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Spotlight Video Game Reviews – WWF War Zone (Playstation)

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Episode 32: WWF War Zone (Playstation)

WWF War Zone is a professional wrestling video game developed by Acclaim Studios Salt Lake and released by Acclaim Entertainment in 1998 for the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Game Boy.


  1. This was the first wrestling game I ever played. I only wished you could fight in other arenas besides RAW and that you didn’t have to press so many buttons to execute a move. Good thing they fixed all that in future games.

  2. Lol, "Bret Hart would never team w/ Ahmed Johnson."

  3. This game was dope. Christmas morning w this and my new PlayStation was fuckn legit. Good times😘

  4. I remember having written down all the moves in my notebook. I had like a 74-0 record on my memory card and my brother ended up deleting it because we were fighting about something. I was so mad I threw a chair at the wall and put a big hole in it. I started crying because I knew I was going to have it. Ended up staying over my neighbors house that night lol

  5. ‘Bret Hart would never team with Ahmed Johnson’ 😂

  6. The graphics were okay for being being an early 3d wrestling game. But HBK looked horrible in that game.

  7. Traded my smackdown 2 for this to some kid down the street when I was like 7 and man I was an idiot

  8. Guys does anybody noticed that players can made their own combinations in this game WWF War Xone in the PlayStation like (Square+Up) and (Triangle +Right) that's why I love this game.
    when WWF Attidude come up you would end up in Arm Bar

  9. I hated Smackdown when it first came out cause compared to this felt like it was made for babies. All you had to do was circle and direction. Finisher was simply triangle….. So hard. And compared to attitude with full entrances, I was so mad. Luckily SmackDown 2 was so good I could overlook it. But I would rather have a feature strong Acclaim game than a THQ or AKI one. I miss this gameplay so much. It was rewarding to pull off moves and finishes

  10. can i put a bit of a poll here? which game do u prefer? wwf warzone
    or wwf smackdown! 1

  11. Is there any hacks of the acclaim wrestling games that combine both WCWECWNWWE? Maybe some improved gameplay? I know im asking for 2 much

  12. I don't think the cage game/match would run as smooth as it did with including the ropes and turnbuckle that's alot more moving parts and plus that would require spereate animations on top of that.

  13. I couldn't understand one thing Ahmed Johnson said…

  14. Kane……IS SEEING STARS!!……I hope he survives this.

  15. Fill Gollins der großartiche Meddler says:

    Wow, you are bashing SmackDown 1, but you are praising this piece of shit?! The graphics were good, but this 'game' is practically unplayable … SmackDown 1 is lightyears better than Warzone!

  16. The Fire Pro games on the SNES were the first to have CAWS, but those were exclusive to Japan.

  17. You will go down rock hard…. Ok rocky

  18. Stone Cold looks like Big Show lol

  19. Had it on n64. Had a controller with a auto matic spam button thing, used to throat thrust the fuck out of everyone with taker. Loved this and attitude took me years to understand the buttons and put attitude on one day and learned how to actually play it. Played it for a few days tbf

  20. Shockingly….this game appears to have the most realistic wrestling gameplay of any wrestling game from this console generation

  21. These graphics were incredible at the time. I bought it but later traded it in for Tenchu: Stealth Assassins. I then got WCW/nWo Revenge that Christmas and WrestleMania 2000 the next year on release day.

  22. I loved the sound effects and wrestler taunts in this game 😃..memory's 👍. .Attitude was way better imo.

  23. Ahmed Johnson sounds like your neighbors dog barking as you walk by their fence. 😆

  24. I remember getting this game with my ps1 but I was limited in what I could take advantage of because I didn't have a memory card, I remember cage matches being terrible because I didn't know how to climb don't the cage, or do finishing moves. So it got old fast for me.

  25. NJPW Toukon Retsuden (Powermove Pro Wrestling) had a superb 3D wrestling engine and creation tools had existed in the Fire Pro series since at least 1993. Warzone might have been a WWE (F) game, but let's be honest, it doesn't really have anything else going for it.

  26. Stone cold looks like a bald bubba ray dudley.

  27. The THQ/AKI games set the bar too high for me to enjoy War Zone, Attitude, and the ECW games that were released. Shame, too. The create a wrestler features were fun while they lasted!

  28. I hate when they show wrestlers in the intro but they are not in the game

  29. Even Wcw world ture makes War Zone look trash lol. I remember being so disappointed when I bought this game, I took it to the game exchange and traded in for Wcw revenge after 2 months..

  30. I remember the first time i Saw the Game play i thought why the f do they stand around moving there arms like ass holes, it was a sign to me of how terrible the Game would be lol

  31. War zone had cutscenes in there career mode. Attitude was well put together but it was boring. No cutscenes

  32. It had PHENOMENAL production values but even back then I still thought the gameplay was trash. Just way too stiff and slow moving and the control scheme was shit. All these years later and its aged like milk in the hot sun. Acclaim was lazy as f@ck developing their wrestling games. This, Attitude, ECW Hardcore Revolution and ECW Anarchy Rulz were all the same damn game just with a different coat of paint.

  33. The finishers only appear in the pause menu once you've damaged your opponent to red

  34. We all had a mate who got a magazine. It showed us some finishers and how to make hbk do the figure four. None of us had computers let alone internet.

  35. It was also weird to have Bret Hart in the game as he notoriously left the WWF 8 or 9 months prior.

  36. Damn, Davey Boy Smith looked like he just got back from a crack binge in that clip from the game

  37. It was a great game for the time.. problem was the finishers which were 3 direction presses an two of the 4 main buttons.. they definitely didnt waste any roster slots though they coulda done better than the headbangers.. too bad they went 5 steps back when they did attitude.. pretty cool was this game, attitude and even ecw all got handheld ports.. those handheld ports were fun during long as bus rides.. one thing I liked was the grudge matches cut scenes (they were not present in the 64 version)..

  38. Ahhh spamming kicks from The Rock "Rocky Sucks! Rocky Sucks!!'

    And doing the Thesz Press makes Stone Cold say the infamous AUSTIN 3:16!

  39. As a kid I thought the weapons were AWESOME in this game lol

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