Superman Returns: The Videogame Xbox 360 Review - Video -

Superman Returns: The Videogame Xbox 360 Review – Video

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  1. This game compared to all the others before it? Is 100x's more enjoyable to play, especially with his super flight. I mean yes! The game is very repetitive with the same Ol' missions and you can't interact with the daily planet as Clark kent or do side bar missions like capture robbers or stop a bomb from exploding you know! Superman type stuff 🤷🏾‍♂️ above all, it could've been better of course and hopefully one day the next Superman game will be the one for the ages.

  2. I don’t give a damn what anyone says about this game .. the flying in this video game was so damn phenomenal I loved it!

  3. Is there anything like batman returns

  4. I liked everything, but the only annoying thing was the city having a health bar I wish I knew how to turn off lol

  5. Someone has to be able to take this concept somewhere. I NEED an open world Superman game like this but infinitely better. Has to happen at some point right?

  6. I thought there was an astroid level.. you destroy asteroids before they hit the city

  7. I really remember that game so I missed that so mush😭😭

  8. The best game of the Playstation 2 and Xbox 360.
    Observation:My opinion.

  9. Lol I remember when I was 9 years old this game was so amazing to me and nowadays this game is actually worse than most apps someone could download 🤣🤣

  10. For me this game was nothing more then a chill out game

  11. Watching this 2020 September. This year is far worse than this game which aint even that horrible.

  12. The game definitely gets way to much hate

  13. It was fun but I stop playing it cuz the robots would take for ever to kill and there were so many that the city destroyed and I couldn’t have fun

  14. It’s a very simple game, but definitely underrated, they got the feel and powers spot on, just wish they’d use this power layout on a GTA style of side quests but Superman based

  15. Arkham asylum Spider-Man injustice and marvel ultimate alliance changed the whole outlook of superhero games.

  16. The game graphics and what’s in the city map is vastly different in the PS2 version vs the Xbox 360 version. All the bridges in the 360 version don’t exist at all in the PS2 version, the rockers island isn’t there, the cape and character graphics are far less impressive in the PS2 version as well…it’s shocking really to see how drastic the difference is between the 2 versions of this game…

  17. I'm watching in 2020, when he said it's worth a rental that brought me back. Too bad rentals don't exist anymore, unless you count like gamefly.

  18. I'm DYING to play this game and I don't have a ps2 anymore. Please someone out there make this game playable on emulators😣😕

  19. anyone know a pc download for this that's actually safe?

  20. I turned this game in the day after i bought it

  21. Man this game was ahead of its time, crazy that anyone would vote against it.

  22. The Flying in this game was like the swinging in Spiderman 2. I feel like this game is the closest to the best superman game we have right now. If they can use this concept and expand on it actually plan out scenarios and split second events, where Supes powers can come into play. I feel like they can succeed into making a successful super man game. They can still make supes invincible and only vunerable to other kryptonians,magic and Kryptonite. Just have citizens and the city vurnerable if you want to Supes to have a "Gameover". Would have to make it where you cant fail saving anyone, making you feel obilgated and feeling the pressure of metropolis on your shoulders as their sworn guardian.

  23. Wrong. Superman has more than just 1 weakness.

    Kryptonite, Magic, Red sunlight.

  24. A Superman game and they decided to put dragons in it. couldn't make it up.

  25. Superman also has a weakness to magic why do people forget that

  26. Remember when we could rent games and movies?

  27. this is a one of a kind game. they need to make a new one man

  28. I’ve played like 10+ hours of just the demo over the years

  29. godzilla destroy all monsters melee,superman returns and halo combat evolved were my childhood games

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