Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania Nintendo Switch Review - Is It Worth It? -

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

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“I really love Bananas” – AiAi

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  1. Wow ok I'm getting the first one on the Gamecube then. Unity?? For Monkey Target?? What?? I miss game creators creating their own engines

  2. I feel like I should mention this, but I imagine even if things don't get patched (at least on the PC version), there's gonna be dedicated superfans who will probably make community bugfixes and mods to fine-tune the physics and make them work a little more closely to the Gamecube versions. I'm definitely getting this game on day one because as much as I loved the originals (I remember renting both of them quite a few times, in 4th/5th grade), finding copies of those games aren't easy (even trying to find ISO files for Dolphin is hard to come by)… and also because I made the boneheaded decision to get the slow-as-molasses PS2 version of Deluxe instead of the Xbox version, ages ago.

  3. Best thing they added in the new version is…… JUMP!
    (I don't care if you really need it or not, it simply DRIVES ME CRAZY when I can't jump in any game. lol)

  4. blame the switch because lets be honest it cant handle the gamecube monkey ball engine

  5. Fun fact: Super Monkey Ball is an enhanced port of the arcade-only Monkey Ball.

    I really love SMB, so to hear they mucked up the physics in this version is really disappointing. I’ll probably just stick with the original on GCN and SMB Jr. on GBA.

  6. Unity blows, 'nuff said. That's really the only problem with this game

  7. Monkey Target in the original games is one of the most fun multiplayer games ever made. The fact that they botched it is honestly a deal breaker for me, along with the fact that I have to pay extra for the original soundtrack (Billiards just isn’t the same without that iconic jazzy theme).

  8. Yeah i preordered this like more than a month ago and i literally cant wait for tomorrow (i got deluxe) cause I’ve never played a monkey ball game and it looks super fun. Cool to see an avid fan if the series say his thoughts, pretty insightful!

  9. I feel like I'm one of those few people that played Monkey Ball 3D and wanted Jam and Jet in.

  10. I'm getting it because I've miss on that when I was younger I can't wait!

  11. I actually really enjoyed Banana Blitz, though that was the first and only Super Monkey Ball I’ve ever played. So I know I’m going to enjoy this.

  12. I'm still excited 🙂 sad about monkey target and no main game multiplayer though

  13. the fact that Kiryu is playable overrides any flaw this game has

  14. Can I just double check something, did you say that there's no multiplayer in the main game at all as in they haven't even got the taking turns mode. If so that sucks as that was the main reason I wanted this so I could play it with my brother and his girlfriend as she really loved the Monkey Ball games.

  15. If monkey Target isn't right, there's not much point…Yep I played Monkey Target more than the rest of the game, and Melee. I thought Sega were improving…You are being diplomatic in the review, but I'll say it….This is a piss poor showing from them.

  16. I never really played monkey target, as my siblings and I never figured out the controls. We usually just played the main game and bowling. I really hope the main game has a multi-player update.

  17. What is it with sega and consistently having a worse physics in newer games in comparison to the old ones ._.

  18. Literally one of my favorite things was reaching max speed in Monkey Ball 2 and seeing the sparks fly and hearing the ball sound speed up. It’s honestly really sad they removed the sound/effect, feels like something is missing 😔

  19. Seeing as it's made in Unity, I wonder how many of these issues can be fixed via modding?

  20. I just realized this series is made by same people as Yakuza.

  21. Does it include monkey racing? Does anyone know?

  22. Very excited, even if the controls aren’t 1 to 1 🙁

  23. Money target was the main reason I was gonna pick it up so many evenings with friends over playing target. Can't believe they have ruined it. Hopefully they will patch it

  24. Most of the negatives, they can just fix them with updates…….. monke

  25. Hey Jon check the rankings on the world 1. I'm the first one who beat your time 😎😎😎

  26. Haha I love Jam!!! Step in roll for the win!

  27. F-zero Gx: "I'm not coming back"
    Monkey Ball: "Fine, I'll do it myself"

  28. I still own my copy of Monkey Ball 2 I imported from America on launch.😎

  29. whos here after the terrible ign review

  30. I know this is off topic, but this is the 10th anniversary of arguably one of the best Wii titles: Conduit 2.

    The Conduit was the definition of "good for a Wii game," but Conduit 2 is, in my personal opinion, severely underrated. JarekTheGamingDragon made a video reviewing Conduit 2 (and all first person shooters on the Wii) and its sad that he is the only sizable YouTube channel that has talked about this underrated title (he gives mad praise for it too.)

    It is High Voltage Software's magnum opus yet never is spoken of, as it lives in the shadow of the original game. I would love to see you guys give Conduit 2 the attention it deserves, even if it means only playing it.

    Thank you 🙂

  31. My biggest issue with this remake is the graphics. Shadows, textures and camera issues are abound, and the animations are shockingly awful in places.

  32. While I absolutely respect this review, I wonder how often sequels are judged through the nostalgia lens. I didn't grow up with games and when I play retro game that were considered the pinnacle of perfection, I often find them clunky and not that fun. I did play Monkeyball on the GameCube and really enjoyed it but obviously don't have the memory that others seem to have for details. Maybe because I played as an adult and it was retro even then. It was a really fun game but this one would probably be just a fun to me. I wish I did have that nostalgic view though because it sounds like a lot of fun!

  33. Much better review than IGN. They were just complaining about difficulty.

  34. sucks they couldn't get 1:! physics, but at least they add enough features & content there is reason for this version 2 exist. Maybe i won't buy it twice but i'm still happy w my preorder

  35. I think if anything, it's a testament to how amazing Amusement Vision were. They only really released Monkey Ball and F-Zero GX, but both games had such amazing game engines that they struggle to get the game/animations feeling as good as the originals. I'm still really excited for this game.

    Monkey Target being nerfed is a bit of a pain as this was by far me and my friend's favourite mini-game, to the point that we play it every single time we meet up and get excessively competitive over it, but hopefully it can be patched in the future, or maybe it's just something we need to get used to.

    I remember when Crash N.Sane Trilogy and CTR Nitro-Fueled came out I initially wasn't a fan due to how it didn't perfectly recreate the original feel, and this is something that has improved over time to the point they are now my preferred way of playing these games.

    I hope people still buy Banana Mania. I don't think they fucked up, but rather they just didn't hit the lofty heights reached by the original game, which was always going to be hard to follow. More than that though, this represents a chance for people to tell Sega they want this style of Monkey Ball game. Hopefully they take feedback on board and release some patches etc. but only time will tell.

  36. I'm so sad that the multi-player for the main game isn't there 😔

  37. No decent Monkey Target = No purchase, I'll stick to deluxe.

  38. The physics are this game's BIGGEST problem, especially when it comes to dealing with sloped or curved surfaces. It's like you're on butter… the original just did it so much better.

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