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SQUID GAME Explained: Your WTF Questions Answered | Why It Was Created & The Front Man + BenQ W1800i

Heavy Spoilers
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SQUID GAME Explained: Your WTF Questions Answered | Why It Was Created, The Front Man And What Gi-Hun Does Now. 오징어게임 We breakdown the most asked questions on Netflix’s Squid Game including why the game was created, what Gi-Hun will do next, The Front Man and more. We also go over the BenQ W1800i 4k HDR Projector and give our thoughts on it.

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0:00 Quick BenQ W1800i Shoutout
0:30 Squid Game Unanswered Questions Theories
0:43 Why Il-Nam Created Squid Game
4:27 Is Gi-Hun Il-Nam’s Son?
5:30 Il-Nam Wanted An Heir
7:01 Is The Front Man Now Running The Games?
7:57 BenQ W1800i 4k HDR Projector Review
11:20 Is Hwang Jun-Ho Still Alive?

Now in this video we’re gonna be answering all the big questions you have on Squid Game including why Il-Nam created it, what happened to the front man and also why Gi-Hun did things like dying his hair.

And it’s beyond it looking great.

Now the first thing we’re gonna be going over is why Il-Nam created the tournament. Though very little is actually known about the character, we learn in the series that when he was growing up that the character played lots of games as a kid. These included all of the things that we see in the show and this also explains why he’s so good at playing them.

Il-Nam’s entire life is centred around games and well, gambling. Even on his death bed he still attempts to play a final one with Gi-Hun in which he bets whether anyone will help a man passed out in the freezing cold. Just as he loses this he loses his life and everything is all tied together in such a way that it makes for an awesome final scene.

Now firstly I wanna just take the reason why he won at face value before going into what I think the hidden meaning behind it is. We learn that Il-Nam built a vast fortune for himself and because of this, money was never an object. Whatever he wanted to do he could but this also came with it’s downsides. Nothing was out of his reach any longer, there was nothing else that would prove a challenge to him and thus everything became rather pedestrian. It reminded me a lot of an old twilight zone episode called a Nice Place To Visit due to the psychological aspects in it. That episode followed a man named Rocky who was shot dead after robbing a pawn shop.

In the afterlife he meets what appears to be an angel that tells him it’s job is to give his heart whatever it desires.

Initially he believes he’s in heaven because he wins everything single game that he plays and he’s loved and adored by all that he comes across.

However as the episode goes on he realises he’s in hell because everything goes his way no matter what and that the need to do better and improve has been stripped away from him.

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  1. Please review Netflix’s Alice in Borderland… I enjoyed Squid Game, but Alice in Borderland was great!!!

  2. Things I thought would happen but didn’t
    1. The VIPS were actually past winners of the games and they came back to watch and give prize money to potential winners
    2. the game gave a chance for multiple people to win because of how they worded it at the start
    3. They would pull a Katniss Everdeen and try commit suicide at the end and possibly succeed and both be given money
    4. Explain that the people in the red suits r actually being black mailed to help

    Things that pissed me off
    1. They say it was a game of true fairness but they purposely set up certain games to allow certain players to have a harder time than others when it should have been fair across the board.

    Thoughts: I didn’t quite understand the ending? And why did he leave her brother in that orphanage for a year before he finally got him! and why didn’t he invest time in trying to get the mother out of North Korea! Overall I think the show was a satire on the ridiculous things people do with and for money.

  3. ok if the old man(il nam) is the creator — then in marbles games guards didnt killed him means – guards know the old guy—if they know then y dont they tell the doctor player(who smuggled body parts) to stick to him ??? they said only about the game what comes next

  4. I guessed that he was faking dementia while playing the marbles. I know he liked to have fun, but I was kinda mad that he fakes it so long to torture his partner. I sus'd him since. Oh and about the red hair, director spoke:

    If I was Gi Hun, what would I think of while sitting at the hairdresser? I think I would do something I’d never do if it were my normal self. That’s because Gi Hun is different now. Then, thinking what is the craziest thing I could do, I picked red hair. It’s like like Gi Hun’s anger.

    I feel like we want the show to be so much deeper, but it's really not and I'm quite disappointed ):

  5. What if Player 1 comes back by getting healthy organs from all the players that died coming back like Mecha Frieza

  6. Nope, he already have someone to take over. Which is him, the one in grey with black. Mask.

    The marble game is the game ill nam expected himself to be expelled from the game.

    But someone chooses him. And that surprises him.

    At the last episode, he simply wanted him to trust humanity like he always do and retain his kindness attitude. Coz he probably feel bad about him getting depress after winning the game.

  7. My dude, it's not 'likely' that the front man won the games. The brother is literally lead to that yearbook from the Winner's List.

  8. This all seems a lot like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, just a more gruesome version of it.

    Also there is a possibility that the Masked Managers are also forced to kill. Maybe they receive 2million Won for every person killed, like 2 million won is added to the jackpot after every person dies.

  9. I’m watching that exact movie as I’m watching this review. Trippy

  10. The fact you mentioned the twilight zone (and im assuming your a young guy like myself 26) makes me happy, rod serling and the twz series is one of the best tv shows of all time

  11. If they are related then why would he be part of death games ??

  12. I don't understand why every single reviewer/commentator of the show says he has no idea how much money it is.
    Exchange rates are easy to google. The moment they mentioned the numbers i looked them up to see what's at stake.

    100m (the value per player) is about 82240 USD.

    The 45.5 billion prize pool is about 40 million USD.

    So, quite a lot but can easily be wasted with a somewhat expensive lifestyle

  13. I would love to see how Hwang In-ho went from playing the game to controlling it.

  14. The twilight example there makes me think that the series Good Place is also inspired in that episode of Twilight zone

  15. IL Nam passed the mantel during the marble game. 456 was wearing 001!!!!

  16. Why couldn't il nam have the games played without any deaths? He could quite literally have fun with people alive too? Was he killing them off because of their attitude, behavior, greed? Who knows…. Despite his wealth and power I still don't think that gives him the right to make moral decisions and take life. He did allow free will amd choice of participation though so I guess that's good. Just whhhhy lol???? I need answers man 😂

  17. Only AOT fans can relate

    I don't know why but when player 456 wins (idk his name) the scenario of AOT where erwin stands on the pile of dead bodies of his fellow soldiers ,came in my mind. It is similar 456 also stood on others dead bodies to win the prize money

  18. Guard says 'out of (197 or something) (180 something) returned. that's 93%' then front man says 'keep me posted about those who didn't come back'

    why is that

  19. Seoul Korea💜💜💜

  20. im come here because roblox.

  21. This series is pretty similar to the 2014 film As the Gods Will🤔🤔🤔

  22. I think that there should not be any further season – this will make this show unforgettable.

  23. Here are my issues with the series:

    * security in such a place is well underpar. The policeman was too easily moving around. There only seemed to be 1 person checking and erasing security footage for those doing the human organs traffic. And is that a common thing in korea? or a lucrative business? since the people looking for Gi Hun in the start threatened to come back for him and take a kidney off?

    * for such a game : 455 persons died (454 if you remove Il nam). But back on land, isn't there cases of missing persons? Those were not 454 homeless people, some had wives, children, families. Like Gi Hun mother who could have filed a missing person complaint. Added to that that the game lasted for so many years, almost 30 years, with around 400 people disappearing (if there's only 1 edition per year)…wouldn't that cause a stir, a larger enquiry?

    * Gi hun returns to land after winning. and for 1 year he does nothing??? He is still grieving? He didn't take up on the promise he made to take care of the boy for a whole 1 year? I don't believe that he didn't at least try to keep that important promise. He only spent 10000 won (or a little more if he had to buy food)? What about the people who he owed money to? They just lost interest in him? Nowhere it's said that he paid off his debt (he only told that to the girl when they were exchanging for the last time). It shouldn't have been a year but more like 2 or 3 months

    * They missed on the opportunity to have Gi Hun ask the question to his friend about why he was about to stop him in the 2nd game. It's clear that gi hun suspected him to have known which game was involved since he remembers the moment his friend called him out then let him choose the umbrella

    * the series could have well done without the VIPs. It helps the enquiry from the policeman for him to have a confession but they were just horrible to listen to. I have heard about the theory where the vips are supposed to represent us viewers with their questions and incessant whining but they are sooo bad at acting. But the good thing is that they come out as disgusting, and they very closely remind me of roman high class noblemen who were watching gladiators fight in the pits while being taken care of by slaves and nubians while eating grapes and drinking wine.

    * It was also never clearly told if Il Nam knew that Gi Hun was his son. With his resources he may well have kept an eye on his family, but it's unlikely as I believe he would have indirectly intervened to at least spare them to live in such squalor.

    There must be some more but it's all I can think of now

  24. When gi hoon saw ill nam first, he told ill nam you should rest at home and eat the food that you daughter in law cook for you.
    Aln he answerd , so are your parents eats the food that theyr daughter in law cook for them?
    And the fact is he is divorced
    Maybe its a point to say they are related

  25. I hope gi hun and jun ho join the competition together

  26. For me personally there was no twists in this plot. See it all coming a mile away.

  27. AM I THE ONLY THAT SEES PINK INSTEAD OF RED??. Yes the envelopes are red and blue but the players are wear teal and the guards are wearing a fuchsia pink. Please tell me someone see those colors too.

  28. "why did Il-Nam create Squid Game?"
    because Oh Il-Nam is literally John Kramer.. both have a brain tumor and a similar motive and mindset.. you cannot convince me otherwise!

  29. Man, you quoted a Classic Twilight Zone episode! Got my like rigor there bro

  30. Spoilers!!!!!!

    He should have just flown home! He isn’t going to stop something that’s ultimately voluntary. He got angry BUT they all played of their own volition.

    Would have made more of a statement if he came to the understanding that you can’t change people, but you can take care of the ones you love. Instead it ends by him making another fatal mistake. Maybe it is simply nihilism at its finest, and maybe that’s why I hate the ending.

  31. It’s is interesting how it’s basically set up to let them go home and realize just how bad their lives really are, how much they hate their life. It’s enough to make them think they may just be lucky for once.

    Maybe this ends up like saw!

  32. One thing I noticed is that when In-Ho shoots his brother, he shoots him in the shoulder rather than in the head or the hurt. This shows that he still has some loyalty to him and didn't want to deal a lethal blow to him but needed to show that he was strong and loyal to the game.

  33. Wtf is this random review mid squid game talk lmao

  34. In the rope game, what if the old man's team lost and fell? He was in the middle how could he have saved himself from falling with them and dying???

  35. It annoyed me that he picked the game over his daughter

  36. How gi hun atm pin changed?
    1st it was 0426. The his mother changed it to 0608..
    Then at Last ep we see it is 0456

  37. One of the best Netflix originals I've seen in awhile. Honestly I think it's even better the sweet tooth and stranger things. 💯

  38. Notice how il nam dies just after losing his bet with the wage of his life just how gi han waged for anything he's left with (that is his life)

  39. is there any theory on why the box that gi hun gives to his daughter with the gun looks like the same for the coffins and the frontman's case in his room??

  40. I feel like the police officer is still alive.

  41. You know how when 187 out of 201 players returned to the game after voting not to participate….I strongly believe that the remaining 14 players that didn’t come back into the game (or at least some of them) will play a major role in season 2. Even the Front Man told one of his guys to keep an eye on those that didn’t return.

    Maybe Gi Hun will try and track them down to help him or they will rejoin for the money again and team up with Gi Hun.

  42. Gi-Hun's whereabouts are still tracked by the organization because he has microchip behind his ear and isn't aware of it.

  43. Also in episode 2, Il Nam says he has a friend who lives in the same suburb as Gi-Hun! Could be another hint to them being related

  44. ALEXI from Stranger things or ALI from Squid games , which is more Sad ??

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