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Squid Game – Review

Jeremy Jahns
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Korean Cinema continues to show that it’s an entertainment force to be reckoned with. Here’s my review for the Netflix series SQUID GAME!



  1. I really thought in the end the winner would be blackmailed into becoming one of the 🔼❎⏺️ people and not get any money.

  2. You should also check out Kingdom. Korea is on a roll

  3. I watched it in one sitting with my dad too, what a coincidence

  4. But can we take a minute to roast the non Korean actors? Lol

  5. There's a great Korean film I saw that I feel not many people know about. It's called Beasts Clawing at Straws. Definitely check that one out!

  6. A bunch of wealthy elite watch poor deperate people kill each other for entertainment while using words like "DISCRIMINATION" and "EQUALITY"?


  7. South Korea just keeps shooting epic content. Love the review Jeremy!

  8. Was a great show but honestly how is anyone not talking about Alice in Borderland. Its way better

  9. I really liked Squid Game! I watched half and then had to leave for a week. And when I came back I splurged the second part. haha Some people are bagging on this show. But maybe I liked it, because I haven't seen anything like it before? Also as an anime fan; its easier to let go of the parts that "don't make sense". The show displays how everyone is gray. There are no all good or all bad people.
    I'm really enjoying these Netflix Korean shows. "Move to Heaven" was excellent too!
    (P.S. Way to go Mr. Jeremy's dad! <3 )

  10. Just call the main lead markiplier, easier to pronounce

  11. Would be cool if u had ur dad on to tell us his thots. Obviously he liked it!

  12. That ending was really sweet. I love the fact you have someone you care about so much that probably knows you do do this for a living and is willing to experience that w you.

  13. The more he explains the series the more I'm lost even though I've already watched the whole thing.

  14. I don’t like subtitled or foreign films (but) this show is awesome !!! I couldn’t stop watching. This show has everything, I hope they have squid game part 2 ????

  15. Ahh man i really wished this review was longer…i loved the show so much i wanted him to really go in depth about it for about 20 minutes lol…but that’s just the inner me being a fan of Jeremy.

  16. Who doesn't want to play tug of war over a 100 foot drop?

  17. Jeremy, you should watch Along with the Gods right now!

  18. So its basically like a series long episode of Dr Who where seemingly innocent themes turn out to be sinister death traps, Bad Wolf from series 1 would be the example Im thinking of where the Doc is stuck in the Big Brother house except evicted constentants die if theyre evicted.

  19. Jeremy watch the Netflix show Dark you not going to regret it

  20. Squid Game #1 in 90+ countries…. but #2 in home country South Korea… What?
    K-dramas are so great… even Squid game couldn't hold the top spot too long… just only for 2 weeks and that's it…

  21. Alice in borderland is a better version of this.

  22. Jeremy sneaking in a positive message for his dad at the end of the review is the wholesome content I never knew I needed 🥺

  23. Warning: Like many Asian dramas, it is filled with lengthy, maudlin, melodramatic monologues and conversations involving weeping and metaphorical rending of ones clothes. Now that doesn't make it's bad, it's just if it's something that has aggravated you about other Asian dramas, this show is probably going to annoy you.

  24. The production was great, and it hit hard emotionally. Most media doesn’t shake me like how this show did.

  25. 3:56 Holy shit yes, I knew I wasn't the only one getting space odyssey vibes

  26. My first exposure to SouthKorean media was The Host. I watched it cus American alien movies didn’t cut it for me and I saw cool clips of it on YouTube.

  27. There was no rating but we all know it's an Awesometacular

  28. Jeremy, you forgot to give a rating for this one. Sounds like you really enjoyed it, so my guess is you’d consider buying it on blue ray, but since it’s a streaming show, you don’t need to. Anyway, I’m definitely going to check it out.

  29. The whole reason I got that twist was with saw… I kinda figured in the group was owner of the game… but I don't understand how the old guy he would've figured out there was mole in the group.

  30. It’s Kaiji Ultimate Gambler meets As The Gods Will.

  31. The cop is definitely alive and returning for the second season

  32. This was gold. I couldn't stop watching it.

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