smackdowns to the Dreamcast

  5. One of the biggest disappointments on the DC. I traded in my ps2 to buy one and I thought I was finally going to get a next gen Smackdown with this. Couldn’t have been more wrong. The DC got screwed on wrestling games and so did I.

  6. Jesus Christ this game looks like hot fucking garbage

  7. Tbh I think this raw and raw 2 are the best looking wrestling games ever

  8. I was jealous of Dreamcast owners when I was a kid because I wanted to play this game so bad. Turns out I didn’t miss much lol

  9. I liked this game when I was younger but I got it for free and I was super bias to this game because it could have 9 wrestlers on the screen at one time

  10. Its not much but you can unlock Vince and Shane for besting both single player modes

  11. Had this game! No smack down so I had to settle.

  12. Such a wasted opportunity. This game represents my only gripe with the DreamCast, how a lot of games were arcade ports even when they didn't need to be. They should've just ported Smackdown 2.

  13. I played the actual arcade that was in the mall lol

  14. Graphics look like smackdown on ps1 doesn't look bad

  15. The problem with this royal rumble game is that it's missing Chyna, too cool, Christian, the Dudley's, billy Gunn, mark henry etc

  16. I felt like this was a smackdown Demo

  17. I wasn't mad at this game. Wrestling games back then wasn't doing shit with the THQ games til SmackDown came out (didn't this come out first?). I liked the arcade feel of it, plus the 8 man shit was SSM before SSM. MADNESS.

  18. Will you please review WWE ALLSTAR? Your reviews are great thank you.

  19. all these years I thought a claim made this game but it was actually THQ which surprises me at how horrible it is given how great Smackdown was.

  20. The game is actually fun to play but the lack of modes and wrestlers kind of sucked .

  21. This was pretty much an oversimplified Smackdown with cleaner graphics. Hella wished it actually was a Smackdown game.

  22. The two only games I own on Dreamcast is Resident Evil Code Veronica and Mortal Kombat Gold.👍

  23. Time machine i never remembered this at all

  24. I remember being so pissed that the intro is showing tons of wrestlers who aren't even in the game. Like why have clips of people who aren't even in it lol

  25. Vince McMahon hates Sega and is a Playstation fanboy. That's why DC owners got this POS game.

  26. Worst wrestling game ever. I was so disappointed

  27. Ты рассказал больше чем стоит сама игра. Повелся я на графику в 2000м году. И только из за этой игры взял дримкаст. Это был эпик фейл

  28. The generic music in the game menu is actually the 2000 PPV's theme

  29. Dreamcast had those Amazing Arcade ports. This game was ok. It's just an upgraded faster version of Smackdown 2.

  30. I had this game when it was new, and I was pissed – whoever said, "let's only put 19 wrestlers in a game named after its 30-man main event" should be burned at the stake.

  31. Loved this game despite the lack of everything

  32. When this game was being developed, D'lo Brown was intended to be a big star, and then he paralyzed Droz in an in-ring accident and it destroyed his push entirely

  33. I remember going to my local arcade spot with 20 coins in my pocket ready to bet this game.I bet the game before my mom hit the parking lot lol

  34. I got this used from a GameStop as a kid, years after the Dreamcast was popular, maybe like 2003. I remember enjoying that it was fast paced compared with other wrestling games, but the N64 games were where it was at of course. Tbh it was also fun to play with friends. But, again, I was a kid. I didn’t realize this was an arcade game, that explains the limitations!

  35. I was going to say it looks like smackdown 2 but with better graphics and much worse gameplay…. But you beat me to it 🥲

  36. The only thing I didn’t get was they was showing Cactus Jack in the intro but he wasn’t in the game 😡

  37. My wwf games I got in this order warzone attitude smackdown smackdown 2 here comes the pain

  38. I remember owning this long long time ago. Was quite disappointing. Lack of options for matches and lack of characters. Gameplay was about the only thing it had going for it.

  39. The "superstars left" sign at the bottom of the screen in royal rumble mode is how many you personally have to eliminate. confused the hell out of me too when i first played it 😀

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