The Amazing Spider-Man Game Review - IGN Video Review -

The Amazing Spider-Man Game Review – IGN Video Review

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Spidey’s back, but should you care? IGN reviews The Amazing Spider-Man.

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  1. What do u mean graphics its textures the texture quality

  2. Even with the new spiderman game that copy batman arkham style, marvel still can't make an awesome game…
    Well I think you marvel can't beat BATMAN Arkham Trilogy though 😏😏😏

  3. very underrated game…love it.

  4. Seriously why hate on the graphics? They are up to par with PS4 easily I am still impressed with them.

  5. Which version is this because the original version is not like this…

  6. So who's hyped for the new spiderman game? Less than 2 weeks away!!!

  7. Anybody here from 1 day away from spiderman ps4 ?

  8. i loved how dark this game was, played it for 2 years
    the steel worm boss thing was definitely my favourite

  9. Gave this dogshit a 7 but Spider-Man PS4 only an 8.7

  10. I’m from the year 2018 in September of 2018 a game called Spider-Man ps4 will end of being the best Spider-Man game of all time

  11. Just remaster it and Make it for Xbox one only 😁

  12. I remember when I used to play this I would be amazed by the web swinging and combat but now after playing the new one this looks doodoo

  13. Ah, mediocre Spider-Man games my old nemesis… how you will not be missed. 😁

  14. i dont understand why people dont like this game i loved it its probably gonna be a game from my childhood

  15. I really enjoy this game but how did Spider-Man PS4 get only 1.7 more points than this one!?!?

  16. One of the most solid 7/10 ever made IMO.

  17. just like Capt. America it's another Arkham clone…

  18. Is anyone else upset that they can't buy this game digitally anymore?

  19. This game was nasty lol both the amazing spiderman games were nasty. Especially comparing it to spiderman ps4

  20. To know that IGN gave the Spider-Man PS4 only 1.7 more points than this is unbelievable

  21. 7.0 isn’t bad I actually liked this game and the cool robot boss that always destroyed NY

    But Spider-Man PS4 is something else
    Love that game sm

  22. This game is definitely in the top 5 best spidey games including the ps4 Spider-Man.

  23. Actually it has the best visuals up to spiderman ps4

  24. This game doesn't make you feel like Spider-Man.

  25. The game is okay but the swinging kills it for me 🙁

  26. I actually enjoyed the more cinematic approach of web swing from TASM compared to the more realistic swinging in spiderman 2, both are my fave SM games though. Still havent tried SM for ps4 so Im guessing this would change.

  27. This game looks eerily similar to spiderman ps4

  28. I actually like the graphics, it kinda reminds me of gta 4.

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