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The Godfather II Video Review by GameSpot

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Even if it were finished, this movie-inspired action game wouldn’t be deserving of its prestigious license. Read our full review:


  1. When it comes to Mafia games this would be number 3 in my top 3 games. First two being Mafia and Mafia 2

  2. Godfather 1 dons edition is much better, nicer graphics to

  3. This game is the best game I ever played to say it was made in 2009 it has some features that games don't have what are made today

  4. One of my Childhood Games i have it Platinium on PS3

  5. it'll take you 12 hours to complete… if you steam through the story and ignore everything else

  6. I almost did not buy this game and then I read the comments. Sold!!! Lol

  7. 2:39 that's incorrect because that soldier isn't even a part of your crew. This guy must not like decent games.

  8. shut up this game is amazing its the best its a classic

  9. the graphics look like it was made in Unity, so bad

  10. The game was fun my whole gang was wearing purple and yellow suits lol

  11. This is the most unique Dominic I've seen good job

  12. It’s 2020 and I would still recommend this game if you haven’t played it. If you have played it you love it.

  13. Please don't mind my really long name, thank you. says:

    They need to make a 3rd.. there's definitely a disconnect between players and critics.. most players loved this game and most critics hated it.

  14. This was a great game, this dude just has the movies shoved up his ass. The two are incomparable.

    EDIT: Yeah I edited this comment. and youll never know why

  15. I personally love the game I remember playing it when I was young and loving but the person that made this video has to remember this game was made in 2009 what do you expect

  16. Half this video is just him bitching hardware limitations

  17. The world needs to do a petition to the developers, publishers and producers to remake The Godfather 1, The Godfather 2 and Scarface The World is Yours on the PS5 in 8K with full modern gaming mechanics, take the time to tighten up, be creative and add to the story, plot, gameplay, features, creativity and cutscenes. These games are still my all time favourites and with the right time, budget and creativity from other games and innovativity of the originals, this can be the best games on PS5. If they do a remake, add loads more missions, things to do, cutscenes, features, side quests, progression stats, other cool feautures from comparative games that have evolved.

  18. i dont care what anyone say's this is one of those game i would buy and play at 4k 60fps any day, i hope that they release this game again remastered.

  19. "Forgettable" … bruh playing it rn 11 yrs later. Loved this as a kid

  20. I hear people saying that this game is not that good but i wanna play it.

  21. Definitely the most braindead review of a game that I've ever seen.

  22. Sure it has it’s flaws but Shiiit it’s one hellava game, i hope godfather 3 becomes a thing

  23. This literally shits on gta 5 and it came out before it lmao

  24. Make 3th one with better Visuals, Animations, instead of 3maps, better make one lot bigger map for better drug war so we can start as small drug dealer selling weed with an 9mm, upgrading drug production, have people doing drugs, guards, teamates, mansions, cars, and hell yeah take my 70$

  25. I miss this game, it was so fun to play. With Mafia remake let's hope someone make a Godfather remake 🙂

    I agree with most of the review, the game had many flaws and graphics was below average. Most games with a big names were bad games, I mean games from movies. They usually sold the game because of the name, they didn't care about the quality of the game and Godfather is no exception. The review is right especially if you look up on 2009 games and compare to The Godfather, you too will realise that the review is mostly right, The only part where the reviewer was wrong is "forgetable game", because most who played still remember it.

  26. If you compare this game to the first one Don's Edition, then yeah…worlds apart. Part 1 is one of the best Mafia Games ever made almost as good as Mafia 1 and on par with if not slightly better than Mafia 2

  27. I been playing since I was 7 and still play till this day that I’m 14

  28. Huh the game was amazing who tf Made this review?

  29. wow I had the opposite experience, none of this happened to me. I enjoyed this game as a kid

  30. this review is really salty im downloading the game right now I actually enjoyed making my own character and crew then tearing up enemy rackets shit was fun.

  31. It's not a masterpiece and I'm pretty sure it wasn't meant to be since it wasn't even main department of EA that did this. But oh boy I remember it as a fun game and stil hold my opinion. 2009 running as your own character a mob boss with your crew intimidating owners of small shops or clubs and finding their weak spots to drain even more money was so much fun and very original. If they ever would make a 3rd part or a remaster at least I would play the shit out of it. I forgot to mention Mansion raids killing rival family memebers it was so much fun how can someone rate this as a bad game. It's good gameplay wise is one of the top in the mafia category.

  32. They should make an online version with a worldwide map with optional character and crew creation with crew battles to see who owns the biggest territory. If done right it would be GTA level

  33. Gamespot delivers incredibly and frankly unnecessarily harsh reviews to amazing games. The Gidfather 2 is an absolutely amazing game and he just kinda put a knife in its back for no reason. Seriously, why?🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  34. I loved the first game warts and all. Never saw a good review for this one but this looks honestly just fine. I'm definitely getting it now

  35. This 100% comes down to personal opinion. What do you want out of this game? The Godfather II game based on the franchise? Or a Mafia-like game that lets you build your own family in the world of The Godfather? What an incredibly biased review. This game even in 2021 is still pretty fun if you try to forget about the outdated graphics.

  36. Only play this game if you really love the MAFIA series of games but are left wanting more.

    This game is definitely repetitive and doesn't do much to improve upon the original Godfather game for the PS2 (THAT is a great game)

    MAFIA i+II will forever be the best mob games out there.

  37. It would have been good to have had a new family or two come in the the game after the story was over so it gave you something to do.

    Much like the Godfather Don edition. You let them break off from the family and give them some small territory and they eventually try to wage war on you to expand their operations much like you did at the start of the game. But you have the power to wipe them out or let them continue.

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