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THE Forgotten PS2 Classic – DARK CLOUD | KBash Game Reviews

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Hey ya’ll, you know me, ,,, … Anyway some pedant’s gonna be pissed I used punctuation like that and you’ve gotta understand it’s not about how you use the systems, it’s not about being a perfectionist – it’s about planting your sovereign chaos flag. And I can school any pedant up and down their garbage school blindfolded lol, eat my dust posers

So Dark Cloud’s really fun, actually, which is weird because half the stuff I play on here sucks, or it’s aggressively mediocre. But no, Dark Cloud’s both fun AND funny – do you know,, how rare that is?? It’s great – and hey, you can play this roguelike-esque-ish action rpg-ish-esque thing on PS4 today.

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Here’s my latest piece of classic game coverage:

I’m gonna do part 2, of course, but it’ll be a while. Always making fun stuff though, so feel free to check out my videos (or use the secret strat: play at 0.25 speed and muted while you do other stuff, I love a mean penny my guy)

*turns out the algo didn’t like my previous title WHOOPS


  1. I always thought it was a final fantasy spinoff because you know “Cloud”

  2. So in other words…yiu didn't like a game most people are fold of…gotcha!

  3. This is one of my favorite games, because I played over hours on the demo that was included on the PS2, only bought it like 4 years ago, then bought both of them in the PS4, the nostalgia is always high af 😅

  4. interesting just syarted to play this game.

  5. God dammit I forgot Ungaga… I guess at the time playing as him was progressive enough that everything else was kinda swept under the rug… eesh.

  6. My mom got this game and I love her for it, it then introduced me to dark cloud 2 my most favorite game of all time

  7. NekoLoliMonstrosity would be a good band name.

  8. Dark cloud was the most iconic part of my childhood

  9. This is one of my all time favorites.
    A very strange thing happened one time. I was playing through the final dungeon yet again and it suddenly hit me: I hadn't seen a back room dungeon item for it in AGES. So curiosity got me and I checked online. Turns out the English version of the games doesn't have it! But the data must be there, and was maybe somehow used by accident, because I knew what the item was and what it using it looked like long before I ever looked it up. Weird.

  10. We need a Dark Cloud 3…

    But I think some slight changes. Firstly, camera controls. In the original, you only had left/right camera movement. I would like full camera movement and even some zoom control. Second change, instead of playing all the characters, I think each character should be its own "playthrough" with their own story. So you pick your character, and play through the game that way. While the main story about restoring the world would be the same, they would each have their spin on that story as well as their own personal side story to deal with. Which would be awesome. More items, more stats, more skills, more dungeons, more content in general. I don't need fancy new age graphics, just a classic looking cell shaded game and tons of content would be amazing. Im so tired of new games looking absolutely gorgeous and I can beat them in less than 20 hours, meanwhile you wont beat the classics in that time. Hell, dark cloud 100% completion takes insane time to do…. Older gamers are the best, because they couldn't make a pretty game with no content. The graphics simply weren't there, so they had to have content.

  11. Didn't even mention the broken dagger glitch

  12. I remember playing the demo over and over, I was just in love with the gimmick and charm. Never got to buy it at the time.
    It's such a fun game and highly underrated for some reason.

  13. It was my first ps2 game when i was a kid and also one of the few games my Mom also enjoyed playing. I remember she scolded me for breaking the Serpent Slicer one day.

  14. Me: I want to buy Zelda
    Mum: We have Zelda at home, honey
    Zelda at home:

  15. You forgot the dark spirit is not the end the demon is the end after 100 more floors

  16. I never got passed that cave when I was a wee lad

  17. Did dark cloud have weapon durability? I remember there was a game I played as a kid that had that and I’ve always wanted to know

  18. You bad mouth Xiao, but if you put in the work, she is absolutely broken.

  19. This is one of my favorite games and im so sad i'll never see a 3rd game

  20. I was okay with it until my backup sword broke and the game auto switched to my level 7 dagger which I was not using because it was 1 hit away from breaking and once it did, I lost EVERYTHING

  21. Did not subscribe due to your obvious disdain for cat gals. Lol jokes aside – entertaining production, this. About to check out Dark Cloud directly…

  22. I asked my mom for Zelda on Christmas maybe 20 years ago and got this game n I was piiiiiissed… Then I played it n fell in love right away… Then I got the second one n was piiiiissed again

  23. Imagine reviving the tree then it hates u because he's a self loathing abomination

  24. I enjoyed this game. I think I got the end, but did not beat the final boss. Played Dark Cloud 2 also.

  25. My first ps2 game ever lol, i remember my dad bringing this home and I was like "can't complain!"

  26. The little Soul Calibur 2 clip was a nice touch

  27. The biggest problem is that the weapons brake so easily. It took 15 hours to get to 100 damage all to lose it in 1 minute….

  28. Ohhhh. That's why I couldn't beat it as a kid. That and the disk would always freeze at the forest ON EVERY COPY I BOUGHT. YES, EVEN A CLEAN ONE. I could only get past it when I got a digital copy that cant get scratched by ghosts

  29. One of the many games I still remember playing as a kid, the nostalgic is real

  30. I have special memories of this game, because at the time I only had the demo version of it for the PS2, and still I liked it a lot, so whenever I felt like playing it I had to replay all the intro, with all the tutorials over and over, just for a few time of meaningful gameplay.

  31. This was my childhood game I don't remember how i got it but I played it alot I was a dumb kid unable to do anything but make it to the 2nd area. This was the game that started my love for rpgs

  32. Remember playing this as an 8 y/o on a demo disc all the time… man I hated those bats

  33. I got this game when I got my PS2 as a kid. Mannnnnnn this game was tough as a 7 year old with little gaming experience lmaoo

  34. My father introduced me to this game and I had a blast playing it. I recently got a ps2 to play the original game and now I'm currently doing a second playthrough!

  35. Great video. Funny and entertaining. I loved this game as a kid.

  36. The Broken Dagger glitch made the game so easy 😂

  37. I feel like this is .hack with less iconic characters and town building

  38. My wife listens to the soundtrack while cleaning

  39. I have some good news, if yall wanna play this gem all you need is PSNOW on your PlayStation. Then you go to categories then ps2 games. First thing you see is this.

  40. It's so wierd, i have play this game, but i have like very tiny memory of it.. like, i'm watching a speedrun (the town %), and i just have some glimpse like "oh yeah that was here".. haha

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