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The Amazing Spider-Man Game Review – IGN Video Review

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Spidey’s back, but should you care? IGN reviews The Amazing Spider-Man.

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  1. Should be backwards compatible on the Xbox one. Hopefully soon.

  2. How come this game is so awesome and truly "Amazing" but as it goes up it gets crappier? This one was great, spiderman 2 is okay, spiderman 3 is crap.

    Edit: Well, I guess Spiderman PS4 aint all that crappy. 🙂

  3. If they can remake this game with better graphics and fix some more stuff it would be a 9.0 right or wrong

  4. How sharp can a visual be? Gameplay is more important in my opinion : Excite bot is better than this for example.

  5. I actually really like this game

  6. Am I the only one that hated the swinging in these games. The camera was way to closed in when he was s2inging

  7. this is better then 2 plus it has a better story and isn't a lump of +$hit

  8. Damn they took a lot of aspects when making spiderman ps4

  9. I bought this last Christmas just to pissed off my nephew

  10. Everyone's right i should buy the tasm 1 the tasm 2 is lame

  11. Goddamn it has a better score than death stranding

  12. Lol, the side missions in this game are better than the one's in Marvels' Spider-Man.

  13. I have beaten this game multiple times and uh I don't see how the graphics aren't "sharp" sure they aren't the best but they look fine to me for 2012 standards

  14. This game is great amazing story and characters 8/10

  15. For me, the game's story is the true Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie, which shows a unique story that ties in perfectly with the movie, including the Character Bios, Vermin creating took place during the amazing spider-mam movie final fight, Rhino was actually a Human, amd Scorpion has the Symbiote

    I love how the story shows how overpowered he really is compared to the movie, The S-O3 fight truly opened my eyes on how Peter makes use of his powers

    Amd the Connee story ending with the Farewell Peter Audio

  16. Man I've gotta get this game again. It was so much fun and made me FEEL like Spider-Man

  17. This Spider-Man voice actor is probably the worse.

  18. I really miss the slow-mo POV feature of this game (should note I haven't played PS4, but have TASM 1 & 2 and Ultimate), and I wish later installments would have furthered it. Being able to have a moment of clarity and figure out your next move or set up a great play (like Peter Parker could) was really satisfying to pull off. Plus POV web slinging was fantastic for as short as it was

  19. When I was a kid this game was practically the first game I got that TRULY got me hooked into superhero games as a whole. I always remember how much trouble I had with even the beginning sections of the game, but now, it's easy. But not too easy. This game for me now, even though I've mastered it of sorts, it still proves to be a challenge, and I love this game for that aspect. Also, the story was incredible. I really enjoyed it overall and the game as a whole. 🙂

  20. Tbh the amazing Spider-Man 2 for ps4 wasn’t that bad for me but idk

  21. This is the most *meh* spiderman game to ever exist

  22. Remember when this was the best graphics back then.

  23. Easily my favorite game of all time, even without the nostalgia

  24. Say what you want about this game, the story is amazing and works with the movie very well

  25. I still love the story to this game.

  26. It was ok for the time, especially when using the Stan Lee DLC.

  27. Seeing the citizens getting tested kinda makes me feel like this game predicted 2020 in 2012 😂

  28. Your suit getting damaged is the best part of this game

  29. 9 years later and the 7s keep coming from IGN.

  30. better than the sequel, and better suits too

  31. Why does everyone always think rhino and scorpion are d level villains. They are some of the most known villains in comic history.

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