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Squid Game Review + New Podcast Announcement!

Dan Murrell
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I review the word-of-mouth Netflix hit Squid Game PLUS a big announcement about how to get all your favorite shows on my new podcast channel!




  1. Dan you should watch midnight mass!!!

  2. Do you have an audio engineer or do you do most of that work yourself?

  3. Gotta say Dan, I'm not too impressed with Squid Game so far. You're correct about the first episode… It's damn near perfect. The rest of it just isn't captivating me, though. It's basically like "Battle Royale" meets the 2012 horror film "Would You Rather?" which is a combination I thought I'd love. But I'd honestly rather just watch either of those two films. At least "Would You Rather?" has Jeffrey Combs and D'Angelo Barksdale. And Sasha Grey giving a career-best performance (in mainstream films, mind you…).
    I'm going to stick with it, though. I trust your word.

    And I'm stoked about all the podcast news! I'm much more of an audio format guy than I am video. You can't really multi-task very well with visual podcasts.

  4. I'm giving it a try… if it's anything like Schwarzenegger's Running Man sounds like something I might like.

  5. “Nobody is bad in this show”
    The actors who play the VIPs: “am I a joke to you?”

  6. Netflix regional content have always been great… 2nd to none.

    When 1st time seeing the old man… don't know why… it made me thinking of Gilliam and Mr. Wilford from Snowpiercer.

    Already suspected the old man from the 1st episode.

  7. please please hire an artist for like not even $50 to make cover art for your podcast, I love you and will always support you but I really recommend you update that 90s looking art. I can't do better myself, no hate, all love

  8. Squid Games Vs Alice In Borderland. Which is the better of 2?

  9. Saw your review. Watched episode one. WTF is Squid Game?!?!

  10. This show was insane. One of the craziest things I have watched in a long time along size American horror story.

  11. The English dub is comical. I couldn’t take the show seriously with it on, actually I stopped watching it because it didn’t match the acting.

  12. Fuck award shows. Make good shows period

  13. Spoiler warning! Great review Dan, but I really enjoyed episode 2 as it gives the players a choice to quit the game and not return, but now the players knowing what they are in for opt to go back. They know the cruel reality of what the game entails and yet they are willing to risk everything for money. They are not forced to be there anymore but more they know it's the lesser of two evils.

  14. Only thing I didn’t like was the cartoony nature of the vips. Took me out of the show but the rest was really good

  15. Hi Dan! You should check "Kingdom" and it's spin off in Netflix. Would love to hear your thought about this series that I really enjoy.

  16. Was not impressed, squid game sucks, waiting for a the real good show Mandalorian, Squid game first episode was lame, the first minute or two is appalling. No thank you will not watch this horrible tv show.

  17. I’m surprised what you said about episode 2 I absolutely loved that one.

  18. This sounds exactly like Kaiji (賭博黙示録カイジ) and has from everything I've heard about it. It is something that I won't be watching, because this kind of thing has no appeal to me, but this was a nice review to watch.

  19. I can see they can go as far as 3 seasons.
    Season 1 from the player perspective
    SPOILER!! (dont read further)
    Season 2 roll back to the same time when gi hun first played, or 2015, when Detective Hwang brother first played, but from the pov of the guards/workers.
    Season 3 and finale, Detective Hwang and Gi Hun work together to infiltrate the game.

  20. Stoked for your podcasts. I subscribed before you even finished your explanation.

  21. Squid Game felt a little too long and drawn out. And I agree, for the whole show to be called Squid Game, and then the big finale is just them fighting with no attention at all put on the final game kind of ruins the whole thing. I still loved this show though.

  22. As far as I'm concerned, those elements you say could be trimmed to make the story tighter helped developing the world and the characters, and I believe those things are about as important as advancing the plot. Necessary? Maybe not. But I wouldn't have it trimmed away. Kinda like extra cheese on my burguer.

  23. At first I thought this show was heavily inspired by Kaiji but by the episode of the falling crystals I realized it was a Kaiji ripoff

  24. Please review the Netflix show Midnight Mass. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

  25. lol I had to scroll A lot but I finally found the Alice in Borderlands fan.. anyway because people kept insisting on Twitter that Alice in Borderland was better, I had to check it out..

  26. This series was all about characters, which lets face it, is the most we can hope for in most things today. Story wise, unfortunately there were basically no surprises with plot reveals although the subplot with the organ harvesting was a really nice touch and added depth beyond the standard "ultra rich using human death as entertainment" trope. The identity of the host would might have been a surprise, but as the old man was basically the only really elderly person and he was "killed" off screen, it was pretty obvious as was the identity of Front Man as well, which was much more forced than it should have been. In general though, an enjoyable series.

  27. If you loved Squid Game and can’t wait for season 2, check out the Netflix Japanese show, Alice in Borderland. Very similar show in plot and quality!!

  28. I think some of the actors in the show are really strong. overall I enjoyed the show a lot and grew to love the main character towards the end.

  29. I think I'll pass I have seen many different Asian dramas, shows, movies that are a take on this concept so I am kinda bored by it. If you like squid games you should definitely try the Japanese drama series the Liar Game which doesn't have killing people but its about people desperate for money and they have to play games that test them both mental and physically. If you lose your debt gets even larger. There are many different games which will have you trying to solve them.

  30. I thought the same thing about the marbles episode but I was surprised how powerful it was when I rewatched it, even knowing what was going to happen.
    Episode 6 is a masterpiece. Hard for the episodes after to top that.

  31. Hey Dan, If it's still possible please bring all my movies back in the video format

  32. you should check out money heist on netflix, is entertaining, and i think it was the first of this netflix “foreigner” shows (spain) that managed to became number one globally. lupin also did it and now squid game.

  33. I like the organ episode…if a human being is worth 100mil as a commodity why wouldn't the workers try to make a quick buck off of dead bodies.

  34. So Squid Game is a bloodier version of Hunger Games? I'll pass then.

  35. a show full of plotholes and shit that makes no sense, almost nothing original and everyone loves it, great, what an audience we have developed

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