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Squid Game Season 1 Review

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Squid Game is now streaming on Netflix. Review by Brittany Vincent.

Squid Game is one of the most exciting series to hit Netflix in some time. It mashes up the carefree, idyllic days of childhood with the brutal realism of adulthood as it forces everyday people to compete in life or death matches in a bid to potentially wipe out their debts. Equal parts gut-wrenching and squirm-inducing, it’s a white-knuckle thriller, drama, and episodic psychological breakdown with a sickly pastel veneer. It’s one of the most unique things you’ll watch this year — and maybe ever.

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  1. The series gave me vibes from Battle Royal — Saw — Eyes Wide Shut — and One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest… if you can see it

  2. Tip of advice: don't spoil the damn plot in a goddamn review. Seriously?

  3. Did everyone just forget about Alice In Borderland?

  4. The old man 001 is the mastermind behind it all.

  5. If you watch anime this it feels pretty familiar, reminds me a lot of kaiji

  6. The old dude being a ring leader blows my mind…. He’s definitely psycho. Why did the guy with the black mask kill his little brother? The main character is not gunna visit her daughter first? He really bout to break up the next squid game? The glass game is lame cuz it’s always going to be the last people that will become the victors….. like itd be cool if they made it more fair….

  7. smh Imagine making a review that have spoilers. he told what games were in the show and also a clip of the two final contestants. Maybe stick to games next time

  8. Without spoilers, the show is amazing up until the final game. After that, the characters become 1D and make choices that are less derived by reality and what actual people would do and instead make choices that only act to increase the drama and extend the shock. Poor ending for a great season

  9. They could've gotten better foreign actors to play the VIPs tho. It's either their lines are cringey or just the way the actors deliver their lines was awkward. Kinda reminds me of the B-movie level of acting by foreign actors in most 70's and 80's martial arts movies.

  10. This said review. It might as well say breakdown of the whole movie and spoilers 😆

  11. japan has battle royale
    korea has squid game

  12. this is a mix between hunger games and hunter x hunter in that scene where the wealthiest were bidding on who was going to beat who.

    if you know what im talking about then you know.

  13. Definitely should have been a spoiler warning on this

  14. love how the video just completely spoils major plot points

  15. Korean series have fully outperformed Hollywood boring recycled blockbusters 😎✌️

  16. It seems inspired a lot from Kaiji, Liar Game, Battle Royale, and Daruma. It’s fun to watch but not intense as Kaiji & Liar Game. And the funny thing is, VIP on Death bridge game is exactly the same as Kaiji Ultimate Gambler, even on the VIP enjoyed the players struggling and death. How do you explain this netflix? :v

  17. I’m still waiting to see memes from the 5th game

  18. Why are you explaining the whole show? At least put a spoiler warning!

  19. "A daughter he may never see again" shows not his daughter but 027

  20. They gave it a 9, do yourself a favor and skip this review it's got major spoilers

  21. It starts out strong, the story gets weak towards the end. You can feel the effort dropping as the episodes progress. Alice in Borderland is way better, plus, the Japanese aren't siding with the Chinese, unlike SOK. South Korea is a country full of traitors.

  22. Why do people love playing games like so many peoples so many deaths. Like Battle Royale, Fall Guys. Why not Pico Park? 😏

  23. Meh. This show is a spin on 13 Tzameti, a French film with the same premise where rich socialites bet on impoverished and downtrodden contestants whom need money. Most of the elements are similar to that movie.

    The show is trying hard to make some socio-economic commentary from a leftist perspective. It's also a commentary on democratic values and majority rule. Been there done that on the messaging, but if you ignore the underlying theme it's an entertaining show irrespective.

  24. decent show but thats about it, very average in every aspect, extremely overhyped

  25. 𝕞𝕖𝕘𝕙𝕒𝕕𝕠𝕣𝕜 says:

    The best part of this show is that it's like a warning or alert that the Rich or Elite can get away with something like this perfectly fine just for the sake of entertainment and no one would even care or know. 😲

  26. Be careful little eyes what you watch. This is very twisted and sadistic.

  27. This show is past the stage where a review matters. Just watch it.

  28. Пила квест клаустрофобия японская игра или какая-то ещё это всё преодолеть можно навсегда без какой-либонавсегдапрокляточтоеслникогдавсегданавсегданавсегдасвободаслова….

  29. "This is a certified hood classic" – IGN

  30. Just finished watching this . binged the whole lot. Found the last episode boring but apart from that the rest was great

  31. So they gave No Time To Die a 7 and Squid Game a 9?

  32. Spoiler alert!! No spoiler alert warning at the start of the video!!

  33. Its a 9 out of 10 dont watch the review enjoy the show first

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