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Squid Game – Review

Jeremy Jahns
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Korean Cinema continues to show that it’s an entertainment force to be reckoned with. Here’s my review for the Netflix series SQUID GAME!



  1. Yo episode 6 is a bully also i swear I heard the voice of the mandalorian i swear

  2. For another great series you to review – The Expanse. Lots of talk about disrespected classes of workers and what that can do if it happens long enough, when people had enough.

  3. Me, who's currently just under $10 in debt: "where do I sign up?"

  4. You'll never cease to amaze me, Jahns…..while you'll give this garbage foreign show a positive review, you still won't make an attempt to watch the sheer brilliance of a series like DARK….

  5. I’ve been trying to overcome smoking as well it’s no joke. Mr. Jahn’s I envy and respect you sir , keep up the hard work

  6. So…another take on the Battle Royal idea from Japan a few years back. Cool. Cool.

  7. It reminded me a lot of the Japanese Alice in Borderland…

  8. It was such a unique experience, I am still thinking about it.

  9. Please review Alice in borderland

  10. Anybody who wants to see a Lee Jung Jae movie should check New World. One of the best Korean films in my book. Don't miss the little bit after the end.

  11. It was kinda given up when the old man was so happy to play. I lost interest after that. 2 obvious

  12. I was really hoping this would be a 1 season masterpiece. Feels like enough happened in 1 season where they could have come to a great resolution with maybe one more episode. I’m worried that by leaving it open for a 2nd season that it could become diluted like numerous other shows have in the past.

  13. If you actually cared you would review more South Korean films. Use your platform to make a positive impact.

  14. I’ve watched thousands of hours of Korean shows/movies since 2010 and they do have a lot of quality stuff. I even got much pickier with the American stuff I watched because I lost a lot of interest for a while in most American cinema.

  15. IMO, I think shooting the contestants is needed for the drama. If the games were really dangerous, they can still play on the desperation of the contestants, as they scheme with one another to win the prize.

  16. Asian cinema as a general is making big leaps and I’m thankful for it😁

  17. Squid Game was surprisingly good.

    It's very well acted and the movie has so much tension that you can't help but keep binging.

    The gore you will see isn't glorified or excessive, but it's there. There will definitely be some moments where you want to cringe, but it all feels like it was handled thoughtfully and tastefully.

    I particularly enjoyed all the "games" they had to play and all the mental mind games and acts of desperation that the characters adopt in order to survive (as someone enjoying a work of fiction, of course). :-p

    However, I also feel like this was one of the shows weaker points. It might have given the show a bit more of an emotional punch if they had spent a bit more time and attention on the characters outside the main group. And, one thing that kept bugging me throughout the show is that you don't really fully understand how so many people can rejoin a game/competition after escaping it once they understood the horrific reality with the "Red Light, Green Light" game. For instance, there is a moment where you are meant to feel sorry for a spouse who lost his/her partner in a game and the grief is overwhelming him/her. But, that only made me wonder what on earth could have drawn them back into the competition knowing how brutal it was and knowing that one of them will most likely die. It doesn't really make sense.

    Also, the story of the detective searching for his brother is woven into the whole story line like it's something important, but, in the end, kinda never really has any significance other than to add a bit more drama. Maybe it will be relevant in season 2, assuming that will be a thing (hope so!).

    Speaking of the detective, there is another thing that bothers me about his character and how the story played out. There is a moment where he could have killed someone but didn't. He had no problem killing people beforehand in search of his goal. However, for some reason that isn't explained, he decided not to kill this one specific person when he easily could have. Killing this person would have had absolutely no impact on how the rest of the story goes, so why did he decide to spare this one person…? Yeh, I don't get it, but I am open to ideas.

    Ultimately, this is a great show. It's visceral, its directed and shot extremely well. The performances are relatable and extremely well acted. It's very well polished and the social commentaries should tickle any film critics heart.

    But, ultimately, the show is about how money/wealth is a corrupting influence on our humanity and how competitiveness – something that begins innocently from childhood – can ultimately be an ugly and negative force that brings out the worst in us when the stakes are raised.


    You can tell this had a variety of inspiration, but clearly Battle Royale was the main one. And it pulls it off in a way that feels unique and refreshing and not too derivative.

    This show deserves all the hype that it's getting.

  18. South Korea man, they on something 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Jeremy check out A Bittersweet Life – korean ganster movie masterpiece

  20. Loved most of the show. I didn't enjoy the ending. I get that it's all subjective, but I hoped you all liked it better than I did.

  21. This series is amazing! Also Jeremy, I would recommend another Korean series on Netflix, KINGDOM and its prequel movie Kingdom: Ashin of the North.

  22. The comments about Episode 6 really cant be stressed highly enough. It is an absolutely brutal hour of television on an emotional level. And the way the episode deals with multiple storylines and realistic, understandable ways but still portrays absolutely devastation emotional beats all the way through, watching puts you through all the stages of grief. As you start to realise just where its going, you will bargain, plead, rage before accepting and feeling that wave of darkness wash over you.

  23. Yes squid game is great but for me kingdom is way better and it's not getting the recognition it deserves

  24. The end made me mad a little… like bro, just go away and be rich. Don’t obsess over finding out who the bad guy is. Just be free already!!!

  25. Dude it was absolutely amazing… Plus i am so love in the masks….

  26. I can't argue with "top-notch tension", that is a great summary of the show.
    I still felt the last episode was the weakest of the lot – but great series overall 🖒
    "Hollywood sweating right about now", lol! You mean "hollywood's casting actors for a shitty remake right about now!" 😂

  27. I hope you watched it in Korean audio. The dub was terrible!

  28. Honestly my only real gripe is the shitty acting and dialogue by the american people..

  29. "I about cried" You didn't cry?? Wtf are you a psychopath?

  30. good series..seemed similar to animal world..and escape room 1 conclusion

  31. Gotta love it when the review comes in at a better fidelity than the actual show did.

    Well worth it, that primo Netflix subscription let me tell ya'.

  32. I mean… it was OK? Squid Game is getting an awful lot of hype right now but I didn't feel that it was anything new exactly, there are several films with similar premises. On top of that, I thought the ending was kinda dumb.

  33. This is my first South Korean TV show i have ever watched,been watching South Korean movies for well over a decade now.I love movies from all over asia like Indonesia,Japan,South Korea and Thailand.They produce much better movies than any of the shit Hollywood produces.

  34. If you enjoyed Squid Game, Netflix has Alice in Borderlands which is just as good if not better

  35. Watched it all in one sitting, it’s so hard not to binge it all

  36. I haven't watched this yet but this show reminds me of Kaiji

  37. Meh a show where it’s been done to death in anime is suddenly popular fucking tourists

  38. the marble episode was the first thing to make me cry in years

  39. Try watch stove league if you like korean series

  40. Squid Game is the best Netflix series for 2021!

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