Super Exciting Game Reviews - Minecraft -

Super Exciting Game Reviews – Minecraft

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chet williams here with a special game review. (i basically spent my holidays cracked out, sorry.)

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  1. sips are you ok? did your wife leave you? :'(

  2. Is this also slightly parodying superbunnyhop and his monotone reviews? I love superbunnyhop but his voice is defiantly "super exciting"

  3. Make it with about 35-36 women? Why the fuck not?

  4. What if people came and watched this to see a professional game review

  5. Sips you need another good LP like skyrim. I am so sick of Gmod. At least you have a bunch of younger fans that could watch it forever. That'll help you get pay the bills until you can come up with your next masterpiece. xP

  6. Don't apologize for your art, Sips.
    They just don't understand, those plebeians.

  7. Sips is like the Steve Brule of the yogscast, and I find that amazing

  8. I lost a couple brain cells watching this…
    Time to memorize more crafting recipes!

  9. Sips must have just found out what Red Letter Media is.

  10. Someone now needs to make the Zombie-fucking mod…

  11. Yes, unfuckable zombies are a massive flaw in game

  12. Holy Chet! This was the most amazing result of an exponential amount of crack I have ever seen! Super excited for a new one.

  13. Zombies are fuckable just block them in and spam click shift and you go in out and have a good shag.

  14. I couldn't stop watching and laughing. Good job on another great video sips!!!!

  15. you will impress roughly 33 girls. yowzers

  16. there are only 307 minecraft crafting recipes

  17. the reference to the voltz series was amusing 🙂

  18. When he started laughing when he said unfuckable zombies, so funny!

  19. I have done the maths, you will attract approximately 33.3 females by leaning all crafting recipes..

  20. took notes. Now memorizing all those recipes. No more wiki for this guy! Thanks Chet! 

  21. do fnaf at freddtys next thats gonna be funny shat

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