Subnautica Review -

Subnautica Review

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Subnautica reviewed by TJ Hafer on PC. Also available on Xbox One Preview.

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  1. You can kill the Reapers. Just need a stasis rifle and a knife. Its takes a whole though…

  2. That was an amazing review. I didn't have to get to the end of the video to be convinced to play the game.

  3. My favorite part about the game was the early access journey

  4. Ok that intro hit really close. I know exactly that feeling, and for me it would be skyrim

  5. Loved this game so much. Like you I wish I could play it again and not know anything that was to come.

  6. as a subnautica player i definitely confirm that it’s scary. my first encounter with a reaper was mortifying

  7. I've still yet to fully complete the game. I love it so much but it never fails. Something always happens to break the game at least halfway through and prevent me from finishing. From 5000 fish randomly spawning and breaking my fps or crashing the game, to no longer being able to access my inventory for the rest of the game. I played this since the earliest builds so I was no stranger to bugs but even the completed version with DLC is more broken than Skyrim. Subnautica is still one of my favorite games and holds a special place in my heart since I was able to watch it grow from the bottom up and be a part of it in some way. I still remember when no items even had models, they were just boxes. lol I just wish they didn't give up on the powerglide.

    Just finished it but I had to switch to creative to get around a bug with the spaceship so technically I still haven't beaten it legitimately. lmao

  8. Subnautica is awesome. They just need to make random generated maps. That would be badass.

  9. i have thallasophobiea but i plau it anyway

  10. More crappy graphics and zero objective gameplay

  11. Who is here after knowing it's gonna be free on Playstation !!!!

  12. who’s here because of Sony’s Play at Home program?

  13. Whose here after knowing Subnautica will be free as part of Play at Home Initiative. Coming this spring, starting March 25— 10 games will drop as free, so you may wanna check that out.

  14. I'm here because it's gonna be free on the playstation next month

  15. POV: You're here, because it's free on PS4 right now. 😅👍

  16. Just downloaded it today. It's free now 😁🎮

  17. Who's here because it's free now in PS store?

  18. Anyone here cause it's forever free for PS4 players?

  19. Came here because play At Home free games 😂

  20. Just lost about 4 hours of play time because of an error.

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