The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Review -

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Review

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The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King is one of a precious few movie licensed games that turned out really well. Co-op is cool, but the review touches on a bit more with a special guest.
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00:00 – Intro
00:39 – PC Version Issues
2:56 – Game Premise
3:06 – Visuals
5:14 – Music & Sound Design
6:33 – Gameplay Mechanics
11:01 – Co-op Gameplay
12:08 – Film Fan Features
12:48 – Sean Astin Reveals the Secrets
15:21 – Conclusions
16:14 – Credits
17:21 – Smaug


  1. Its a game from 2003, and for the time it was one of the best games ever made with amazing graphics, it was in the time of movies, everyone played it. I remember playing that co-op, i feel that today games are all virtual there is no more that feeling of playing with a friend or brother in the couch… It was an amazing game

  2. Was that a bunch of clips from Goblins? I thought that film was just a bad dream…

  3. If you need a "nocd"/crack exe because the game won't run, the issue is a broken copy protection system, without a doubt.

  4. This was the first fighting game I've ever played. With my brother. Good times. Also do Witcher 2.

  5. Looking back at this game, and playing the hell out of this game alongside Samurai Warriors, it's the closest thing to a musou-like game based on LOTR universe.

  6. This is still in my drawer with blitz, budokai 3 and two ratchet & clanks

  7. stronghold castle jam when sean astin pops in lol

  8. I have a bunch of classic lord of the rings games for my old game cube. So many nostalgic memories of never getting to play gandolf or Legolas because they were my favorite characters and my brother was a tool. I got pretty good at Gimli though.

  9. We still have an Xbox OG and a copy of LotR for it. It works flawlessly

  10. Sean Astin is famous for performing a pivotal character in a film adaptation of a series of famous fantasy novels (Twoflower from Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic)

  11. the game run nice on me fast 3 sec loading and no crashes at all

  12. I love this game but I can’t get it to load the spider level

  13. I loved everything about this game but the camera stuff. Moving from one area to another and having the camera suddenly shift was always left me disorientated.

  14. Sean is just all over the place😂😂 I love it

  15. I literally never had these problems with the game

  16. did they really go and enhance your content with a copyright claim?

  17. I doubt it would ever happen, but I want a remastered version of this game

  18. anyone know where the scream sound effect at 6:08 is from? I hear it used in alot of videos and it never fails to make me laugh.

  19. I mean, yeah, the additional characters are clones of the originals and Faramir didn't have a knife, but are we not gonna mention that Pipin was literally OP?
    Iirc he one shot pretty much every basic archetype enemies with speed attacks

  20. Ahh the childhood memories. Played a bunch of this with my brother and friends.

  21. Imagine if the remade this and the two towers again but with the fighting mechanics of the Batman Series!! That would be hella dope!!!

  22. You know this is one of those games you'll never see on a top 10 but a ton of people will remember fondly.

  23. Still may be the best licensed game ever

  24. After you get banes getting perfect is trivial.
    My dumb ass who can't string a combo: Bruh why you gotta do it to me

  25. The best and most unexpected guest feature, in a youtube-video in the history of everything – ever!
    Sean Astin, as Sam, has made me cry like a baby 10 times, over and again! LOOOOVE him soo much!

  26. i have a copy for my gamecube, and i remember having tons of fun playing it with my brother

  27. Me and my nerd friends would sink so much time into this game. I just wanted to play Gandalf, I thought it was the coolest thing in any game ever, this colored my experience with RPGs forever, I love playing a wizard lady that uses a sword, and it taught me to look after my friends and smoke weed. Thank you Gandalf.

  28. Mandalore plays alot of the games im into or was into when I was younger. Like Thief.
    This was a pretty good and satisfying slash'em'up for its time.

  29. I played the hell out of this game and the third age

  30. 8:00 Minutes "Completed the Crack of Doom" Sounds like a fitting name for my butt.

  31. Where i can buy or download this amazing game guys ??

  32. Let's see…
    1. Fixed Camera
    2. Gameplay focused on simplistic mostly melee combat
    3. Best way to play is same-screen co-op
    This is a Lego (Insert Franchise Here) game without the Legos. Or, in other words, it's Legoless.

  33. I remember being incapable of defeating Sauron.

  34. The Two towers was more my childhood favorites but this was great too

  35. Where is the parody film material from? I can't find it anywhere and it looks hilarious!

  36. THE LIST –
    RotK Widescreen Patch –
    Yell at GOG to add BFME (this might get the ball rolling for RotK) –
    Sorry for the delay, this is the sixth, maybe seventh version of this video since others kept getting blocked for different seemingly random things. The first few minutes have some slight audio distortion on YouTube's end but I don't want to risk a second upload again. Movie licensed games are NOT your friend on this website.

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