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Super Exciting Game Reviews – Minecraft

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chet williams here with a special game review. (i basically spent my holidays cracked out, sorry.)

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  1. So, we have to impress 66.6 women?
    Sips, have you spent an weekend with satan again?

  2. I HIGHLY recommend watching this in 0.5, it makes sips sound like hes on even more drugs that he is.

  3. If I remember all the recipes I will attracted, 33.3190135135 women.

  4. How much you reckon after sips made this about 50 people went and made mods where mobs are fuckable

  5. Did anybody else get that the secret river base at 0:58 was Deep Space Nine, from Sips' first Minecraft series?

  6. Ahh I miss these I wish sips would do more of these

  7. Yo should really make more of these

  8. This is fucking comedy gold. shit this made me cry my ass off so funny!

  9. Provided that you have an IQ 100 to begin with (100 being average by definition), you would impress 33.29 chicks or so.

  10. This foreign and exotic knowledge will attract approximately 33.3 hot chicks.

  11. Becky McDonald from Coronation Street smoking behind the bike shed.

  12. You know when i watched these the first time, i was worried sips was going through a rough patch with his wife

  13. notice how you never see chet and sips in the same place at once

  14. "A big hole with all your friends"
    shows red matter explosion from voltz
    Me: dies

  15. These things were the funniest things I had ever watched

  16. so you're saying that I'll impress ~33.3 women with my knowledge.

  17. by my calculations (they took me nearly 3yrs) you must have impressed exactly 33.3190135135 women if you have an IQ of 4,931,214

  18. there needs to be a better version of like for these vids.

  19. God, watching this just reminded me of how god awful hideous that river base was 😂

  20. According to sips, if you memorize all the crafting recipies in Minecraft, you will attract 33.319 chicks, approximately.

  21. ah thanks yt algorithm for recommending this little gem in 2021

  22. 10 years later and Zombies still arnt fuckable.

  23. Still coming back to it from time to time

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