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The Forest Review

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The Forest is a survival horror game about enduring onslaughts of mutants and cannibals while trying to maintain your wavering sanity. Seems like a lot of the recent reviews involve sanity.
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00:00 – Intro
1:01 – Game Premise
1:33 – Visuals
2:46 – Music & Sound Design
5:14 – Gameplay Mechanics
13:16 – Issues & Progression
17:25 – Multiplayer
19:32 – Story
19:57 – Story (SPOILERS)
23:18 – Conclusions
23:54 – Credits
25:00 – People Jerky


  1. This video gave me less time on my life from heart attacks lol. No way I can be this afraid, I'd be frozen stiff in a game like this from sounds like that, the unknown in the woods without nvgs and a large assault rifle terrifies me haha.

  2. Man, getting caught for the first time in single player was terrifying.

  3. "-That or self-immolating themselves in the campfire for political reasons." Amazing.

  4. wasn't expecting the feels from Gut's theme, rest in peace master Miura

  5. Wasnt expecting a Berserk Reference. That hit me in way too many ways.

  6. The forest was first game i bought.
    I still remember enoying my friend with kasete music.

  7. I laughed for quite a while at "the dad collective".

  8. I felt like it had very little to offer outside of caves.

  9. Honestly Ross could fuck a dude up just in general. He’s smart enough to be able to and get away with it.

  10. Ohh, google translate and subtitles

  11. the cannibals might be the other passengers from past planes

  12. The option in graphics settings "Color Grading" was genuinely my favorite setting in any video game I've played in years. It changed the mood of The Forest with almost ever different setting. My favorite was "Blockbuster Warm" and it baffled me how much better the world looked

    p.s. the music played with the cassette player actually increased stamina regen but gave your position away in a larger radius. Function and a good soundtrack!

    p.s.s to explain the mutants and cannibals, I think that (theory) that the cannibals are the victims of previous plane crashes. Survival of the fittest you know (survivors cannibals the reluctant passengers). When Timmy was (somehow) discovered remotely or by hacking databases, the plane was EMP'd and the father(s) survived because of Timmy's DNA matching what the experiment needed. The red man (Dr. Cross) was the most recent survivor (he dominated the island like the player did, hence why his red paint scared cannibals) who lost his offspring and wanted to resurrect her. Cross finally found how to resurrected his child with the Island's natural properties. Plane Father(s) rescue Timmy and resurrect him. In the real ending (lining up for "The Sons of The Forest" sequel) it is obvious the procedure mutated Timmy (during the talk show). Other than that (option to stay on island) Timmy is dead, father makes makeshift family from natural resources and you continue to fight (or build within) the forest. Great game 8.5/10

  13. When you need a Arm or a Leg play Postal 4 "You will not Regert it" ; ) Have Fun!!!

  14. I'm bothered by the trees looking like paper cutouts, and even moving like paper cutouts.

  15. My man played the national anthem in the context of being the same as the young American conquest of the indians.
    Gotta say the comedy is my kinda spicy!

  16. Bought this game on a whim and absolutely loved it. Superb.

  17. Imagine hearing a loud crash in your back yard only to see a group of middle aged men have started constructing a fortress

  18. I like the Deadly Premonition music cameo and am pretty sure I saw a SMAC Morgan Industries logo there for a split second.

  19. still to this day have no idea what cursed runes are in reference to video games. tried googling it every couple months but got nothing that makes sense.

  20. I think the funniest part of this game is that I got really pissed these tribals took my son so I went on a genocidal rampage that would make Genghis Khan blush and it turns out the guy who took my son is actually an enemy of the people now ornamenting my lawn. Whoops

  21. "They know os the singing stops the pulses do to" I've never heard a more intimidating funny threat ever

  22. sounds like LOST but more thought out

    curious how much time is spent involved with the story vs. surviving

  23. I like your "Speaker for the Dead" reference.

  24. "Self-immolating themselves in a campfire for political reasons" made me snort a bit too loudly in my office.

  25. Chopping down nature and pissing off the natives?


  26. Why can't a major studio develop a game with this level of creativity?

  27. I think my favorite part of the game is making the largest effigy that stretched up all over the camp with a bone tribe in the middle.

  28. This game on VR would be a great way to get rid of my constipation.

  29. I just kept jumping into the hole until I managed to got to the bottom without dying.

  30. "They know if the singing stops the pulses do to."

  31. “It looks like the mutants can reproduce on their own” *proceeds to obliterate a mutant baby

  32. I know this was from a year ago but I will say that as far as I've experienced alone and with friends, there are very few if really any bugs present now and has been for a bit, still gets updates too i think, good vid and good game

  33. My biggest problem with the forest is how badly the optimization is, no matter how good your computer is, the forest runs HOT

  34. My reaction…this game is too scary this game is too scary this game is too scary 80S MONTAGE MUSIC YAY this game is too scary this game is too scary

    iv been playing this game since 2015….

  36. I hear you Deadly Premonition whistle theme and I still love it

  37. You do NOT need the climbing axe to play the end game!
    It's helpfull but you don't need it to rescue Timmy.

  38. 10:57 The fact that cannibal actually looked at the bomb then back at you as if "What the hell?" before exploding is genuine comedy gold.

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