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The Forest Review

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The Forest is a survival horror game about enduring onslaughts of mutants and cannibals while trying to maintain your wavering sanity. Seems like a lot of the recent reviews involve sanity.
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00:00 – Intro
1:01 – Game Premise
1:33 – Visuals
2:46 – Music & Sound Design
5:14 – Gameplay Mechanics
13:16 – Issues & Progression
17:25 – Multiplayer
19:32 – Story
19:57 – Story (SPOILERS)
23:18 – Conclusions
23:54 – Credits
25:00 – People Jerky


  1. No lie I'd love to watch you do a play through of a game

  2. Just finished the story with a couple friends and this game is a masterpiece in my opinion. So excited for the sequel

  3. It stops becoming jungle warfare at some point because you used said jungle to fuel your base

  4. Somehow i haven't run into any bugs lol, but its fun enough to reccomend

  5. Since there would be no light pollution on that island the night wouldn't be black it would be navy blue

  6. Do people know that the forest isn’t on an island, it’s a peninsula

  7. I wanna hear from the devs themselves if whether or not the cannibals and mutants actually retreat to get others.

  8. My short review:

    The game is sooo fun just don't try to get every weapon in 2 hours. the graphics are amazing and you still get a lot of fps . It's very very fun and even more fun with your friends (if you have them). if you are on the edge of buying or not BUY IT.

  9. This game gave me nightmares when I first played it.

  10. Love that Speaker for the Dead kinda story relation theory 🙂 , feels like I've never seen an Ender's Game reference in anything ever.

  11. I wish this game was on Xbox one. It seems like great fun:)

  12. You're really making the bugs seem terrible. I enjoy a few bugs and disorganized features. I also don't see the problem with the "needing a third item" thing you talked about. The Forest is purposefully made to be very nonlinear. The fact that you can't just collect the obvious and follow a straight path is quite purposeful and great. But it seems you just have a different taste. Personally, I don't like playing completely polished games, it just lacks content and ruins mechanics.

  13. I just got it, and from what I’ve seen is that the AI is jank. My first encountering the cannibals got stuck on objects and set themselves on fire by running through my campfire

  14. No thanks, I am glad I watched this shit before accepting this gift from my friend!

  15. Heeey, just wanted to say that headshots are instakill, making yourself a one man army on day 1.

  16. I think being red scares them because the doctor who stole Timmy was red, and if he was willing to take a small, defenseless child, who knows what he did to the cannibals. They probably think you ARE the doctor when you paint yourself red, and are afraid of what unspeakable horrors this man, bathed in blood, did to them.

  17. OK but why would you use the EMP to bring down another plane and get a sacrifice to save your child when you know that they'll just come back as a mutated monster thing that will just try to kill you? If your son can grow up ok, how come the daughter mutated into a monster?

  18. Birds and deer just come up to you like magic…

    So you're a Disney Princess?

  19. just started this game a couple days ago.

    I hate survival games. I don't get the point. I played The long dark for the story but got so fed up with the silly mechanics that made me run out of energy and need to sleep just from climbing up a cliff with a rope.
    I also hate horror games, I don't enjoy the feeling of being scared. And this game scares the crap out of me far too often, and nighttime is just me cowering in some corner so no cannibal can sneak up behind me.

    Yet somehow I love this game.

  20. Mentioning that thing in the casm where players might do down without all the gear was a good call, especially since that's what killed it for my group of friends

  21. This game is by far the best in its category currently in my opinion. In fact, the only game that's likely to take that crown is the Sons of the Forest.

  22. A small criticism on the dark nights comment, because a lot of people get this extremely wrong: Nights are only pitch black when the stars and the moon are obstructed. Under a clear, open sky during a full moon it pretty much is the blue filter you mentioned. A lot of the time when people praise the completely pitch black literally can't see anything nights in games for being realistic, they're just dead wrong; it's actually extremely UNrealistic, because I can see the moon right there yet somehow can't see anything on a completely open field.

  23. Every Non-hostile Tribesman: chilling
    Player: chops down tree
    Tribesman Again: You messing with MY nature?!

  24. had a bug where it froze after putting the final boss in the chamber to save timmy and it froze and we had to restart the fight

  25. they fixed most of the bugs in a recent fix

  26. How can you cut a tree with music onnn?!!!?! Im just watching and hearing if there are cannibals or mutants near me

  27. I'm just here for the delicious sarcasm 🙂

  28. You can actually tame the cannibals if you never attack just block with an upgraded stick because sooner or later they will stop attacking you forever until you hit or kill one of them. This does not mean they will stop showing up, they just stop trying to kill you they still will be interested in you.

  29. Nice video! If anyone is looking for a group to play with feel free to check out our Discord server!

  30. Well, I think the game was made with a small budget, so I can't blame the bugs.

  31. There's a lot of jank, yeah. But to be honest, the environmental storytelling and the ending really tied it together. All that stress of going in the caves, finding the clues, not knowing what the fuck is going on, over and over and over; then finally getting to Sahara labs. To me, the ending was amazing. Blew me away. I just spent the entire ending going, "oh my god" and, "holy shit!" I think I had lower expectations going into it, and so the fact that they had a pretty well thought-out story hit harder.

  32. 90% of players at day 100
    The game-You must save Timmy!
    The player-Defuck is Tommy?
    The game-Timmy, your son.
    The player-Tammy is probably dead and I'm building my fort.

  33. Every time a start a new game, I B-LINE it south the goddamn boat. Anyone who doesn’t sleep on that boat has some straight up huge cajones.

  34. Graphics were actually improved for the PS4 release, with some more detailed models.

  35. 6:35 tendies :OOO

  36. Forest Multiplayer = A very progressive family

  37. Let’s hope the game will come out polished in 2021

  38. My theory is that they worship Mr Cross because he's making the mutants and bringing people back to life, they fear the red paint because he is the red man and to them Cross is "God"

  39. I love how in the background deadly premonitions soundtrack played

  40. I've watched this video so many times and I just now caught that smash joke holy shit that made me choke

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